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Azed 2090/French letters

Posted by ilancaron on July 1st, 2012


A tale of two languages.  I think this is one of the rare occasions in which all is understood (famous last words).  Much credit is due my new shiny iPad with the Chambers app (only $6.99 and well worth it, though I can’t find “Some First Names” in it).

1 MAR(AU)D – mard is Spenserian injured.
6 SHA(BB)Y – shay=chaise=carriage
11 A (LA B)RI – lab in air* – under shelter in some continental lingo.
12 CAME,R,A – also papal treasury.
13 NIGRI(CAN)T – (Billy) CAN in tiring*
14 J(OBS,N)EWS – bad news  and some Greeks were hellenizing Jews.
15 S(P,R)AD – obs. spread=”got fatter”.  sad=heavy.  And I guess abbrev(prize ring)=P,R
16 RE(GEN)T – obs. prof. in Scotland.  GEN=abbrev(Genesis)=first book.  And ret=sop (wet).
18 FR,ACAS – ACAS is the “Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service” in Britain.
22 D(OOF)ER[by] – OOF is old Yiddish slang for money.  And DOOFER=dingbat as in thingmajig.
23 AVENIR – naturellement, c’etait tres simple, cet anagram de “navire”, il veut dire “futur”.
25 GREGE – more French: “of greyish-beige colour”. Comp. anag. &lit (beige garment)*=(ambient grege).
27 TI(MARIO)T – a feudal (Turkish) militiaman and TIT is a rather derogatory term for a girl (derived from the bird and not what you might think).  MARIO is our Italian gent (ref. Mario Balotelli.)
29 COPASETIC – it’s all groovy in California (so I Accept)*
31 SECEDE – rev(CDs) with “e” intervening reguarly.
32 RENIED – rev(deiner=your in German). Obsolete denied.
33 TIT,REE – ref. TI TREE

1 MAN,US – no, not Romney.
2 A L’IMP,ROVISTE – LIMP=hobble followed by (I strove)*.  More of that continental talk.
3 RAG(TRAD)E – rev(dart=”tapering fold”) in RAGE=fashion.
5 ABREACT – cabaret*. Resolve neurosis (by “reviving repressed ideas…”)
6 SCAB,RID – scab=scoundrel and SCABRID=scabrous=bordering on the indecent.
7 HANSEL – hidden. “An inaugural gift”.
8 BE(D)E – D=Deus in BEE=gather.  BEDE is obs. prayer.
9 BR(OWNIE GU)IDE – (I go unwe[d])* in BRIDE=newly-wed.
10 YAPSTER – ‘s in petary*
17 E,NF,[d]ETTER – NF=National Front (Britain’s anti-immigrant right-wing party).  Rev(retted=soaked).
18 FLA,TCAR – (trac[k]).  US train wagon.
19 STRIPED – rev(departs) -> striped (change middle letter from one kind of one “a” to another, “i”).
20 POR(REC)T – sports arena=rec(reational).  PORT=historic borough (on the south coast).  And PORRECT means “extended forward”.
21 VIROSE – poisonous – (overs, i)*
24 L(O)AST – loosened according to Spenser.
26 [s]EM(C)EE – remove the leading “s” from semee=powdered and then add a “c” to  the result.
28 MIEN=”mean” – obsolete facial expression.

5 Responses to “Azed 2090/French letters”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Azed for the usual entertainment and ilancaron for the blog.

    The section “Some First Names” has been omitted from the latest Chambers, presumably in part to make room for two new sections: The Word Lover’s Miscellany and A Wordgame Companion. These appear in the middle of the dictionary, which is occasionally irritating when searching for words near maiden – the word whose entry is split by the new sections.

    15ac: PR for “prize ring” is indeed given explicitly in the paper version of Chambers 2011.

    31ac: This needs to be anagram (“faulty”) of CDs, not reversal.

  2. ilancaron says:

    Thanks for finding PR (I obviously couldn’t). And you’re right of course about 31A — I was a bit hasty in my notes since I was so excited about understanding everything.

    Too bad about “Some First Names” — I wonder if this means that names and their etymology is now off-limits to setters?

  3. RCWhiting says:

    Thanks all
    Ref Pelham on ‘maiden’. It struck me as a quite bizarre decision to put the section in the middle.
    For years various dictionaries have had useful or otherwise extras tucked away at the front or back where they remain entirely optional.
    What was somebody thinking when they decided to change such a sensible custom.

  4. Norman Hall says:

    I’m not sure how 30ac is parsed.
    Unless a guy is a tease. (Chambers 2011 not at hand).

  5. Andrew says:

    Norman: as a verb, to guy is to tease, so A + guy = A + TEASE = AT EASE = comfortably relaxed.

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