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Financial Times 14046 Neo

Posted by scchua on July 3rd, 2012


Apologies for my absence last week, and thanks to PeeDee for stepping in.  In a nutshell, I was in hospital incommunicado/out of action following an emergency, and, as I learned after it was too late, Gaufrid too was incommunicado/out of action and didn’t receive/couldn’t act on my communication about being incapacitated.  I hope all turns out okay for him.  Back to business now, if not yet back to entirely normal, for me.  Today’s offering by Neo is another enjoyable one – not too easy, with interesting surfaces.  Thanks Neo.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.


1 Queen goes past prince, not unknown one, in jump jet (7)

HARRIER :  ER(the Queen, Elizabeth Regina) placed after(goes past) [HARR{“Harry”(prince) minus(not) “y”(in algebra, one of the symbols used to represent an unknown quantity)} + I(Roman numeral for one)].

Answer: The awesome vertical take-off and landing jet fighter plane.

5 Clouds in 21 unable to be dispersed, sucking in energy (7)

NEBULAEAnagram of(to be dispersed) UNABLE containing(sucking in) E(in physics, abbrev. for energy).

Answer:  Clouds of particles and gases in outer space(answer to 21across).

9 Ladies obtained in marriage with an embrace for Neo (5)

WOMEN :  WON(obtained in marriage) containing(with an embrace for) ME(first person pronoun for the setter, Neo).

10 Getting into God, pray endlessly against moral turpitude (9)

DEPRAVITY :  DEITY(a god) containing(getting into) [PRA{“prayminus its last letter(endlessly)} + V(abbrev. for versus,against, as in the billing for sporting matches)].  Nice surface.

11 Latrine, and a potty, taken by first person among other things (5,4)

INTER ALIAAnagram of(potty) [LATRINE plus(and) A] placed after(taken by) I(first person pronoun).

12 Uniform colour? (5)

KHAKI :  Cryptic defn: The dull yellowish brown colour of material that uniforms, usually military, were/are made of, from the Urdu word for “dusty”. 

13 Work out this answer! (5)

GUESS :  Cryptic defn.

15 Recently created nation in trouble using non-relativistic laws (9)

NEWTONIAN :  NEW(recently created) + anagram of(in trouble) NATION

Answer: Descriptive of the laws of physics discovered by Isaac Newton, later shown by Einstein, to be applicable only if relativity may be ignored, ie. in non-relative circumstances, which includes almost all of what we experience.

18 Pulled the 9 say for drunken date collaring sober drivers in club (9)

ATTRACTEDAnagram of(drunken) DATE containing(collaring) [TT(abbrev. for teetotallers, sober people) + RAC(abbrev. for the Royal Automobile Club, whose members are drivers)].

19 Oil family for example embodies success (5)

EWING :  EG(abbrev. for exempli gratia, Latin for “for example”) containing(embodies) WIN(a success).

Answer: The family from the TV series “Dallas”.

21 Small step men exploring this would take? (5)

SPACE :  S(abbrev. for small) + PACE(step). 

Answer:  The surface refers to Neil Armstrong’s (first man on the moon) quote “One small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind”.

23 Raglan spoilt with his utopia (7-2)

SHANGRI-LAAnagram of(spoilt) [RAGLAN plus(with) HIS]. 

Answer: The fictional place in James Hilton’s novel “Lost Horizon” whose name has become synonymous with an earthly paradise,a utopia.

25 Object in 21 along with US lawyer holding capital (9)

ANDROMEDA :  [AND(along with) + DA(abbrev. for district attorney, an American/US term for the prosecuting officer, who presumably is also a lawyer)] containing(holding) ROME(capital city). 

Answer: A constellation of stars in outer space(answer to 21across).

26 Express disapproval about it with instruments and singers together (5)

TUTTI :  TUT(to express disapproval by exclaiming “tut” or “tut-tut”) + reversal of(about) IT

Answer: In music, with all the voices/instruments singing/playing together.

27 New tenant holds key for girl (7)

NANETTEAnagram of(new) TENANT containing(holds) E(in music, one of the keys in which a piece is scored).

28 Rather old, like certain trees? (7)

ELDERLY :  ELDER(a type of tree,certain trees) + -LY(the suffix denoting –like,of the nature of, eg. saintly,cowardly).


1 Cosmologist attracted to 6s has witch accommodate wife and family (7)

HAWKING :  HAG(a witch) containing(has…accommodate) [W(abbrev. for wife) plus(and) KIN(family)]. 

Answer: Stephen, English cosmologist.

2 Right to send out wine, relaxing at intervals (9)

REMITTENT :  R(abbrev. for right) + EMIT(to send out) + TENT(obsolete term for a red table wine from Alicante, Spain, from the Spanish “tinto”,dark-coloured). 

Answer: Abating,relaxing at times,at intervals, eg. symptoms of a disease.

3 Champion missing wide part of target (5)

INNER :  “winner”(champion) minus(missing) “w”(abbrev. for wide, as in cricket for a wide ball, or the resulting run scored). 

Answer: In archery, the red innermost ring on a target.

4 Under Soviet scheme French also object in 21 (3,6)

RED PLANET :  ET(French for the conjunction and,also) placed below(under, in a down clue) [RED(Soviet,communist) + PLAN(scheme)]. 

Answer: Nickname for the planet Mars, an object in space(answer to 21across)

5 Northern group having drinks bar furnished with very soft leather (5)

NAPPA :  N(abbrev. for northern) + AA(abbrev. for Alcoholics Anonymous, the group abstaining from alcoholic drinks,having a drinks bar,ban) containing(furnished with) PP(abbrev. for pianissimo, the musical direction to perform very softly).

Answer: A leather made from sheepskin, lambskin or kid.

6 50 in favour spot object in 21 having very strong 20 (5,4)

BLACK HOLE :  L(Roman numeral for 50) contained in(in) BACK(to favour,support) + HOLE(a dangerous or difficult position,spot, as in “I found myself in a spot/hole”).

Answer:  An object in space(answer to 21across) having very strong gravity(answer to 20down), so strong that not even light escapes it.

7 Arab woman to rest up in LA (5)

LEILAReversal of(up, in a down clue) LIE(to rest) contained in(in) LA.

8 Any isle can be glorious (7)

ELYSIANAnagram of(can be) ANY ISLE

Answer: Blissful,delightful,glorious.

14 Chap in south-east leaving hospital – dirty old man’s victim (9)

SCAPEGOAT :  CAP{“chapminus(leaving) “h”(abbrev. for hospital)} contained in(in) SE(abbrev. for south-east) + GOAT(a dirty old man).

16 Western thought on watch, very alert (4,5)

WIDE AWAKE :  W(abbrev. for western) + IDEA(a thought) placed above(on, in a down clue) WAKE(a watch over the dead before the funeral).

17 Buonarroti, at last with Titian, mixed gold colour for the beginner (9)

INITIATOR :  I(last letter,at last of Buonarroti) plus(with) anagram of(mixed) TITIAN + OR(gold colour). 

Answer: One who starts,begins things.

18 Sat after collapse in a wine store, choose not to drink (7)

ABSTAINAnagram of(after collapse) SAT contained in(in) [A + BIN(a place to to store bottled wine).  Nice image of being surrounded by all that wine and not taking a drop!

20 Elegist carries six tons in weight (7)

GRAVITY :  GRAY(Thomas, poet,elegist famous for his “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard”) containing(carries) [VI(Roman numeral for six) + T(abbrev. for tons weight). 

Answer: Heaviness,weight.

22 Forest burning incessantly (5)

ARDEN :  “ardent”(burning with fervour) minus its last letter(incessantly). 

Answer: A forest district in central England.

23 Persistent attempt to gain seat (5)

SIEGE :  Double defn: 1st: Any prolonged,persistent effort,attempt to overcome resistance,gain something; and 2nd: Obsolete term for a seat used by a person of distinction as a throne.

24 Good answer by rowdy adolescent confined to school (5)

GATED :  G(abbrev. for good) + A(abbrev. for answer) plus(by) TED(short for “teddy boy”, member of the subculture of rowdy adolescent behaviour originating in London in the 50s.

Answer:  Being restricted,confined to the school/college campus as punishment.

4 Responses to “Financial Times 14046 Neo”

  1. Richard says:

    Thanks for the blog, scchua.
    An enjoyable solve. I thought wine = tent was a bit obscure, though.

  2. flashling says:

    Somewhat delayed by putting ANNETTE for 27a but otherwise a fine puzzle thanks Neo for the nice themed crossword. Good to see you back Scchua.

  3. crypticsue says:

    Like Flashling, I too had ANNETTE for 27a (and I bet we weren’t the only ones). A nice themed crossword, thank you Neo. Welcome back scchua – hope you are back to fighting fitness soon.

  4. Neo says:

    Splendid blog scchua, and thanks to contributors for pointing out the unsound (because it leads to two possible, equally justifiable answers) clue. I’m really sorry about that one!

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