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Financial Times 14052 Jason

Posted by scchua on July 10th, 2012


An easy enough puzzle, until I got bogged down with the last one in; there were some unusual and challenging definitions.  Thanks Jason.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  [[The pictures at the bottom have unidentified links with the puzzle.]]


1 Penguins are rarely so exhausting, as before (8)

HARDBACK :  (My last one in; I hope I’ve got this one right.)  HARD(exhausting,eg. a problem so hard it takes it out of you) + BACK(as before, in time or position, as in “back issues of a newspaper”, or “put that book back”). 

Answer: The books published by Penguin Books are almost always paperback editions, and are rarely hardback/hard cover.

6 Give in pliant manner (6)

SUPPLY :  Double defn: 2nd: Adverb from supple,pliant.

9 A small seal is back with good catch (6)

SIGNETReversal of(back) IS plus(with) G(abbrev. for good) + NET(to catch).

10 Come on it changes, eg :0) (8)

EMOTICONAnagram of(changes) COME ON IT

Answer: An icon to express emotion, eg :0)

11 Find tailored hose in this (4)

SHOEAnagram of(find tailored) HOSE

Answer: What a foot covered by a hose,stocking,sock would be put into.  A WIWD(wordplay intertwined with definition) clue.

12 Presumably few go over this high-blown plot? (4,6)

ROOF GARDEN :  Cryptic defn:

14 I shall tuck into gum drop (8)

PASTILLE :  I’LL(contraction of “I shall”) contained in(tuck into) PASTE(to gum,glue together).

Answer: A small, usually round piece of sweet, lozenge.  And so is a gumdrop.

16 Get rid of outhouse (4)

SHED :  Double defn.

18 Grouch runs into growler of old (4)

CRAB :  R(abbrev. for runs, as in cricket) contained in(into) CAB(a growler is a 4-wheeled horse-drawn carriage for public hire, of old).

19 Get rid of unruly roughs following female (5,3)

SHRUG OFFAnagram of(unruly) ROUGHS + F(abbrev. for “following”) + F(abbrev. for “female”).

21 Passing over translation of Gideon et al (10)

DELEGATIONAnagram of(translation) GIDEON ET AL

Answer: Noun; the act of passing over a task to somebody.

22 He leaves sincere Bohemian (4)

ARTY :  “hearty”(sincere,heartfelt) minus(…leaves) “he”. 

Defn. and Answer: Descriptive of an artist or writer who leads a bohemian life, free of regard for convention.

24 Building pieces in principle (8)

TENEMENT :  MEN(pieces in chess) contained in(in) TENET(a guiding principle,belief).

26 Sucked in by fools, son gets another card turned over (6)

TWISTS :  S(abbrev. for son) contained in(sucked in by) TWITS(fools).

Answer: In card games, eg. blackjack, to be dealt,gets another card turned over, so that the face is revealed.

27 Area is outside next European capital (6)

ATHENS :  A(abbrev. for “area” + ‘S(contraction of “is”) containing(outside) THEN(what happens next).

28 Appropriate noun preceding a setter, Jason say (8)

NICKNAME :  NICK(appropriate,steal) + N(abbrev. for noun) placed before(preceding) [A + ME(the setter)].


2 Archetypal Scot loses the head with strict Pennsylvanian? (5)

AMISH :  “Hamish”(an archetypal Scottish name) minus(loses) its first letter(the head). 

Answer: The strict community that settled in Pennsylvania (and other parts of the US and Canada) famous for eschewing many modern conveniences.

3 Board’s place to chew things over in civilised fashion, perhaps (6,5)

DINNER TABLE :  Cryptic defn.  Where people can chew things over,discuss, while chewing,eating.

4 Last in spite of expectations (5,3)

AFTER ALL :  Cryptic defn: To be last is to be after all the rest. 

Answer: In spite of expectations, as in “he came after all”, meaning he did, though we thought he wouldn’t..

5 Stay cool and don’t lose everything! (4,4,5,2)

KEEP ONE’S SHIRT ON :  Cryptic defn: To lose one’s shirt is to lose everything one possesses.  So if you have your shirt still, you haven’t lost everything.

6 Southern water where friendly bombs were wanted (6)

SLOUGH :  S(abbrev. for southern) + LOUGH(Irish word for lake,body of water). 

Answer: The name of the protest poem by English poet, John Betjeman, which starts “Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough!”.  The rest may be found here.

7 Athenian’s letter is upside-down in part (3)

PSIHidden in(in part) uPSIde-down

Answer: Athenian’s letter(Greek letter)

8 John feels a brew of tea (9)

LOOSELEAF :  LOO(like John, slang for the toilet) + anagram of(brew) FEELS A

Answer: Descriptive of tea that doesn’t come in a teabag, but in loose leaf form.  The references seem to indicate that it’s not one word, but two.

13 Etonian rigs renewed surrender (11)


Answer: Noun; as when one concedes defeat in a chess game.

15 Contract mere agent set into motion (9)

AGREEMENTAnagram of(set into motion) MERE AGENT.

17 Available around noon, jerk becomes mad (8)

FRENETIC :  [FREE(available, as in “is that seat free?”) containing(around) N(abbrev. for noon)] + TIC(an involuntary pull,jerk of a muscle).

20 Old planes reached the borders of Leeds (6)

CAMELS :  CAME(reached,arrived at) + LS{the first and last letters(the borders) of “Leeds”}. 

Answer: The old (World War 1) British single-seater fighter bi-planes made by the Sopwith Aviation Company.

23 Wield minute charming symbol, say (5)

TOTEM :  TOTE(wield, as in to “tote a gun”) + M(abbrev. for the minute time period).

25 She’s up and down carrying milk? (3)

EWE :  Cryptic defn: A palindrome(up and down, in a down clue); and being female, she could be nursing, and therefore carrying milk.



Answer to pic #2: Here

6 Responses to “Financial Times 14052 Jason”

  1. crypticsue says:

    Thanks for the blog scchua. I agree with you about 1a. Great clue, I spent ages going through the types of that bird before the penny dropped about the true nature of the Penguins!! Thanks to Jason for a nice Tuesday puzzle too.

  2. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Jason for a pleasant puzzle and scchua for the blog.

    25dn: I am sure that EWE is the intended answer, but is there a really good reason why it could not be EVE (or even EDE, short for Edith)?

  3. Steve says:

    Thanks Jason and scchua. This puzzle seemed slightly heavy on anagrams for my taste, but enjoyable nonetheless. It was an interesting coincidence to see the similarity of 4d with one of yesterday’s clues.

    As for the picture puzzle – Snoopy is of course famous for flying his Sopwith Camel. I’m not sure where Kirstie Alley fits in but Kelly McGillis was in the movie Witness which was set in an Amish community.

  4. scchua says:

    Thanks for all your comments.
    [[Steve@3, you’re right about pics 1 & 3. I’ve added a link to the answer to pic 2, under the pics. Well done!]]

  5. Ferret says:

    A few strange ones today?

    12a, I can see the high plot, but the rest of the clue makes little sense?

    2d, struggling to see anything of note beyond “place to chew things over”?

    With regards 25a, ewe’s milk cheese is thankfully more common than that of Eve or Ede!

  6. Taylor Chamberlain says:

    I’m going to try this puzzle. It’s almost the weekend and have nothing to do. Hope I get all the answers right.

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