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Independent on Sunday 1,168/Poins

Posted by Ali on 15th July 2012


A nice Sunday challenge from Poins. I definitely found this tougher than some of his/her weekday puzzles and needed the rain break during the tennis to finish it off. No problems with any of the clues though, which is always the sign of a good setter.

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Azed No 2092

Posted by bridgesong on 15th July 2012


I found this on the hard side for a plain Azed, certainly harder than last week’s competition puzzle.  In that puzzle Azed wrote a clue in French; this puzzle also required a knowledge of French, including one word not to be found in Chambers.   Here’s a link to the pdf of the puzzle. Read the rest of this entry »

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Everyman 3431/8 July

Posted by Pierre on 15th July 2012


Another fine puzzle in the Everyman style, with plenty of good surfaces and elegant cluing.  But I found this trickier than normal, with one phrase I had never come across before.

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