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Beelzebub 1166

Posted by Jed on July 13th, 2012


Satisfying challenge





1 Exemplified corruption of tainted saint INSTANTIATED (TAINTED SAINT)*

10 I settled into army training, becoming this MILITARY

I LIT (I settled) in (ARMY)*

11 Imposter’s endless dishonour SHAM[e]

12 Most informed about fruit blight? HIPPEST (most informed about)

HIP (fruit) PEST (blight)

15 Bill’s not thinking with malice ACIDLY (with malice)

AC (bill) IDLY (not thinking)

16 Source of fragrance, all in unusual toilet, on reflection LINALOOL (scent)

(ALL IN)* LOO< (toilet on reflection)

17 Scots disturb Queen with derisive remark JEER (derisive remark)

JEE (Scots budge) R (Regina)

18 One of French, dancing conga in prime shape UNDECAGON (11 sided shape)

UN DE (one and of in French) (CONGA)*

22 Religious spirit to keep hold of army around outskirts of Lombardy

HOLY GHOST – L[ombard]Y in HOG (keep hold) HOST (army)

24 Independence accepted by Scotsman IAIN

I (independence) A (accepted) IN (by or through in Chambers)

25 American girl throttling US soldier to live with love (Italian lover) SIGISBEO

GI soldier in SIS (American girl) BE (to live) O (love)

28 With a wind or breeze around south-western lake ASWIRL (with a wind)

SW in AIR (breeze) L (lake)

30 Wet type or types seen in local fair MILKSOP (wet type)

ILKS (types) in MOP (a hiring fair)

31 Frank frequently heads for Eastern Europe FREE (frank)

FR (frequently) heads = first letters of E[astern[ E[urope}

32 A jolly seal providing protection for American ARMORING (US protection)

A RM (jolly – Royal Marine) O-RING (seal)

33 Decisive moment: gent made to reform in embrace of girl



1 Ilium affected with damps in marsh disease IMPALUDISM (marsh disease)


2 Murderer turned up with much-used crystalline substance NIACIN

CAIN< (murderer turned up) IN (much-used)

3 Iced toast? Eatery’s heart not in it SLAIN (iced = killed)

SLAINTE! = toast minus [ea]TE[ry]

4 Light no longer can start to dispurse TIND (light old) TIN (can) D[ispurse]

5 It’s a long distance round Thailand, no matter what AT ALL COSTS

T (Thailand) in A TALL COSS (a long distance)

6 LOTR, I fancy generally vacuous – description of Lord of the Rings?

TRILOGY (LOTR I)* G[enerall]Y

7 Juggler’s stock-in-trade having little power in possession of clown ASPS

(biblical – Egyptian juggler’s snake) P in ASS

8 The right school with no end of tuition in addition THERETO (in addition)

THE R ETON (the right school) minus [tuitio]N

9 Simpler puzzle without first element enthrals one EASIER (simpler)

I (one) in [t]EASER (puzzle)

13 Imaginary element, hot, losing ground when faced with phosphorus

PHLOGISTON (18th century imaginary element) P (phosphorus) (HOT LOSING)*

14 Fantastic tales too greatly elaborated TERATOLOGY (stories about monsters)


19 Bored medic affected by disease education DRILLED (bored)

DR (medic) ILL (affected by disease) ED (education)

20 A curious film about soldiers following winged shape ALIFORM (wing-shaped)

OR (soldiers – other ranks) in A (FILM)*

21 A tailless bird in Japan for all to see? Not exactly JABIRU (large stork)

A BIR[d] in J (Japan) U (film rating)

23 Girl upset before entering answer SERENA ERE (before) in ANS (answer)<

26 Attempt to embrace one following split BIFID (deep split)

I (one) F (following) in BID (attempt)

27 I display foremost elements of short keel, say SKEG (Yorkshire look)

S[hort] K[eel] EG (say)

29 Weak creative output in unpleasant spot WART (unpleasant spot) W (weak) ART

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    < = reverse



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