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Financial Times N° 14,047 by Cinephile

Posted by PeterO on July 4th, 2012


When I volunteered to fill in for PeeDee, I did not realize that I was down for the Guardian as well – nor, of course, that I would be served up with Cinephile and Arachne. I have managed to digest this embarras des richesses. I hope it sits well with me in the morning.

1. Saw plain cake? (7)
NOTICED A charade of NOT ICED (‘plain cake’).
5. See 4
See 4
8, 3. Bad driving clan hid in Christmas picture (6,3,5)
VIRGIN AND CHILD An anagram (‘bad’) of ‘driving clan hid’.
9. See with temporary occupant (5)
LOCUM Cryptic definition – ‘see’ as diocese.
11. Forename of writer, a lord in the making (5)
ROALD An anagram (‘in the making’) of ‘a lord’. The reference would be to Roald Dahl, the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach etc.
12. Agreement on time not quite ready for song (9)
YESTERDAY A charade of YES (‘agreement’) + T (‘time’) + ERDAY, an anagram (‘not quite’?) of ‘ready’.
13. It’s not romance that comes in before all, I fear (4,4)
REAL LIFE An answer hidden (‘comes in’) in ‘befoRE ALL I FEar’.
15, 2. What angels do with iron painting and books to study (4,2,5)
FEAR TO TREAD A charade of FE (‘iron’) + ART (‘painting’) + OT (Old Testament, ‘books’) + READ (‘study’). The 15, 2 is a misprint – it should be 15, 23 (down).
17, 23. Prudence needed for effective powers or they’re no use at all (6,5)
WISDOM TEETH Definition and literal interpretation.
19. Easy target split into two? (4,4)
BARN DOOR I suppose that the ‘split in two’ suggests that a barn has double doors, or two half-doors.
22. Old mark with squares for money (9)
EXCHEQUER A charade of EX (‘old’) + CHEQUER (‘mark with squares’).
23. See 17
See 17
24. Second wind instrument has been cut (5)
SHORN A charade of S (‘second’) + HORN (‘wind instrument’).
25. Heroes had trouble with nebula (9)
HORSEHEAD An anagram (‘trouble’) of ‘heroes had’.
The horsehead nebula

The horsehead nebula

26. Fair vote is possible cage (6)
PRISON A charade of PR (proportional representation, ‘fair vote’) + ‘is’ + ON (‘possible’).
27. Stuffing material to put away in Cornish town (7)
PADSTOW A charade of PAD (‘stuffing material’) + STOW (‘put away’).
1. See 10
See 10
2. Formerly Rudolf’s Ottoman tales? (7)
TURKANA A charade of TURK (‘Ottoman’) + ANA (‘tales’). Lake Turkana in Kenya used to be known as Lake Rudolph.
3. See 8
See 8
4, 5 across. Attack repelled: any food, boy? Could be humorous work (5,2,1,6)
DIARY OF A NOBODY A charade of DIAR, a reversal of RAID (‘attack repelled’) + an anagram (‘could be’) of ‘any food boy’. Nobody lived in Brickfield Terrace, and his name was Pooter; in the Grossmith brothers’ comic novel.
5. Crazy guy going round the underworld with no clothes on? (6)
NUDIST An envelope (‘going round’) of DIS (‘the underworld’) in NUT (‘crazy guy’).
6. Trust to show falsity of mood (7,2)
BELIEVE IN A charade of BELIE (‘to show falsity’) + VEIN (‘mood’).
7. Settler made from French drink (7)
DECIDER A charade of DE (‘from French’) + CIDER (‘drink’).
10, 1 down. Wish for solvers’ prosperity, dieting not recommended? (3,4,6,5,4,4)
14. Convenience observed by policeman – tiers needed (5,4)
LOOSE ENDS A charade of LOO (‘convenience’) + SEEN (‘observed’) + DS (Detective Sergeant, ‘policeman’).
16. Musical raven to secure one’s overheads (8)
HAIRGRIP A charade of HAIR (‘musical’) + GRIP (‘raven’ in Dickens’ Barnaby Rudge); with a cryptic definition.
18. Help for dupe, say (7)
SUCCOUR A homophone (‘say’) of SUCKER (‘dupe’).
20. Have too much before getting among eggs at tea, say (7)
OVEREAT An envelope (‘getting among’) of ERE (‘before’) in OVA (‘eggs’) + T (‘tea,say’).
21. What fools do with marsh plant at home (4,2)
RUSH IN A charade of RUSH (‘marsh plant’) + IN (‘at home’). cf 15/23.
23. See 15
See 15

5 Responses to “Financial Times N° 14,047 by Cinephile”

  1. Brian H says:

    Thanks for reminding me about Lake Rudolph’s name change – otherwise this was the only clue which had foxed me.

  2. Eileen says:

    Thanks PeterO [especially for 2dn].

    An ’embarras des richesses’ indeed – I’m sure you’re not complaining!

    Lovely puzzle – I particularly liked the well hidden 13ac and the link between 21dn and 15,2.

    I think 9ac is a charade of LO [the other crossword standby ‘see’] and CUM [with].

  3. Bracoman says:

    Great crossword. Thanks for the blog. A lot of nudity in today’s crosswords.

  4. JollySwagman says:

    Thanks PO – needed you for 2d – both answer and 2nd component – otherwise another very enjoyable and not too tricky offering from the Master.

    Liked the fools/angels link.

  5. Neb says:

    I agree with Eileen on 9ac. I got 2d but without conviction – it was the only word that fit – so thank you for explaining the clue.

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