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Financial Times no.14,054 by ORENSE

Posted by Ringo on July 12th, 2012


Maybe it was because, unusually for me, I resorted to the Pink ‘un itself rather printing off the online version – or maybe it was because the sun was out – but, in any case, I found this a brisk and jolly solve. No serious complaints, no serious difficulties, and all in all an excellent puzzle. Thank-you, Orense.


1. CATHEDRAL  Anagram of had claret – the allusion is to Thomas Becket‘s bloody murder in Canterbury cathedral

6. TAPER  T [time] + a + PE [Physical Exercise] + r [run]

9. OWLET  L(ittl)e within owt [anything, in these parts] – little is perhaps doing double duty

10. SAWHORSES  Horse [sounds like hoarse, rough] within saws [hacks] – but this leaves understood [saw] rather redundant. Can anyone improve on this reading?

11. PUGNACIOUS  Pug [dog] + anagram of a cousin

12. DOER  Hidden in reversal of bizarRE ODour

14. GRASPED  Rasp [file] within odd letters of GrEeD

15. TOMBOLA  Tom [cat] + (mea)l within boa [snake]

17. BEHINDS  Hind [deer] within bes(t) [optimal]

19. HOSTAGE  Host [entertainer] + age [mature]

20. REEL  Reversal of leer [dirty look]

22. BOTTOMLESS  Double definition, of sorts (see 17ac.)

25. INAMORATA  Anagram of air to a man

26. NYALA  A [area] within NY [New York, city] + LA [Los Angeles, city] – where would crossword setters be without the antelope family?

27. EWERS  R [river] within ewes [sheep]

28. SIDESTEPS  Reversal of pets [favourites] within sides [teams]


1. CROUP  R(ancour) within coup [takeover]

2. TELEGRAPH  Anagram of with great

3. ENTRAPPING  (G)ent [chap] + rapping [putting words to music]

4. RESCIND  Anagram of consider minus O [love]

5. LAWSUIT  Cryptic definition

6. TOOL  Reversal of loot [plunder]

7. PESTO  Pest [irritating person] + O [nothing]

8. RESURFACE  RE [Royal Engineers] + surf ace [expert in sailboarding]

13. AMUSEMENTS  A + muse [inspiration] + men [people] + t(rip)s

14. GABARDINE  Bard [poet] within (boxed by) gaine(d) [won]

16. ON AVERAGE  On [working] + aver [say] + a + g(elignit)e

18. SLOGANS  An [indefinite article] within anagram of gloss

19. HATBAND  Regular letters from tHe ArTs + band [group]

21. ERASE  Hidden in rendER A SErvice

23. SNAGS  Nag [horse] within s(table)s

24. TOPS  Cops [policeman] with t [time] replacing c(alls)



2 Responses to “Financial Times no.14,054 by ORENSE”

  1. Ernie says:

    re 10A ‘Understood’ does indeed appear redundant as the clue works perfectly well without it even though it could be interpreted as saw. Maybe setter just changed his mind and forgot to delete it. I see that the clue for 14A also starts with ‘understood’ so maybe it is just a typo.

    Thanks Ringo for the blog

  2. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Orense for a generally enjoyable puzzle and Ringo for the blog. Some very nice surfaces, notably 25ac.

    10ac: Something has clearly gone wrong with this clue. I cannot find HACKS = SAWS in any of Chambers 1988 or 2008 or Collins 2000, and cannot accept that you can get it from hacksaw.

    20ac/6dn: I was not happy with either of these clues. The comma in 20ac just about pushes us the right way, but 6dn is completely ambiguous without the checking letter T. To make matters worse, the double letter in the middle of each answer means that only one of the two checked letters is any help in deciding which word to enter. As it happens, I had the relevant checked letter before reading each of the clues, but that does not justify them.

    16dn: “working” = “on” might just give us the link to solve a difficulty that many of us had with yesterday’s FT puzzle.

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