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Guardian Quiptic 659 Pan

Posted by scchua on July 2nd, 2012


Assuming that many Quiptic solvers are also Cryptic ones and considering that I won’t be blogging a Cryptic until next week, here are apologies to you for my absence last Thursday.  I was in hospital after an emergency, and was incommunicado/out of action.  I (rather, my wife on my behalf) just managed to send an e-mail to Gaufrid about my being incapacitated.  But, as I learned much later, after it was too late, by one of those coincidences, Gaufrid too was incommunicado/out of action, and couldn’t take appropriate action.  I hope things turn out okay for him. Thanks too to Eileen for stepping in.  Well, back home now, and back to business for me.  Today’s Quiptic was quite straightforward, except the last handful took a bit longer to crack.  There were some good surfaces, and some cleverly hidden answers.  Thanks Pan.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.


7 Stuff head of enormous family into small mould (7)

RAMEKIN :  RAM(to stuff,cram into) +E(initial letter,head of “enormous”) + KIN(family).

Answer: For those not familiar with the kitchen, the fireproof dish,small mould in which the dish ramekin, a cheese preparation, is baked.  But, of course, it could be used to bake other dishes as well.

8 Ruffle flight lieutenant’s cat (7)

FLOUNCE :  FL(abbrev. for flight lieutenant) + OUNCE(the snow leopard, one of the cat family).

Answer: An ornamental gathered ruffle sewn on to a garment.

9 King parting from attractive young woman is smart (4)

CHIC :  “chick”(a slang for an attractive young woman) minus(…parting from) “k”(abbrev. for “king”, eg. in chess notation).

10 Source of energy for relative with skin problem (9)

CARBUNCLE :  CARB(short for carbohydrate, which on metabolism provides,is a source of, energy) + UNCLE(a relative). 

Answer: An extensive eruption of the skin, caused by a pathogenic bacterium and similar to, but larger, more painful and more serious than a boil, a problem to say the least.

12 Will this bring good luck to church member? (5)

CHARM :  CH(abbrev. for church) + ARM(one of your limbs,a member)

13 Infection carried by careless wine flunkey (5,3)

SWINE FLUHidden in(carried – a clever indicator) carelesS WINE FLUnkey

Answer: A highly contagious flu caused by a virus first isolated in swine, spreading among and across species, and infecting, not only pigs but humans as well.

15 Disease causing swelling of beer belly containing penultimate part of gallon (4)

GOUT :  GUT(beer belly,the enlarged paunch from habitual beer drinking) containing(containing) O(last but one letter,penultimate part ofgallon”). 

Answer: A disease causing pain and swelling, but not of your belly.

16 Vigorous blow delivered by Judy’s mate (5)

PUNCH :  Cryptic defn: The male half,mate of the puppet “Punch and Judy” show, who was inclined to inflict punches.

17 Composer not suitable for Homer’s boy (4)

BART :  “Bartok”(Bela, Hungarian composer) minus(not) “ok”(suitable,acceptable).

Answer: Simpson, son(boy) of Homer from the animated TV series, “The Simpsons”.

18 Bachelor goes to fashionable English seaside resort (8)

BRIGHTON :  B(abbrev. for “bachelor”, commonly used for degrees such as B.A., B.Sc. etc. plus(goes to) RIGHT ON(adjectival phrase meaning modern,trendy,fashionable, as in “right on green politics”)

20 Head of ordering to change supplier of eggs (5)

OVARY :  O(initial letter,head ofordering”) plus(to) VARY(to change).

21 Cavorting hedonists not to be trusted! (9)

DISHONESTAnagram of(cavorting) HEDONISTS.

22 Plant discovered in choppy lake (4)

KALEAnagram of(choppy) LAKE

Answer: A cabbage-like plant used as a vegetable.

24 Talk to others about setter in tree (7)

CONIFER :  CONFER(talk to,consult others) containing(about) I(the setter vs. you, the solvers).

25 Bird took firm hold of another bird (7)

BITTERN :  BIT(took firm hold of, with the teeth) + TERN(another bird, a gull-like aquatic one).


1 Initially protest against traffic-heavy route (4)

PATH :  Initial letters of(initially) Protest Against Traffic-Heavy.

2 A liking for swansong? (8)

PENCHANT :  PEN(a female swan) +CHANT(a song)

3 Does it complicate a part in a television series? (6)

SITCOMHidden in(…a part) doeS IT COMplicate.

4 Do very well where main ingredient in bread is heroin (8)

FLOURISH :  FLOUR(main ingredient in bread) + IS + H(slang abbrev. for heroin).

5 Sham US cleric seizing power (6)

MUSCLEHidden in(…seizing) shaM US CLEric.

6 Nomadic race yielding measure of land (4)

ACREAnagram of(nomadic) RACE.

11 Sympathetic vibration developed on a screen (9)

RESONANCEAnagram of(developed) ON A SCREEN.

12 Sound of people singing from sheets of paper, say (5)

CHOIRHomophone of(say) of “quire”(sheets of paper).  I guess the presence of “sound of” is to serve as a misdirecting homophone indicator.

14 Vehicle for master losing footing on railway (5)

LORRY :  LOR{“lord”(master) minus(losing) its last, bottom-most letter(footing) in a down clue} plus(on) RY(abbrev. for railway).

16 One could be responsible for 13, with a tense pig in sty (8)

PATHOGEN :  [A + T(abbrev. for “tense” in linguistics) + HOG(a pig)] contained in(in) PEN(an enclosure,sty). 

Answer: A disease-causing agent, especially a bacterium, virus or other micro-organism, one that could be responsible for swine flu(answer to 13across).

17 Supports for instrument of torture surrounded by stakes (8)

BRACKETS :  RACK(an instrument of torture) contained in(surrounded by) BETS(what you stake In a bet,gamble).

19 Pigs so upset by tittle-tattle (6)

GOSSIPAnagram of(upset) PIGS SO.

20 Get the better of fool attending institution for mature students (6)

OUTWIT :  OU(abbrev. of Open University, a distance learning institution, the majority of whose students are mature, working part-time or fulltime, though apparently the proportion of younger students has been increasing) plus(attending) TWIT(fool).

21 Go down with doctor to operation (4)

DROP :  DR(abbrev. for doctor) plus(to) OP(short for operation).

23 Fat and heartless Scottish landlord (4)

LARD :  “laird”(Scottish landlord) minus its innermost letter(heartless).


5 Responses to “Guardian Quiptic 659 Pan”

  1. Robi says:

    Just right for a Quiptic.

    Goodness, I hope you and Gaufrid are feeling better now.

    I missed the 3 and 5 ha’s, which were nicely hidden. I think you are missing an ‘a’ in 16.

  2. Paul B says:

    Yes indeed, here’s to the both of you: and thanks for today’s wonderful blog.

  3. scchua says:

    Thanks Robi and Paul B. I’m better, just need to take it easy for a while. No bungee-jumping for me – not with a (hairline) fractured skull.
    16Down is now corrected.

  4. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, scchua, look after that bonce, please.

    Found this tougher than usual for a Quiptic, although looking back at it now I can’t see why. I thought MUSCLE was a cleverly hidden answer which I didn’t spot for ages.

  5. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Nice blog (welcome back, scchua), nice puzzle (serving the intended level very well, using straightforward devices but with some fine surfaces like in 1d (PATH)).

    I am also one of those who particularly enjoyed the hiddens today.
    On the other hand, I did not like 12d (CHOIR).
    There is no need or reason to have two homophone indicators here (even if one thinks the first is just there to mislead – is it?). Moreover, the surface would certainly be better off without “Sound of”.
    In a way, I can’t help feeling that it’s a kind of (forgivable) slip of the Pan. As if in Pan’s notebook there was a clue for QUIRE, which had to bechanged into one for CHOIR.

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