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Inquisitor 1232: Bottoms Up! by Charybdis

Posted by HolyGhost on June 13th, 2012


Not so hard this week, but enjoyable for all that. And a deft handling of the thematic elements, so thanks to Charybdis for this puzzle.
The entry at 25a & a jumbling of 1a together lead to the other unclued entries. A commercial association with 13d is illustrated by 7 letters to be highlighted. (I noted the minor asymmetry produced by the unclued 27d and 37d splitting the 6 cells that didn’t quite match 2d.)

I made steady progress, but was a bit held up figuring out the wordplay for 7d (and a couple of others), and also solving 4d and 12a. Quite soon there was enough to feel confident about LEONARD for 25a, and some jumbling of ROSSITER at 1a; there was REGINAL appearing at 23d, but where’s the D? Ah, there it is, followed by PERRIN going up at 8d: The Fall and Rise of REGINALD PERRIN – neat. And then there was DAMP, suitably Rising at 27d, described by ROT RISES as the jumbled entry at 1a. JOAN COLLINS at 13d became obvious – those adverts for some vermouth or other, Martini maybe – but more of that later.

So, still 2d and the mysterious IU at 37d to deal with, and I’ve run out of Leonard Rossiter connections … and then it dawned: ARTURO UI would fit upwards – the full title of Brecht’s play is The Resistible Rise of ARTURO UI, and apparently, LR played the title role in the UK premiere in the late 1960’s. Back to the highlighting … CINZANO is the drink that LR inevitably spilt down JC’s cleavage (nod to Google & Wikipedia) – and so we find it, diagonally up & to the left from the C of Collins.

All rather elegant. Bottoms Up to Charybdis!

No. Answer Wordplay
6 ROANS ROMANS (book) − M(etres)
{cross ref.: 9 = STEEDS, horses}
10 ERNEST ERNE NEST (eyrie, eagle’s nest) − EN (space)
11 TITBIT TIT (little bird) BIT (took the bait)
12 SUMATRA SINATRA (Frank) with SIN (moral shortcoming) → SUM (problem)
14 BORE double definition
15 ET AL LATE (departed) rev.
18 DRALON NO LARD (better than low-fat?) rev.
19 TARN TAR (sailor) + N(avy)
21 INWRAPS I(sland) [PRAWNS]*
{ref.: Matthew Arnold, British poet, 1822-1888}
24 CAULDS AULD (old, Scots) in C(entral) S(cotland)
29 STIR (a)ST(a)IR(e)
30 LEGUME GUM (stick) in LEE (shelter)
31 BICORN BIN (container) around COR (homer, Hebrew measure)
32 NYAS NY (New York, city) AS (like)
33 IN ON IN(itiati)ON
34 MILORDS M(illions) + R(and) in [SOLID]*
35 NANDUS (ira)N AND (together with) US (America)
36 NIRLIE N(ew) (g)IRLIE (dolly bird)
38 GLENS G(ood) LENS (camera component)
39 WASTEFUL WAS TEARFUL (became weepy) − A R(un)
No. Answer Wordplay
3 REALLY RE-ALLY (band together again)
4 STRONG DRINK STRONG (powerful) DRINK (sea)
{two words!}
[WEAVER + IT]* in R(afte)R
7 ABOVE ALL “t” (“top of tree”) is ABOVE ALL in “tall”
9 STEEDS T(ime) in SEEDS (sows)
20 SNOW CONE [CLOWNS − (fi)L(ms)]* + ONE (individual)
25 LOBING B(ook) I (one) in LONG (pine)
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3 Responses to “Inquisitor 1232: Bottoms Up! by Charybdis”

  1. kloot says:

    Thanks for the blog.

    Really enjoyed this one and elegantly done.

  2. regalize says:

    Not exactly ‘easy’ but not so much of a headache as some recent ones. A great tribute to one of the UK’S best actors. No problems really with the clues or grid, although some of the letters in Arturo Ui convinced me that (Frances) De La Tour was in there somewhere. Also spent more time than necessary trying to find Martini… or Campari.
    Thanks Charybdis and HolyGhost.

  3. Charybdis says:

    Belated thanks to Holy Ghost, kloot and regalize. Glad you all enjoyed it.

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