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Independent on Sunday 1165 Glowworm

Posted by scchua on June 24th, 2012


A puzzle with enjoyable surfaces.  Thanks Glowworm. Definitions are underlined in the clues.  [[The pictures at the bottom have an unidentified link to the puzzle.]]


1 Seconds a beanpole may welcome? (7-2)

RUNNERS-UP :  Cryptic defn: Not time, but those who come in second-place.  A beanpole,a tall stick meant for a bean plant,runner to climb up would welcome such, if it was animate.  The surface tells of a beanpole,a tall skinny person who may welcome seconds,second helpings.  

6 Clips for bracelets (5)

CUFFS :  Double defn: 1st: Sharp blows; and 2nd: Slang for handcuffs.

9 Maybe Leo and Boris, at heart, are men of Roman stamp? (7)

SIGNORI :  SIGN(in astrology, one of which,maybe is “Leo”) plus(and) ORI(central letters,at heart of “Boris”).

Answer:  Plural of the Italian term of address for men, perhaps of Roman type,stamp.

10 Direction signs installed in Louisiana plant (7)

LOBELIA :  OBELI(plural of obelus, ÷, originally, in typography, the sign that gave the instruction,direction to delete unattested passages/words from writings, but now, it more commonly means the arithmetical operation of division) contained in(installed in) LA(abbrev. for Louisiana State in the US, used with postal codes).    

11 Tug’s noise cut conversation outright (5)

TOTALHomophone of(noise) of “tow”(tug,pull) + TAL{“talk”(conversation) minus its last letter(cut)}. 

12 Ohio Democrat stumbles in procession (9)

MOTORCADEAnagram of(stumbles) [O(alternative abbrev. for Ohio State, not for postal use) + DEMOCRAT]. 

Answer: A procession of motorcars or other motor vehicles; a portmanteau word from “motor” and “cavalcade”.

13 Drive away from outskirts of Eastbourne around eleven-fifty (5)

EXILE :  EE(the two extreme letters,outskirts ofEastbourne”) containing(around) [XI(Roman numeral for eleven) + L(Roman numeral for fifty)]

14 Need change of scene? It’s the Fourth of July! (9)

NECESSITYAnagram of(change of) [SCENE IT’S + Y(the fourth letter ofJuly”)].

17 Duplicate study into development of iliac trouble having no currency (9)

IDENTICAL :  DEN(a study,room for quiet activity) contained in(into) anagram of(development of) [ILIAC + T(“troubleminus(having no) “rouble”(Russian currency))

18 German in ill humour? Nonsense! (5)

BILGE :  G(abbrev. for German) contained in(in) BILE(ill humour,bad temper derived from ancient and medieval physiology which believed that yellow bile, one of the humours,elemental fluids in the body promoted such a disposition).  

19 Cleansing moggies is mostly difficult inside (9)

CATHARSIS :  [CATS(“moggies” is British slang for “cats”) + IS] containing(…inside) HAR{“hard”(difficult) minus its last letter(mostly)}

Answer: The purging,cleansing,relieving of emotional tensions, especially through certain kinds of art, such as music or tragic drama.  Or, at the other extreme, literally, it is the purging of the bowels.

22 Vessels were off to Sweden (5)

EWERSAnagram of(off) WERE plus(to) S(International Vehicle Registration code for Sweden).

24 Levelling off metalware with gold (7)

PLATEAU :  PLATE(metalware, usually of silver) plus(with) AU(in chemistry, symbol for the element gold). 

Answer: Verb signifying having reached a stage where there is no growth or decline, ie. levelling off.

25 Counsel a coloratura somewhat when returning with spots (7)

LOCALESHidden in(somewhat) reversal of(when returning) counSEL A COLoratura

Answer: Spots at which to set the scene for a play, event, etc.

26 Luxembourg’s a capital (5)

LHASA :  L(International Vehicle Registration code for Luxembourg) + HAS(the contraction of which is ‘s after the noun) + A

Answer: The capital city of Tibet.

27 Cheese melt, mean and hot, being cooked (9)

EMMENTHALAnagram of(being cooked) [MELT, MEAN plus(and) H(abbrev. for hot)].


1 Put back initially rumpled bedsheets evenly (5)

RESET :  R(first letter of,initiallyrumpled”) + E,S,E,T(second, fourth, sixth and eighth letters,evenly of “bedsheets”).

2 One might net flounder in darker hours (5-4)

NIGHT-TIMEAnagram of(flounder) [I(Roman numeral for one) + MIGHT NET].

3 Soothing Hardy book borders on eroticism at the start (9)

EMOLLIENT :  E,M(outermost letters of,borders oneroticism”) placed before(at the start) [OLLIE(nickname for Oliver Hardy, half of the Luarel and Hardy comedy duo) + NT(abbrev. for New Testament,holy book – strictly speaking books?)].  Nicely misdirected to author Thomas Hardy – did any of his works border on eroticism? 

Answer: Descriptive of medicine, lotions, salves, etc. that are soothing, especially to the skin.

4 Giddy habit going on in baths? (8,7)

SWIMMING COSTUME :  SWIMMING(what your head is doing when you’re giddy) + COSTUME(dress,habit). 

Answer: That that you’re putting on,going on you when you’re in the baths,swimming pools.

5 State protection from capitalism? You’ll go nuts! (9,6)


6 Pole thrown from vehicle sheltering to live (5)

CABER :  CAR(vehicle) containing(sheltering) BE(to live,exist). 

Answer: A long and heavy piece of trimmed tree trunk,pole that they like to throw about as an event in Highland games.

7 Composer‘s refrain? (5)

FALLA :  FAL LA(or fal-la/fa-la/fa la, a song refrain sung to meaningless syllables like fa and la.  I’m more familiar with its sibling, “tra-la-la”:  it won’t be another 6 months before we hear “….’Tis the season to be jolly, Tra-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la….”).

Answer: Manuel de, Spanish composer.

8 Couple heard in enclosure: “About to get fat!” (5,4)

SPARE TYRE :  [PARE{homophone of(heard) of “pair”(couple)} contained in(in) STY(animal enclosure)] + RE(from Latin for regarding,about).

13 Lapse I put right involving “PC” Scottish Church (9)

EPISCOPALAnagram of(put right) [LAPSE I] containing(involving) COP(policeman,police constable abbreviated to PC, long before it stood for “politically correct” or even “personal computer”.  I shamefully spent a long time looking for the “O”).

15 Assistant priest to prosecute a cheat about degree (9)

SUBDEACON :  [SUE(to prosecute in court) [A CON](a cheat,conman)] containing(about) BD(Bachelor of Divinity,what you get from a degree course in divinity, theology or religious studies).

16 Sickness from crummy toast (3,6)

ILL HEALTH :  ILL(not good, as in “I’m feeling crummy”) + HEALTH(you’d toast to someone’s good health, say). 

20 Note – amateur artist’s making crown (5)

TIARA :  TI(syllable denoting one of the notes in the diatonic musical scale) + A(abbrev. for one with amateur status) + RA(artist who is a member of the Royal Academy of Arts in London).

21 A date coming up in the theatre (5)

ARENAReversal of(coming up, in a down clue) [AN(alternative to the article “a”) ERA(a non-specific date, more a period, as in “carbon-dating will tell you which era that fossil came from”).

Defn. and Answer: An area in which conflict, activity or endeavour is conducted. 

23 Moans’ll be heard with material for painter, say? (5)

SISALHomophone of(be heard) “sighs”(moans) + ‘ll.  An alternative pronunciation to “sis-uhl”. 

Answer: Fibrous material used for making ropes, rugs, etc. including painters,ropes usually at the bow for fastening a boat to a ship, stake, etc.  Clever misdirection – wasted time thinking of painters of the RA type.





3 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1165 Glowworm”

  1. Dormouse says:

    Didn’t get 21dn and 26ac, although my memory is now telling me that I thought of “arena” and “Lhasa” and rejected both because I couldn’t see how they could work. (Of course, my memory could now be playing tricks now that I’ve seen the answers.)

  2. PeeDee says:

    Thanks scchua, Captain Jack Sparrpw from Pirates of the Caribean, a banana split and ??? What have these to do with the crossword? I give up!

  3. scchua says:

    Hi PeeDee, apologies for not responding earlier, but I’ve been in hospital following an emergency, and been incommunicado/out of action.

    Re the pics: Manuel de FALLA(7D) wrote a ballet, “The Three-Cornered Hat”, which is something Jack Sparrow has got on; “The Banana Splits Adventure Hour” was a late 60s TV show with a theme song “The Tra La La Song (One banana, two banana)”, with a long FAL LA(7D)/tra-la-la; and lastly, the Small Faces were an English 60s pop group who had a hit with “Sha-La-La-La-Lee”, a song whose title is its FAL LA(7D).

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