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Guardian Quiptic 659 Pan

Posted by scchua on 2nd July 2012


Assuming that many Quiptic solvers are also Cryptic ones and considering that I won’t be blogging a Cryptic until next week, here are apologies to you for my absence last Thursday.  I was in hospital after an emergency, and was incommunicado/out of action.  I (rather, my wife on my behalf) just managed to send an e-mail to Gaufrid about my being incapacitated.  But, as I learned much later, after it was too late, by one of those coincidences, Gaufrid too was incommunicado/out of action, and couldn’t take appropriate action.  I hope things turn out okay for him. Thanks too to Eileen for stepping in.  Well, back home now, and back to business for me.  Today’s Quiptic was quite straightforward, except the last handful took a bit longer to crack.  There were some good surfaces, and some cleverly hidden answers.  Thanks Pan.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.

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Independent 8023/Punk

Posted by Pierre on 2nd July 2012


Bonjour!  Punk and I cross swords again on a Monday – in a friendly sort of way, of course.  I loved this one, but I’m not sure everyone will be quite so keen …

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Guardian 25,677 / Rufus

Posted by Eileen on 2nd July 2012


A typical Monday miscellany of cryptic / double definitions, ingenious anagrams and smooth surfaces from Rufus to start our week.  Many thanks to him.

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Bachelor has no place in committed couple (4,3,4)

Posted by jetdoc on 2nd July 2012


Thanks to David H for the clue, the answer to which is Race for Life, which I have already mentioned in my Cyclops blog. Now, with less than a week to go, it’s time to go a bit more public…

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