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Independent 8035 by Morph

Posted by nmsindy on 16th July 2012


I found this a mixture of quite easy and very tricky, solving it in 32 mins though I’d all but the last four answers in around half that time.      There are two where I don’t so far understand the wordplay (3D and 7D).      Any help appreciated.

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Guardian 25,689 – Rufus

Posted by manehi on 16th July 2012


Fairly standard for a Monday Rufus, albeit with a few slightly disappointing cryptic defs today.

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Guardian Quiptic N° 661 by Orlando

Posted by PeterO on 16th July 2012


I was just about to pick up this puzzle when there was a loud clap of thunder, and my cable went down hard – no internet, phone or TV; and it stayed that way for three hours. Fortunately, Orlando came up with crossword that I could sail through (I do not think I will catch so much flak for saying that this time!), and I hope the blog is up too scratch, if a little rushed. And the internet stayed up, even though thunder continues to rumble around.

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