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Financial Times 14,043 by Bradman

Posted by Jed on June 29th, 2012


Clever and witty clues





1 DECAMP (bolt) CE< (church turning) in DAMP

4 MANIACAL (mad) MAN (fellow) I (one) AC (account) AL (Jolson)

9 STADIA (arenas) ST (street) AIDA< (opera put back)

10 FLIPPANT (not serious) LIP (cheek) PAN (attack) all in FT (paper = we)

12 RAINED OFF (cancelled) (OFFER IN AD)*

13 SUITE (accommodation) sounds like SWEET (dear)


17 PRODUCTION LINE (part of factory) NO< in (OLD PICTURE IN)*

21 ROGUE (reprobate) G (good|) in ROUE (degenerate)

22 DRESS DOWN witty dd

24 SHOP TALK (after-hours conversation) HOP (dance) in STALK (stride)

25 EXHORT (call on) EX (old lover) R[eunion] in HOT (animated)

26 SASARARA (scolding) SARA in SARA

27 XYSTER (bone scraper) (TRY SEX)*


1 DISPROVE  (challenge successfully) (PROVIDES)*

2 CLARION (shrill trumpet) A R (a river) in C LION (cold animal)

3 MOIRE (watered silk) O (duck) in MIRE (mud)

5 ALL OF A QUIVER witty dd

6 IMPASSION (fire up) I MP (one politician) AS (when) SION (Mount Sion)

7 CHARIOT (vehicle) CHA (tea) RIOT (disturbance)

8 LUTHER (theologian) L (left) THE (article) in UR (city)

11 MOLLYCODDLER (pamperer) MOLLY (Mary) CODDLER (cooker of eggs)

15 RED SETTER witty dd

16 LEINSTER (Irish province) IN (home) in LESTER (Piggott – The Long Fellow)

18 REGIONS (patches) (IGNORES)*

19 IRON OUT (settle) IRON (golf club) OUT (ready)

20 GRASPS (understands) P (parking) in GRASS (field)

23 SIXTY (>9)  IX (nine) in STY (filthy dwelling)

( )* = anagram     [ ] = omit    dd = double definition    < = reverse


5 Responses to “Financial Times 14,043 by Bradman”

  1. Shuchi says:

    Very enjoyable crossword from Bradman as always.

    Loved 14a for ingeniously tying the definition with the anagram. VENTRILOQUISTS must have been a hard word to clue.

  2. Richard says:

    Thank you for the blog, Jed.

    I managed just over half of this in the 30 mins I had free this lunchtime.

    I think 14 & 11 are great clues, but I didn’t make the association that Mary = Molly.

    I’d never have thought of ‘Damp’ as a synonym of ‘Rusty’ nor ‘out’ as a synonym of ‘ready’.

    SASARARA, XYSTER, & MOIRE are all new words to me.

  3. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Bradman for an excellent puzzle and Jed for the blog.

    Richard @2 re 1ac: I think DAMP is really being clued by all of “likely to get rusty maybe” rather than simply as a synonym of “rusty”.

  4. Richard says:

    Thank you, Pelham Barton. I really should have spotted that.

    I guess I shouldn’t try to eat, drink, talk to my colleagues, and try to solve the crossword all at the same time!

  5. Neb says:

    Some nice clues, but xyster and sasarara forced me to the dictionary. I like the surface of the latter, but refuse to believe many knew the meaning without looking it up.

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