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Independent 8017 by Quixote

Posted by nmsindy on June 25th, 2012


Enjoyable puzzle from Quixote, which I found perhaps a tad more difficult that he usually is.    Solving time, 21 mins, and pleased to learn two completely new words getting them from the wordplay in both cases.

* = anagram


1 LOCATE     Tricky construction here which I solved only near the end.     The definition, I think, is just ‘place’.   tiger maybe = CAT and you ‘find’ it in LO E ie look East

4 MOBILE    MO (doctor)   BILE (bodily fluid)     Definition:  moving

8 BOATMAN    O (ring) in BATMAN (servant)

9 DOORMAT     (road to m)*   m = front (1st letter) of mansion.    This was my favourite clue today.

11 MARSHAL PETAIN   (has Parliament)*       Head of French Government under German occupation  following the Fall of France in 1940 – controversial figure who died in prison.

13 TRUE     truce less c = leader of country (1st letter)

14 LODESTONE   (needs tool)*

17 APENNINES     A (Austria ) Pennines (hills)

18 LEFT    Double definition

20 GIVE A DOG A BONE    I got this only when I’d all but one of the crossing letters.      I’m open to correction on this but I think it refers to two separate things – “give a dog a bone” in the song “Knick-knack, paddy-whack” and also to Mother Hubbard who could not find a bone for her dog in the Nursery Rhyme.

23 RIGHT-ON     Brighton less its first letter.

24 CHARGER    Double definition – old name for a big dish and ‘juice’ refers to power coming from a battery charger, I think.

25 FLAYED    ye (you once) in F (loud)  LAD (boy)

26 DEARLY     D     EARLY


1 LABS       A very cleverly concealed ‘hidden’ answer that I did not see till very late on.

2 CHARMEUSE     New word to me – a fabric – that I was pleased to work out from the wordplay.     Good misdirection with ‘fabric cleaner’ with the divide between definition and wordplay coming between those two words   CHAR (cleaner) ME (your writer) USE (to resort to)

3 TIMBRE     hidden

4 MIDDLE-DISTANCE   (medals indicated)* less one of its letter As   a = ace

5 BLOKEISH   (like bosh)*

6 LAMIA     New word to me (a monster from Greek mythology) that I got from wordplay    I (one) in lama (priest)

7 IN THE LAND OF NOD    The quote from the Book of Genesis is “And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden”.    Got this straight away being familiar with the quote from which the title of Steinbeck’s book and James Dean film ‘East of Eden’ was drawn.     Asleep is a pun on ‘Nod’.

10 TANGENTS     Clue is ‘Lines of brown on the toilet”  (hmmm….)    tan (brown)  gents (toilet)

12 STRANGER     St (holy person)   rang (phoned)   ER (the Queen)

15 OVEREAGER     O (old)     e (energy)  a (beginning to agitate) in verger (church worker)

16 INFANTRY    The wordplay part (in this down clue) has ‘infant’ on ‘ry’ = railway so ‘in danger of being run over by train’

19 FORAGE    for (in favour of)  age (a long time)

21 VIGIL     This was my last answer.    Poet Virgil less r = writing maybe.    This refers, I think, to the “3 Rs”, reading, writing, and arithmetic

22 PRAY    Double definition

2 Responses to “Independent 8017 by Quixote”

  1. Dormouse says:

    Maybe a bit harder than the usual Monday offering, had to think to get some of the answers. “Charmeuse” was a new one for me and I had to resort to Chambers to find it. “Lamia” I did know, having had to search the history of vampire legends a few years ago. “Vigil” was one of the first in for me. 11ac took me a while as I failed to notice there was a letter ‘s’ in “has parliament” and dismissed answers starting “marshal”.

  2. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, nms. Agree with all your parsings, and like you got the two less usual words from the cryptic definitions. GIVE A DOG A BONE was a nice reminder of the old nursery rhymes – my kids all had them read or sung to them when they were little, but in this electronic age, not sure that so many parents are doing the same nowadays. Good puzzle, thanks to the setter.

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