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Financial Times 14,015 – Dante

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on June 7th, 2012

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/May 28

A typical Dante crossword, at the start of what turned out to be a great FT week (with, for me, Mudd’s ‘marathon’ puzzle a particular highlight).

Definitions are underlined wherever appropriate.


1 NEPHEW Relative gets a quarter – that’s a relief!
    NE (a quarter, the North East) + PHEW (that’s a relief!)
4 SHORT-CUT     Bob indicates a more direct route
    Double definition
    The first of these definitions referring to a hairstyle.
9 RESIST Check one’s surrounded by others
    {I (one) S} inside REST (others)
10    TRIMARAN Neat island type of boat
    TRIM (neat) + ARAN (island)
    The beautiful Aran Islands lie off the Irish coast near Galway – not sure whether Aran itself is an island, though.
12 ACHIEVED Bad advice he obtained
    (ADVICE HE)*
13    IMPOSE I’m taking a certain attitude for tax
    I M + POSE (a certain attitude)
15 ERSE Possibly the language of Alexander Selkirk?
    Hidden solution:   [Alexand] ER SE [lkirk]
16 EVANGELIST     Preacher gives Lent a transformation
19 EVERYTHING     Extremely slender, for example, that’s about all
    VERY THIN (extremely slender) with EG (for example) around it
20 VIEW See you get five to one each way
    V (five) + I (one) + EW (each way)
    I do not see (yet) how EW works. Is it E[ach] W[ay]? Or East/West? Or?  See John Newman’s comment @1
23 RECOIL Getting the wind upretreat!
    Double definition
25 BOAT-RACE     Snake and dog in crafty contest
    BOA (snake) + TRACE (dog, as a verb)
27 TEAR DUCT     A crying need for free trade cut
    (TRADE CUT)*, the definition being cryptic
28    LARIAT A trial could result in the noose
    (A TRIAL)*, a ‘lariat’ is a noosed rope (so, not sure what should be underlined – as I’ve done it now, there is some double duty going on)
29    MINORITY Its members are outnumbered
    Cryptic definition
30 ADONIS A Spaniard is taken for a Greek
    A + DON (Spaniard) + IS
1 NARRATE Hastened up with speed to tell the tale
    NAR (reversal of RAN (hastened)) + RATE (speed)
2 POST-HASTE     Posse that is organised with all speed
3 EASTER Incomplete oriental holiday
    EASTERN (oriental) minus the final N
5 HORN Cape familiar to the matador?
    Double definition, the second one a bit cryptic
6 REMEMBER     Recall soldiers and arm
    RE (soldiers) + MEMBER (arm)
7 CURIO Collector’s piece that will be odd to us
    This would be ‘odd’  (ie CURIOUS) when added to US
8 TANGENT An outside line to ring
    Cryptic definition
11 HEAVE-HO Moving sailor’s call for dismissal?
    Double definition
14 ON AND ON     Performing with an academic chap continuously
    ON (performing) + AN + DON (academic chap)
17    IMITATION     Simulated take-off
    Doublish definition
18 CYLINDER Solid block of cars
    Double definition
19 ERRATUM Singular mistake in Latin translation
21 WREATHS Tributes to the dead from the wars
    (THE WARS)*
22 STRAND Leave without resources – need way to get currency
    ST (way, ie street) + RAND (currency, from South Africa)
24    CHAIN     Length of pitch for batting after tea
    IN (batting) after CHA (tea)
26 SCUT Rabbit’s tail docked to a point
    S (a point ) + CUT (docked)

3 Responses to “Financial Times 14,015 – Dante”

  1. John Newman says:


    EW is very common as the abbreviation for each way in the racing world. A bet of 5 pounds each way is 5 pounds for a win (w) and 5 pounds for a place (p). A clever clue, I thought.

    I am not so sure about 19D, ERRATUM. I can only see a straight forward definition. Not the cryptic bit.

  2. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Well, John, that’s it then – I’m not a better.
    I couldn’t find the abbreviation EW for ‘each way’ in the dictionary.

    I agree about ERRATUM. A strange clue. Maybe I should have underlined the whole clue as the definition. Wonder what was going on in Dante’s head here.

  3. Sil van den Hoek says:

    On second thoughts, when looking at the surface in 19d, one can read it as if someone makes a mistake in the Latin translation of some text. So, probably, this clue is meant to be a cryptic definition. And if so, well, let’s say I’ve seen better ones.

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