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Financial Times no.14,036 by HAMILTON

Posted by Ringo on June 21st, 2012


So, Hamilton, we meet again…

My nemesis from a few weeks ago is on rather more enjoyable form today, not quite having me clicking my heels with joy (it takes more than a crossword to do that on a rainy Thursday morning) but offering up a straightforwardly pleasing puzzle. Only 15ac. remains stubbornly unparseable. Perhaps it’ll come to me as I type…


1. TRYST  Try [go] + regular letters of SiTe

4. CLOSE-KNIT  Anagram of clients OK

9. BARGAIN  Double definition

10. IMPREST  Sounds like impressed [moved]

11. MARILYN MONROE  Anagram of norma role in my, the &lit alluding to the erstwhile Norma Jean

14. ULNA  In odd letters of UpLaNd Area

15. LUBRICATE  Aha – it’s just a double definition, isn’t it?

18. DETRACTOR  Tract [leaflet] within anagram of rode

19. USED  Anagram of loudest minus the letters of lot

21. AGREE TO DIFFER  Reverse clue: eager is an anagram (indicated by to differ) of agree

24. GENUINE  Ingenue [young woman] with in transposed

26. ADORNED  A + reversal of den [study] + rod [pole]

27. EGLANTINE  Anagram of get in lane

28. THEME  Hem [edge: see 23dn] within TE [as in TE Lawrence (of Arabia)]


1. TUBE  Double definition

2. YORK MINSTER  Min [minute, short time] + (bring)s (benefi)t within yorker [delivery in cricket]

3. TEA URN  Ea [each] within turn [go]

4. CANDLELIT  Anagram of T(ed) called in

5. ONION  Coronation minus the letters of actor

6. EUPHONIA  Sounds like you phoney [you impostor] + a

7. NEE  Hidden in juNE Eighteen-ninety-nine

8. TITLE DEEDS  Anagram of detest idle

12. REASSURANCE  Re [about] + ANC [African National Congress] within assure [guarantee]

13. QUADRANGLE  Quad [one in four] + R [Republican]  + angle [viewpoint]

16. BARRICADE  BA [Bachelor of Arts, graduate] + anagram of carried

17. VALERIAN  Valeri(e) [girl] + an [indefinite article]

20. EFFORT  E F [two musical keys] + fort [defence establishment]

22. OBELI  First letters of Once Bill Explains Linotype Ian

23. EDGE  Double definition

25. NIL  Hidden in reversal of deLINquent

4 Responses to “Financial Times no.14,036 by HAMILTON”

  1. crypticsue says:

    My last cryptic today and one of the more straightforward offerings. Thanks to Hamilton and Ringo

  2. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Hamilton for an enjoyable crossword and Ringo for the blog. Favourite clue 5dn for getting a very precise cryptic indication into a good surface.

    16dn: I think you need to take “graduate being” as the indicator for BA.

    25dn: I think this clue would be better without the word “who”.

  3. susan says:

    15 across is probably a double definition lubricate meaning to oil a meachnism, car engine, etc and lubricate as to bribe (grease one’s palm)

  4. Ilippu says:

    seeing Ms. Monroe for 2 days in a row in FT!

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