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Guardian Genius 108 / Brummie

Posted by Gaufrid on 1st July 2012


So, six clues have the correct wordplay for the grid entry but the definition is that of a word or phrase formed by combining the grid entry with one of the unclued entries. Should be straightforward enough.

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Independent on Sunday 1166/Tyrus

Posted by Pierre on 1st July 2012


You know that stuff about buses?  You wait ages for one to come along, and then two come one after another?  I blogged my first Tyrus when he had the Monday slot a few weeks ago, and here he is again on my watch with the Sunday puzzle.  I’ll tell you what, though: this one was a good deal harder than the weekday offering, so félicitations to the winner of the Prize for this Sunday Indy.  But I did enjoy the struggle, and had the the d’oh! moment right at the end.

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Everyman N° 3,429 (24 June 2012)

Posted by PeterO on 1st July 2012


This time Everyman’s vocabulary has returned to normal.

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Azed 2090/French letters

Posted by ilancaron on 1st July 2012


A tale of two languages.  I think this is one of the rare occasions in which all is understood (famous last words).  Much credit is due my new shiny iPad with the Chambers app (only $6.99 and well worth it, though I can’t find “Some First Names” in it).

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