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Financial Times 14,031 by Orense

Posted by Jed on June 15th, 2012


Straightforward and fair – ? over 26 across





1 STICK INSECTS (bugs) what flypaper does

10 OUTRAGE (offend) OUT (not in) RAGE (anger)

11 RISOTTO (Italian dish) SIR< (teacher returns) OTT (excessive) O (love)

12 LURES (draws) first letters of Line Under Royal Edicts Showing

13 EPIDURAL (anaesthetic) (DUE APRIL)*

15 RED-BLOODED (macho) RED (embarrassed) BLOODED (initiated)

16 JEAN (girl)  E (energy) in (JAN)

18 OMEN (sign) O (nothing) MEN (workforce)

20 PINA COLADA (drink) PIN (fix) A CO (company) LAD (youth) A

22 SWITCH ON (activate) WITCH (spellmaker) in SON (boy)

24 EXTOL (praise) EX (former partner) LOT< (fate turning)

26 ENCRYPT (put in code)

27 UTTERLY (without qualification) (TURTLE)* [b]Y

28 DOUBLE-DECKER (sandwich & bus)


2 TUTORED (taught) (ROUTE)* in T[ailwin]D

3 COARSELY (rudely) CO (firm) ARSE (behind) L[ooking] Y[es]

4 ICED (cake maybe) (made cold)

5 SCRAP METAL (reclaimed material) (ARC LAMP SET)*

6 CASED (examined) CASE (lawsuit) D[ocuments]

7 SET FREE (liberated) SET (television) FREE (no cost)

8 ROLLER COASTER (fairground ride) ROLLER (wave) COASTER (ship)

9 BOWLING ALLEYS (sports venues) BOWL (dish) IN GALLEYS (kitchens)


17 DOMESTIC (of home) DOMES (heads) TIC (nervous symptom)

19 EVINCED (showed) (VENICE)* D (died)

21 ASTARTE (goddess)  A START [marin]E

23 COYPU (SA creature) COY (shy) P[o]U[t]

25 QUAD (bike) one of four

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    < = reverse    dd = double definition

3 Responses to “Financial Times 14,031 by Orense”

  1. JollySwagman says:

    Thanks to both

    26 I read as inside of went = wENt CRYPT = vault

  2. Faltenin says:

    Nice one – enjoyed it. Not too hard and a few big easy ones to get started :-)

  3. crypticsue says:

    The easiest puzzle today – and that is not a complaint, more a sigh of relief. Very enjoyable Thanks to Orense and Jed too

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