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Independent on Sunday 1,164/Hypnos

Posted by Ali on 17th June 2012


The 2nd Hypnos puzzle on the trot for me. This was just as good as the last one, though a bit harder as it took me two attempts to finish it off. Very neat clueing throughout, though I’m completely stumped by 14A and can’t quite piece together all of 16A.

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Everyman 3427/10 June 2012

Posted by Pierre on 17th June 2012


Late on parade, for which apologies.  I did forget, since you ask, so the blog is a bit rushed.  Another fine puzzle from Everyman, with one or two old chestnuts – but as I’ve said before, I’m not going to be critical about that in a puzzle which is designed for improving solvers.  I remember the first time I came across the ORCHESTRA and CARTHORSE relationship, and it didn’t seem like a chestnut then.

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Azed 2088

Posted by Andrew on 17th June 2012


I found this pretty hard for a plain Azed, with an above-average number of unfamiliar words. I got 10dn and 35ac early on, and found myself working up to the top left corner from there, which doesn’t make for easy solving. There are a couple of clues I can’t fully explain at 14ac and 7dn: better explanations welcome.

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