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Financial Times no.14,024 by FALCON

Posted by Ringo on June 7th, 2012


I’m not allowed to say that this was pretty much a doddle, because I’ll be accused of being a strutting peacock and Lord knows what all else… but (whisper it) it was pretty much a doddle, although not an unenjoyable one. A couple of the clues were a little on the tired side, but on the whole I had fun with this one.


1. CHARISMA  I within char’s ma [cleaner’s mother]

6. WEAVER  We [I and others] + aver [state positively]

9. GAMBIT  MB [doctor] within gait [carriage]

10. TREATISE  Stand [treat, in the sense of paying for something] + is + E [European]

11. IDLE  I + anagram of led

12. TREAD WATER  Anagram of we dart tear

14. COMPILER  Anagram of clip more

16. TINY  Tin [container] + (qua)y

18. FETA  F [fine] + eta [Greek character]

19. PLEASURE  Plea [excuse] + sure [certain]

21. EISTEDDFOD  DD [Doctor of Divinity, theologian] within anagram of do see fit

22. ARCH  March [procession] minus M [miles]

24. CENOTAPH  Reversal of Pat [Irishman] + one within CH [church]

26. TRIBAL  B(uchanans) within trial [court case]

27. ASCEND  As [when] + C [clubs] + end [close]

28. TRAIN SET  Train [teach] + set [group]


2. HOARD  O [zero, duck] within hard [firm]

3. RUBBER PLANT  Anagram of blurb parent

4. SIT STILL  Its within still [nevertheless]

5. AT THE DROP OF A HAT  Anagram of after a hotpot had

6. WIELDS  I [one] within welds [joints]

7. ACT  A + Ct [court]

8. EASTERNER  Sterne [Irish novelist Laurence] within ear [favourable attention]

13. ATTESTATION  At + test [trial] + anagram of Tonia

15. ONE-LINERS  On [aboard] + E [English] + liners [ships]

17. VENDETTA  Valletta [Malta’s capital] with end [ruin] replacing all

20. EDWARD  Double definition, referring to any of our eight King Edwards and to Edward Lear

23. CHASE  H [hearts] within case [(law)suit]

25. OWE  Hidden within ne’er-dO-WEll



One Response to “Financial Times no.14,024 by FALCON”

  1. crypticsue says:

    I will join you in whispering that it was a doddle too! A bit chestnutty but enjoyable all the same. Thanks to Falcon and Ringo

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