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Financial Times 14,049 by Loroso

Posted by Jed on 6th July 2012


This puzzle is witty, delightful and outside any box

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Guardian 25,681 – Chifonie

Posted by Andrew on 6th July 2012


This felt a bit harder than a typical Chifonie, as if the clue structures were rather more involved than usual, though looking down the list of explanations there’s actually nothing very complicated. There are a few references that some might find a little obscure, but nothing too abstruse, I think.

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Independent 8027 / Phi

Posted by duncanshiell on 6th July 2012


Phi ‘s puzzles often show that he has different leisure and reading interests to me – today we have reference to films, history, art, poetry, religion and birds.  I have only a superficial knowledge of most of these topics, but enough to solve the clues to the extent that I simply needed to check that a number of my entries made sense.   I was more comfortable with the references to geography, astronomy, music and chemistry.

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