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Independent Crossword 8022 by ANAX (Saturday Prize Puzzle 30-06-2012)

Posted by twencelas on July 7th, 2012


So my first blog of an Anax puzzle – should be fun and hopefully have a theme, or even two and a good few chuckles along the way?

Indeed it was fun (and if I’ve parsed 23/8 correctly a little risque too) and yes there is a theme.




24 across is the key to the theme and I must admit to needing the dubious reliability of wikipedia to read up on the subject matter. The theme is the 1958 musical GIGI,

  • with the screenplay by Alan Jay LERNER (12ac)
  • music by Frederick LOEWE (3dn)
  • the song THANK HEAVEN FOR LITTLE GIRLS  (4dn 1ac)
  • famously sung by both PETER SELLERS (23/8 dn) and MAURICE CHEVALIER (20/14dn).


I use the word famously a little loosely here, as musicals are not my forte and  I needed to look up this information to confirm the answers. for more information.

The Maurice Chevalier version is at:

Peter Sellers version is at:

And for more on the novella that inspired the musical

If you want more information then search for “Gigi musical” as Gigi when googled brings back some unconnected information.

Anyway I don’t quite know how to mention a sub theme I discovered, if I’ve parsed 23/8dn as the author intended then with 9ac and 2dn, the sub theme is perhaps a little risque (as was the musical, for its time)! If not please accept my apologies. There may be other references too – like musicals, I’m no expert on this subject.

Anyway thank you Anax, for an education in the world of musicals and some wickedly funny clues.


* Anagram

Rev (Reversed)


1              See 4 Down (FOR LITTLE GIRLS)

9             wed (tied knot) around (to secure) (paper it)* (anagram indicator loose) = WIRETAPPED (was a bugger as in eavesdropping)

10           m (minute) + ilk (type) = MILK (Use)

11           Homonym (indicated by if you talk) of Buy (swallow) + weakly (feebly) = BIWEEKLY (once a fortnight)

12           Thematic erne (bird) in l and r (both hands) = LERNER

13           rest –t  (short break) + cue (prompt) = RESCUE (liberation)

15           anon (shortly) + is (one’s) in ce (church) = CANONISE (Get into sacred writings)

16           BSE (cattle killer) + r (runs) in over (left) = OBSERVER

19           (hUrT gUnMaN – hrgna (odd letters)  after a  = AUTUMN (fall)

21           sp (extremely steep) + rain (fall?) = SPRAIN (Pull)

22           stout (plump) around rip (rent) = STRIP OUT (Take items from the balance sheet)

24           Thematic gi + gi (soldiers) = GIGI (Play)

25           Epic (great) around [gas (wind) + tri (oddly turnip)] = EPIGASTRIC (in part of abdomen)

26           mo (little time) + (score trivial)* = MORAL VICTORIES (Whole clue)


2              Or (men) + if (provided) + ice (rocks) = ORIFICE (Space)

3              Thematic Homonym of low (squat) = LOEWE

4/1         Thematic Misses (as in little girls) recognised (as in appreciated – Thank heaven for) = THANK HEAVEN FOR LITTLE GIRLS (Song in GIGI)

5              l (line) + in + c (chapter) around (spy)* (anagram indicator new) = LIP SYNC (Media correspondence)

6              Go (pass) + d (daughter) = GOD (Being upstairs)

7              REM (Disbanded group) + brand (kind) + t (heart of dutch) = REMBRANDT (Artist)

8              See 23

12           Homonym (indicated by said to be) of liner (ship) + Brest (French port) = LINE ABREAST

14           See 20

17           Bap (roll) + Rev (it) + sm (officer) = BAPTISM (Initiation)

18           Reversed hidden in captaIN IS SORRy = ROSSINI (Italian scorer as in composer)

20/14     Thematic Rev rum (suspect) around a + (race vehicle)* = MAURICE CHEVALIER

23/8       Thematic Male prostitutes? Peter (as in slang for penis see Chambers definition 3) sellers = PETER SELLERS

25           Hidden morE ELectricity = EEL (User of electric organ as in electric eel)




9 Responses to “Independent Crossword 8022 by ANAX (Saturday Prize Puzzle 30-06-2012)”

  1. flashling says:

    I found this easier than most of Dean’s Anax puzzles, perhaps I was just lucky, my only problem being how to spell Loewe, Peter Sellers raised (ahem!) a smile. Cheers both.

  2. Dormouse says:

    The Chevalier version of Thank Heaven for Little Girls was something of a favourite in our household when it first came out, especially with my sister, although I don’t think I’ve ever seen the film. I remember a radio programme more recently that pointed out that it’s about grooming a teenage girl to be a prostitute, so probably still a controversial subject.

    However, I can’t see your sub theme. Maybe I’m too pure in thought. :-) I did recently discover the American slang meaning of “Peter” when I referred to Blue Peter on an internet discussion with some Americans. By the way, you have 2dn as 1dn in your blog. It appears to be the only clue that defeated me – I guessed “olivine” but couldn’t see why.

  3. twencelas says:

    Thanks Dormouse – I’ve corrected 2dn reference. As to the subtheme, it good well just be me

  4. MikeC says:

    Thanks twencelas and Anax – a fun puzzle. A couple of small points re the blog. Isn’t Loewe pronounced Lo (or Low), so a homophone of squat as an adjective rather than a verb (3d)? Secondly, I don’t think there is an anagram indicator in 19a. It’s just the odd letters UTUMN after A, definition “fall”.

    I also needed a good bit of wiki help with this, btw!

  5. Fyveashe says:

    Nothing to do with this puzzle but does anyone know where I can find solutions to the I cryptic crosswords? I naively thought there’d be the same puzzles in both papers but apparently not. The crossword in 2nd July’s I is 435by Quixote – any ideas?

  6. Lenny says:

    This was déjà vu all over again for me after yesterday’s Loroso. I quickly spotted the main theme which immediately gave me about a third of the answers. Then I had to work hard to complete the puzzle, with Epigastric and Line Abreast coming from the wordplay. I think, to be the right part of speech, the definition in 25 has to be “in part of abdomen”.

    My favourite was the cute little hidden word clue for Eel. I will own up to linking the Peter Sellers clue to 2 down in common with twencelas.

  7. twencelas says:

    MikeC and Lenny – thanks for those corrections – I have applied them. My german is indeed getting rusty.

  8. anax says:

    Congratulations on your debut twencelas, and many thanks for the blog (especially the vid links – so much better than the HSBC ad!).
    23/8 was nervously submitted – thought I might get slapped down for it; if (even at this late stage) anyone feels it’s distasteful, I have to emphasise it was in fun only.

  9. Bamberger says:

    Fyveashe- I think all i crosswords have been Indie crosswords so if for instance a clue was “big yellow flower” you could try google with fifteensquared “big yellow flower” independent -or you could try putting “big yellow flower” into the fifteensquared search box. No foolproof method that I’m aware of – of course it would help if the i was upfront and said “This appeared in the Indie on 4 January 2010″

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