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Financial Times 14034 Peto

Posted by scchua on June 19th, 2012


Firstly thanks to flashling for standing in for me last week.  This week it’s another Tuesday puzzle by Peto (so far all his/hers have been blogged by yours truly).  Not exactly a pushover, with a number of clues where each requires quite some manipulation to piece together the answer.  Thanks Peto for the challenge.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  [[Each of the pictures at the bottom has an unidentified link to the puzzle.]]


1 Will finds time after trial to change name (9)

TESTAMENT :  T(abbrev. for time) placed after(after) [TEST(a trial) plus(to) anagram of(change) NAME]

6 It may appear after working with type (5)

CLASS :  Double defn: 1st: As it may appear in the phrase “working class”.

9 A carriage brought back in pieces (5)

APARTA + reversal of(brought back) TRAP(a light two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage).

10 Indiscriminate strike before soldiers pass by (3-2-4)

HIT-OR-MISS :  HIT(strike) placed before(before) [OR(abbrev. for other ranks in the military,soldiers who are non-commissioned) + MISS(to pass by and not hit).

11 Drink with around nine grams of fat (10)

SHORTENING :  SHORT(a small drink of undiluted liquor) plus(with) {reversal of(around) NINE} + G(abbrev. for grams mass or weight). 

Answer: Butter, lard or other types of fat, used to make pastry, bread, etc. short or easily crumbled.

12 Try speaking at this point (4)

HEREHomophone of(speaking) “hear”(to try in court).

14 Penny about to give up lead (7)

PRECEDE :  P(abbrev. for the penny currency unit) + RE(from Latin for regarding,about) + CEDE(to give up, especially land). 

Answer: To come before,to lead.

15 Struggle for Tory leader after deception leads to downfall (7)

CONTEND :  {T(initial letter,leader of “Tory”) placed after(after) CON(a deception,swindle)} plus(leads to) END(the downfall). 

Answer: As in “to contend,struggle with your inner fears”.

17 Staying power shown by the first military dictator in South America (7)

STAMINA :  [T(initial letter,first of “the”) + AMIN(Idi, former military dictator of Uganda)] contained in(in) SA(South America).

19 Tip of object coming round again (7)

POINTER :  POINT(the object of, say, this blog) + reversal of(coming round) RE-(the prefix that denotes a repeat action,again). 

Answer: A clue,hint,tip

20 Hotels in the centre of Barnsley (4)

INNSIN + NS(the middle letters,centre ofBarnsley”).

22 Refusing to vote for German graduate over earlier disgrace at home (10)

ABSTAININGReversal of(over) [G(abbrev. for German) + BA(Bachelor of Arts graduate)] containing(over) [STAIN{(evidence of) an earlier disgrace} + IN(at home,not out)].  I take it that “over” is used to indicate a reversal and a containment at the same time.

25 Run into tackle (9)

ENCOUNTER :  Double defn: 2nd: To contest,tackle as in a match, eg. England v. Ukraine.

26 Saw daughter after a time (5)

ADAGE :  [D(abbrev. for daughter) placed after(after) A] + AGE(a period of time). 

Defn: A proverb.

27 Letters from Goethe reporting on that issue (5)

THEREHidden in(letters from) GoeTHE REporting

Answer: As in “I disagree with you there/on that issue”.

28 Feel anger over English priest’s claim (9)

REPRESENT :  RESENT(to feel anger against someone/about something) containing(over, but no reversal this time) [E(English) + PR(abbrev. for priest)]. 

Answer: As in “to represent/claim the situation as/is not hopeless”.


1 Moves very quickly exuding drops (5)

TEARS :  Double defn.  2nd: To shed tears.

2 A dramatic broadcast by the Queen acting after flattery gets to work (4,5)

SOAP OPERA :  [ER(the Queen,Elizabeth Regina) + A(abbrev. for acting, as used to denote stand-ins in job positions or military ranks)] placed after(after) [SOAP(flattery, especially as “soft soap”) plus(gets to) OP(abbrev. for opus,musical work)].

3 Slaughter is hesitant in opposition (10)

ANTITHESISAnagram of(slaughter) IS HESITANT

4 Upgrade in French hotel – one around the west end of Nice (7)

ENHANCE :  EN(“in” in French) + H(for “hotel” in the phonetic alphabet) + [ACE(one,single pip/mark on a die or playing card – interestingly the former meaning preceded the latter) containing(around) N(the leftmost letter,west end ofNice”)]

5 Huge birds getting caught (7)

TITANIC :  [TIT & ANI](two types of birds) plus(getting) C(abbrev. for caught in cricket notation).


6 Go on at motorists about parking (4)

CARPReversal of(about) RAC(abbrev. for the Royal Automobile Club, the motorists’ association in the UK) + P(abbrev. for parking).

7 Wait for assistant to wrap book (5)

ABIDE :  AIDE(assistant, usually to an official) containing(to wrap) B(abbrev. for book).

Answer: Wait for patiently as in “…I will abide the coming of my lord….” From Tennyson’s “Geraint and Enid”.

8 Struggling Spurs need support (9)

SUSPENDERAnagram of(struggling) SPURS NEED.

13 Suggest concealing identity of cow (10)

INTIMIDATE :  INTIMATE(to suggest,hint) containing(concealing) ID(abbrev. for identity). 

Defn: As a verb.

14 Mischievous pet occupied by shimmering tinsel (9)

PESTILENTPET containing(occupied by) anagram of(shimmering) TINSEL

Answer: Not like the plague, but much milder, like annoying,mischievous children)

16 Old stock including clubs available at first for free (9)

EXTRICATE :  EX(old,former) + [TRITE(commonplace,banal as in “a stock/trite remark”) containing(including) {C(abbrev. for clubs, one of the 4 suits in bridge notation) + A(initial letter of,at firstavailable”)}]. 

Defn: As a verb.

18 Judge oddly neglected genre after piece on retired artist (7)

ARBITER :  ER{“genreminus(neglected) “g”,”n”,”e”(its first, third and fifth letters,oddly)} placed after(after) [BIT(a small piece) added to(on) reversal of(retired) RA(an artist who is a member of the Royal Academy of Arts, London)].

19 A supporter of mine gets shot crossing river (7)

PITPROP :  PIT(a mine, especially an open-cast one) plus(gets) [POP(a shot with a firearm, imitative of the sound of it) containing(crossing) R(abbrev. for river)].

21 Some ethnic headdresses discovered in an alcove (5)

NICHEHidden in(some…discovered) ethNIC Headdress.

23 City providing information about home debut of Tevez (5)

GHENT :  [GEN(information,knowledge) containing(about) H(abbrev. for “home”, as in Home and Away(A) games columns in eg. football league tables)] + T(initial letter,debut ofTevez”). Nice footballing surface of Manchester City and player Tevez.

24 It’s grown by old people mostly (4)

JUTE :  “Jutes”(Germanic people of old who, in 5C invaded and settled in parts of Britain including Kent and Hampshire) minus last letter(mostly). 

Answer: A plant grown for its fibre for cordage and sacking.




2 Responses to “Financial Times 14034 Peto”

  1. mike04 says:

    Thanks for a very comprehensive blog, scchua.

    Today’s puzzle was most enjoyable and, for some clues, so was the parsing challenge afterwards!

    How about this for ABSTAINING at 22ac?:
    Starting with G (German), BA (graduate) is reversed ‘earlier’ then STAIN (disgrace) IN (at home) follow the AB at the front.

  2. scchua says:

    Hi mike04. I had considered the same thing you suggested for 22A. The problem I had with it was that “earlier” would then need to be applicable to both “AB” and “STAININ”, whereas its position in the clue suggests that it does not.
    Thanks for your comment.

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