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Independent 8006 / Scorpion

Posted by Bertandjoyce on June 12th, 2012


Another themed offering from Scorpion today. We had difficulty on the first run-through of the clues and it wasn’t until we solved a couple of the themed entries that we managed to solve the ‘gateway clue’ at 22ac. From then on it was fairly easy to deduce the rest of the themed answers.

There were some lovely clues along the way though to keep us interested. 28ac brought a smile to our faces as well.

Perhaps someone can help us with 10ac though. We think that the clue should indicate the A being sent back rather than advanced as the clue states!

We have been reading the comments on 225 recently and noticed that there was a request  for bloggers to include the clues for the benefit of on-line solvers whose version vanishes into the ether on the following day. We can’t always promise to do so as compiling the blog can be quite time-consuming

Oh…… and by the way, it’s a pangram, quite an achievement in a themed puzzle.

He’s travelling with gent around a 22 monument
 STONEHENGE Anagram of HE’S + GENT (anagrind is ‘travelling’) around ONE (a) = ancient monument found in Wiltshire
Eggs laid back by new 22 flower
 AVON OVA (eggs) reversed or ‘laid back’ + N (new) = river or flower (something that flows) in Wiltshire. This one was our second entry and we eagerly started looking for places connected with Bristol – our home city, or Stratford. Our third entry was 21d and we quickly realised our mistake!
22 village aviator, advancing acceleration
 LACOCK ALCOCK (aviator) with ‘A’ (acceleration) being moved further on or ‘advanced’ = village in Wilts famous for its Abbey and the museum devoted to Fox Talbot, an early photographer. Is there a gremlin here though as the A is actually advanced when you change the place to the aviator rather than the other way around.
Primarily, sauce recipe’s kept in cooking apron pouch
 SPORRAN S (first or primary letter of Sauce) + R (recipe) in an anagram of APRON = pouch
Quiet one avoids provocative fashion designer
 QUANT (pi)QUANT (provocative) without P (quiet) I (one) = the fashion designer who created the mini skirt and hot pants in the 1960s
Briefly Northern Ireland city resident in e.g. 22 cathedral
 SALISBURY LISBUR(n) (Northern Ireland city without last letter or ‘briefly’) in or ‘resident in’ SAY (e.g.) = This beautiful cathedral in Wiltshire
22 College fags reported
MARLBOROUGH The college in the Wiltshire town of the same name, rather than the American cigarettes (fags) that sound the same (‘reported’), but are spelt differently. We would include the brand name but we don’t want to advertise them being avid non-smokers!
Animating Yankee regularly wears sunshade
 AWAKENING yAnKeE (regular letters of Yankee) in or ‘wearing’ AWNING (sunshade) =  animating
Caribbean soldier bearing flags
 WILTS WI (West Indies or Caribbean) + LT (soldier)  + S (South, a bearing) = flags, but also short for WILTSHIRE, the theme for the puzzle.
New lino’s fitted at front of premises – needing such footwear?
 NONSLIP Anagram of N (new) and LINO’S (anagrind is ‘fitted’) + P (front or first letter of premises) = type of footwear that might be suitable for new lino
22 carpet business left till in triumph
 WILTON L (left) + TO (till) in WIN (triumph) = famous carpet business in Wiltshire
Word crucially used, slicing iron?
 FORE OR (middle or ‘crucial’ letters of word) inside or ‘slicing’ FE (iron) = cryptic definition – ‘fore’ is a word reputedly shouted in golf to warn other players when you hit (and possibly slice) the ball with your club, possibly an iron
Lovemaking exercises – preformed outside, typically
AS EXPECTED  SEX (lovemaking) + PE (exercises) with ACTED (performed) outside = typically – we liked this clue!!
Man United pro’s raising level
 STRATUM M (man) + U (united) + TART’S (pro’s as in prostitute’s) all reversed or ‘raising’ = level
Island mansion created sleeplessness
 INSOMNIA I (island) + anagram of MANSION (anagrind is ‘created’) = sleeplessness
Roger wears red clog
 CHOKE OK (Roger) in or ‘wearing’ CHE (red, as in Che Guevara, the Marxist revolutionary) = clog
Daily circuit, lifting weight
 ONUS SUN (daily – glad Scorpion didn’t say newspaper!)  + O (circuit) all reversed or ‘lifting’ = weight
George eats up small Indian
 GERONIMO GEO (George) around or ‘eating’ MINOR (small) reversed or ‘up’ = Indian
City streetmap withdrawn, ascending peak
 ZAGREB AZ (streetmap) reversed or ‘withdrawn’ + BERG (peak) also reversed or ‘ascending’ = City, the capital of Croatia
Ordinary chap, outside pub mostly, tracks chippy’s trade
 JOINERY JOE (ordinary chap) around or ‘outside’ IN(n) (pub mostly – without the last letter) + RY (railway or ‘tracks’) = chippy’s (as in carpenter’s) trade
Arkansas housing business bearing fruit
 ACORN AR (Arkansas) around or ‘housing’ CO (company or ‘business’) + N (North, a ‘bearing’ – 2nd use of this device in this puzzle) = fruit
22 animal park, with pine and lake to have a meal
 LONGLEAT LONG (pine, as in yearn) + L (lake) + EAT (have a meal) = Animal park in Wiltshire
Government deliver security measure for road problem
 GRIDLOCK G (government) + RID (deliver) + LOCK (security measure) = road problem
22 town academic pursues second land
 SWINDON DON (academic) after or ‘pursuing’ S (second) + WIN (land, in the sense of obtain or secure) = Wiltshire town
Street war finally agreed to, having had a row
 STROKED ST (street) + R (last or final letter of ‘war’) + OKED (okayed, or ‘agreed to’) = having had a row – stroke is the most important position in a rowing crew, setting the pace for the other crew members
22 course: Understanding the Web
 KENNET KEN (understanding) + NET (web) = Wiltshire ‘course’ or river which passes through 15a to join the Thames in Berkshire at Reading
Wife meets detective back in London area nick
 SWIPE W (wife) + PI (detective or private investigator) reversed or ‘back’ in SE (South-east, or ‘London area’) = nick, as in steal
Uncultivated type of maple bush
 PLEB Hidden in or part of (ma)PLE B(ush) = uncultivated type

12 Responses to “Independent 8006 / Scorpion”

  1. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Nice blog, thanks both.

    I found this tough to get into, but once I’d got AVON, then WILTS followed and the rest was a pleasant tour round a county that I don’t know that well, although it was nice to be reminded of LACOCK and its photographic museum. That clue worked okay for me – I advance from left to right, since that’s the way I write (wouldn’t work in Japanese, obviously).

    You’re right – AS EXPECTED was a funny clue. Did I spot the pangram? What do you think?

  2. crypticsue says:

    Tough to start as K’s D says, but it did help having family living in 18d. Thanks to Scorpion and B&J.

  3. Wanderer says:

    Great fun. Thanks B&J and Scorpion.

    STONEHENGE and AVON, both very clearly clued, were my first in but it still took me a while to get WILTS, simply due to my ignorance. I tried to justify HANTS for a while… ZAGREB led me to the possibility of a pangram, but by the time I got it, I had all the letters bar Q, which led me to QUANT. (Which I failed to parse, so thanks for your explanation.)

    I’ve never seen OKED. Often seen okayed, as you write in your blog, and perhaps ok’d. I wonder how often people use the form given here? ‘My boss oked my travel plans’. Doesn’t look right!

  4. Bertandjoyce says:

    Thanks for the comments so far.

    We were hoping that someone out there would help us with 10ac. Any ideas?

  5. Eileen says:

    Thanks, both, for a great blog of a great puzzle.

    I see your problem with 10ac but I’m with K’s D – I think it can be read either way. [I always have to think twice when people say that an event in the calendar has been ‘brought forward’ – or ‘put back’!]

  6. Bertandjoyce says:

    Thanks Eileen – we read K’s D’s comment a bit too quickly so apologies due to him. We were too desperate for a coffee after the regular swim and pilates class!

  7. nmsindy says:

    Many thanks, B&J, and Scorpion. Though unfamiliar with some of the places mentioned the reasonably straightforward wordplay enabled me to get them all. Decided to stop and check if LACOCK and KENNET existed – found they did and then finished the puzzle which was quite easy overall. Wanderer at #3, O.K.ed is supported by dicts all right. Favourite clues AS EXPECTED (as others have mentioned) – also FORE. Had no problem with advancing acceleration – it enabled me to guess the village I’d not heard of – as it just moves the letter to the right. I agree however with Eileen at #5 that usage can vary.

  8. Kathryn's Dad says:

    I don’t think you need to make a verb of OK for CHOKE. It’s simply an insertion of OK for ‘Roger’, as used by pilots to acknowledge receipt of a command from ATC.

  9. Wanderer says:

    K’s D @8 — I was referring to 19, STROKED, where it’s used as a verb (‘agreed to’). But thanks for pointing out its use in CHOKE. I hadn’t noticed that OK appeared twice in different forms.

  10. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Sorry Wanderer, we were at cross purposes.

  11. Allan_C says:

    Like K’s D I got AVON straightaway, then 22 and the themed entries followed. I was ages, though, before I got 27a – after realising that it only needed F to make a pangram.

    Actually there are TWO Avons in Wiltshire. One flows south towards Salisbury, the other is the ‘Bristol’ Avon which rises in Wiltshire and flows through Chippenham and Lacock before heading through Bath and Bristol to the Severn estuary. (And the latter Avon is linked to the Kennet by a well-known canal.)

  12. Dormouse says:

    Needed e-help for 6dn and 12ac (which I couldn’t parse, so thanks for that) although I was using the web to check places in Wiltshire I didn’t know. Spent ages trying to find a racecourse for 21dn, which I’m sure was a deliberate misdirection.

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