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Financial Times no.14,030 by REDSHANK

Posted by Ringo on June 14th, 2012


A puzzle of two halves, for me: north side, mostly a breeze; south side, mostly murder. But I got there in the end, and I enjoyed the journey – and I learned a thing or two. Some very inventive stuff (and one or two old chestnuts). Thank-you, Redshank.


1. CLOSING TIME  Anagram of clients go I’m [setter’s]

7. OFF  Hidden in reversal of suFFOlk

9. RATEL  Hidden in inveteRATE Liar

10. BEEFEATER  Reversal of fee [pay] within beater [one who ‘raises birds’ on a grouse or pheasant shoot]

11. INCOMMODE  Or in commode [in convenience, toilet]

12. EWING  Win [victory] within e.g. [for example, say] to give the family crude-oil millionaires in the soap Dallas

13. GLASSES  G [good] + lasses [girls]

15. See 18

18. TOLL GATE  LL [Learners, trainees] within to + gate [restrict]

20. VOLCANO  Anagram of oval cone minus e [energy]; a nice &lit

23. LEAVE  AV [Authorised Version of the Bible, ‘good book’] within lee [shelter]

24. CALF OF MAN  Fm [contraction of ‘from’?] within anagram of a falcon

26. PARTHENON  Anagram of promenent Athens minus I’m sent

27. SINUS  Reversal of is [exists] + NUS [National Union of Students]

28. YEN  Ye [old form of ‘the’] + N(ipponese); sort of an &lit, except that the Yen is still, not formerly, the Japanese currency (or Nipponese capital)

29. MOTHERS’ RUIN  Reverse clue: or meths ruined gives ‘mothers'; ‘mothers’ ruin’ is a slang term for gin


1.  CARRIAGE  Not sure of this one: I know that a Surrey (with or without a fringe on top)  is a carriage, but beyond that I’m lost… help!

2. OPTICIAN  Op [opus, work] + tician [sounds like Titian, artist]

3. ISLAM  Regular letters from tIm SoLd ArMs

4. GIBBONS  Anagram of sobbing

5. ICEBERG  I [one] + C [cold] + reversal of grebe [water bird]

6. ELEMENTAL  Double definition

7. OXTAIL  O [zero, love] + X [kiss] + tail [follow]

8. FOREGO  Or for ego [selfishly]

14. SMOKED HAM  Those who enjoy cigars may have smoked Ham(let) [cigar brand]

16. KATMANDU  K [king] + atman [Sanskrit term for the universal soul] + du(e) [expected]

17. GOINGS-ON  S(tate) within going on [continuing]

19. LOCKNUT  Lock [hold] + nut [head]

20. VALANCE Anagram of naval + C [Cuba] + e [mathematical constant, base of the natural logarithm]

21. FLOPPY  Flop [failure] + p(robabl)y, alluding to the now-obsolete floppy disk

22. HADRON  Anagram of Rhonda

25. OASIS  O [ring] + as is [the same]

7 Responses to “Financial Times no.14,030 by REDSHANK”

  1. Wanderer says:

    Thanks Ringo and Redshank, I also enjoyed this.

    In 1d, I think CARRIAGE=GAIT, a homophone of GATE (the entry at 15).

  2. Eileen says:

    Thanks, Ringo, for the blog and Redshank for a fun puzzle.

    I loved CLOSING TIME, PARTHENON, MOTHER’S RUIN, GIBBONS and SMOKED HAM in particular – and SINUS = ‘head room’ made me laugh, too.

  3. crypticsue says:

    Great fun. Lots to laugh at today, thank you Redshank and Ringo too.

  4. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Redshank for a puzzle with much to admire and Ringo for the blog.

    1ac: I think this must be Anagram of clients go containing I’m &lit. We need “clients go” as part of the definition, so the clue must be &lit. Now in the cryptic reading “unruly” is the anagram lead, so “drunk” must be a containment indicator.

    10ac: However many times other people may praise this device, I continue to regard the unsignalled requirement to split a clue word as unsatisfactory.

    24ac: fm for “from” is in Collins 2000.

    1dn: I agree with Wanderer @1: indeed this was how I solved 15ac, getting 18ac much later.

    20dn: I cannot find a meaning for “disputed” that makes it a valid anagram lead.

  5. Pelham Barton says:

    One more from me: I think 28ac works as a complete “&lit” if you take “old” in the sense of “long established” rather than “former” in the literal meaning.

  6. Ilippu says:

    16d…. Kathmandu is spelt with a h. Also, athma (soul) is spelt with a h, as in ‘Mahathma’ or great soul…

  7. Ilippu says:

    also, a bunch of stuff to get tipsy until ‘closing time’ with ‘beefeater’ and ‘mother’s ruin’ in ‘glasees’ :-)

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