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Independent 8010 / Anax (Saturday Prize Crossword 16/06/12)

Posted by Bertandjoyce on June 23rd, 2012


This is our 25th blog on 225 and, amazingly, our first Anax, so we approached it with eager anticipation, as he is one of the most challenging Indy setters and one of our favourites.

We weren’t disappointed, although we felt that it was on the easy side for the master of the well-constructed themed puzzle.

We had solved some of the themed answers before we finally confirmed the gateway clue at 4d, largely due to our lack of knowledge (or experience) of the Eurodance scene! We would like to point out however that we met at a 4d class back in the 1960s but after 1a. We were more into Latin American and Ballroom which didn’t feature in the puzzle. Mind you, we were very good at jiving – pity we aren’t now!!

1   Mum threw grass on and over 4
MASHED POTATO MA (mum) + SHED (threw) + POT (grass, as in the drug) + AT (on) + O (abbreviation for ‘over’ in cricket) = a rather peculiar dance (4d – the theme) resembling the Twist and dating from 1962, when new dances seemed to be being invented every week. We’re not too sure about ‘at’ as a synonym for ‘on’ – can anyone come up with a context where the words are interchangeable?
10   A smoker at home more healthy?
INHALER IN (at home) + HALER (more healthy) = smoker (unlike Bill Clinton?)
11   Essential to admit line is bugged
NEEDLED NEEDED (essential) around or ‘admitting’ L (line) = bugged
12   Difficult, when topless, to be aroused
HORNY (t)HORNY (‘difficult’ without the first letter, or ‘topless’) = aroused
13   Heralds of night want match that is short
EVENTIDES EVENT (match) + ID ES(t) (Latin for ‘that is’ usually abbreviated to ‘i.e.’, without the last letter, or ‘shortened’) = heralds of night
15   Psychoanalysts, those following nurses on Smith’s declaration
FREUDIANS FANS (those following) around or ‘nursing’ RE (‘on’, or concerning) UDI (Ian Smith’s Unilateral Declaration of Independence for the former Rhodesia – now Zimbabwe – when he was premier in 1965) = psychoanalysts
17   Quiet people, not loud, want a 4
POLKA P (quiet, in music) + (f)OLK (people without the ‘f’ (loud, in music)) + A = dance (4d)
18   Make the cut, being far from clubhouse
NOTCH NOT (far from) + C (club) H (house) = make the cut
20   Hard core tailor-made rocks one extracted
ROAD METAL Anagram of TA(i)LOR-MADE with I (one) omitted or ‘extracted’ – anagrind is ‘rocks’ = hard core
22   Range of stories about pot of tea after rest
ANNAPURNA ANA (stories) around or ‘about’ URN (‘pot of tea’) after NAP (rest) = range – part of the Himalayas
24   Is traveller one primarily accepted by Derby County
ROAMS O (first or ‘primary’ letter of ‘one’) in or ‘accepted by’ RAMS (nickname for Derby County FC) = is traveller
25/8   In lift, therapist chatting about 4
TRIP THE LIGHT FANTASTIC Anagram of LIFT THERAPIST CHATTING (anagrind is ‘about’) = to dance (4d)
27   Excessive parts provided for 4
GAVOTTE OTT (over the top or ‘excessive’) in or ‘parting’ GAVE (provided) = a dance (4d)
28   Big article about Peter Andre’s suffering
CENTRE SPREAD C (about, as in ‘circa’ or approximately) + an anagram of PETER ANDRE’S (anagrind is ‘suffering’) = big article
2   Put down song covered by former choirboy
ALLAYED LAY (song) in or ‘covered by’ ALED (Jones, the former choirboy who sang ‘Walking in the Air’ for the cartoon of ‘The Snowman’) = put down
3   Mounts sale of rough food, say
HORSE FAIR Homonym of HOARSE (rough) FARE (food) = ‘mounts sale’
4   Social clubs entertained by Whigfield for example
DANCE C (clubs) in or ‘entertained by’ DANE (Whigfield – unknown to us – a Danish Eurodance singer, apparently best known for the song ‘Saturday Night’ which was a world-wide hit (except in this household!) in the summer of 1994) = social – the gateway clue.
5   Mostly settled into work
ONE-STEP NESTE(d) (‘mostly settled’ – without the last letter) in OP (work) = dance (4d)
6   I’ll wake up cuddling scribe
AWL Contained in or ‘cuddled’ by (I’l)L WA(ke) reversed or ‘up’ (in a down clue) = scribe
7   Traditional hotels with disabled sports
OLD-ESTABLISHED Anagram of HOTELS and DISABLED (anagrind is ‘sports’) = traditional
8   See 25ac
9   Woman who does not sell up has left out 4
CHARLESTON CHAR (woman who does) + NOT SEL(l) reversed, or ‘up’ in a down clue, with l (left) missing or ‘out’ = a dance (4d)
14   Amateur poet covers rent through it
DILETTANTE DANTE (poet) around, or ‘covering’ LET (rent) in, or ‘through’ IT = amateur
16   Port duty’s raised – please, no!
STAVANGER VAT’S (duty’s) reversed or ‘raised’ in a down clue + ANGER (‘please, no’, as an expression of anger if duty were to be raised) = port
19   Joint soaks up jazz he likes
HIPSTER HIP (joint) + RETS (soaks) reversed or ‘up’ in a down clue = jazz he likes – how Yoda might describe a hipster!
21   A gypsy heading north through part of Czech Republic
MORAVIA A ROM (a gypsy) reversed or ‘heading north’ in a down clue + VIA (through) = part of Czech Republic
23   Creates sound? Is humming
REEKS Homonym of WREAKS (creates, as in havoc) = is humming, as in smelling
26   Wearing out of oxygen atom
ION IN (wearing) around or ‘out of’ O (oxygen) = atom


6 Responses to “Independent 8010 / Anax (Saturday Prize Crossword 16/06/12)”

  1. Dormouse says:

    I’d never heard of Whigfield, either, thought it might be a town in Yorkshire, say, so I googled it which didn’t help – thought 4dn might be “disco” which didn’t get me anywhere. But it did vaguely raise memories of the song “Saturday Night”, not because of any interest in Danish pop music but because I think it had minimal lyrics, something like “Saturday night, uh-uh” repeated over which made it something of a joke.

    After a week, I can’t remember much more, but I did complete this once I got the dance theme.

  2. Lancastrian Bluenose says:

    I liked this crossword: I have to admit the first clue I entered was the Whigfield clue !

  3. sidey says:

    I’d never have guessed that Anax was a road-building geek. 20a is a spectacularly good clue if you happen to know about graded sub-base or MOT Type 1 roadstone.

    I’m not sure that ‘atom’ is really a satisfactory definition for ‘ion’ though. Monatomic hydrogen is about 75% of the universe after all

  4. crypticsue says:

    A right proper Saturday challenge if I remember it rightly, involving both the use of Tippex and overwriting. Just right for a wet day’s solving. Thanks to Anax and B&J.

    sidey@3 If the ony road-building geekiness form Anax is 20 a, we should consider ourselves lucky. I work with someone who used to work in asphalt!!

  5. Graham Pellen says:

    16D I read “please, no!” to mean “please” in its infinitive sense and “no!” as indicating just the opposite – ie “anger”.

  6. Bertandjoyce says:

    Thanks Graham Pellen@5. We think that makes better sense.

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