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Financial Times 14058 Armonie

Posted by scchua on July 17th, 2012


I found this the hardest Tuesday FT for some time.  A handful of answers in the bottom half corners held me up, and I hope I’ve got them right.  But no complaints.  Enjoyed the challenge; thanks to Armonie.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  [[The pictures at the bottom have unidentified links to the puzzle.]]


1 Learning about bad weather in France (8)

LORRAINE :  LORE(the body of learning,knowledge, especially that which is handed down by tradition) containing(about) RAIN(bad weather). 

Answer: One of the regions in France.

5 Foolishness of motorist changing hands (6)

DRIVEL :  “driver”(motorist) with “r”(abbrev. for “right”) replaced by “l”(abbrev. for “left”) (changing hands).

9 Woman set about Romeo after information from cop (8)

GENDARME :  [DAME(formerly a form of address to a woman) containing(set about) R(represented by “Romeo” in the phonetic alphabet)] placed after(after) GEN(information, derived from “general information”). 

Answer: From the French, term for cop,policeman, more strictly speaking, a soldier performing police duties among the civilian population.

10 In favour of accepting a pound in coin (6)

FLORIN :  FOR(in favour of) containing(accepting) L(abbrev. for the English currency unit, the pound) + IN

Answer: A former British coin worth 2 shillings pre-decimalisation.

12 Tell man to transform plot of land (9)

ALLOTMENTAnagram of(transform) TELL MAN TO

Answer: In Britain, a plot of land rented by an individual for cultivation.

13 Meat containing a trace of nitrite is corrupt (5)

VENAL :  VEAL(meat from a calf raised for its meat) containing(containing) N{initial letter(a trace) of “nitrite”}.

14 Celestial ruler gives back Middle Eastern port (4)

ZEUSReversal of(back) SUEZ(a Middle Eastern port, in NE Egypt). 

Answer: The supreme god of the heavens, celestial ruler, of the ancient Greeks.

16 Noble family blasts other ranks (7)

WINDSOR :  WINDS(blasts of air) + OR(abbrev. for “other ranks”, those in the military without a commission). 

Answer: The official name of the current British royal,noble family.

19 Public work is best (7)

OVERTOP :  OVERT(public,not hidden) + OP(abbrev. for opus, a piece of musical work). 

Answer: As a verb, to better others.

21 Addict found in substance-abuse rehabilitation (4)

USERHidden in(found in) substance-abUSE Rehabilitation.

24 It can be used to strike a sovereign (5)

RULER :  Double defn:.1st: In use during those days when teachers were allowed to inflict corporal punishment.

25 Put back in place to control the nation (9)

REINSTATE :  REIN(to control,restrain, literally, as with a horse, or figuratively) + STATE(a nation).

27 Drink induced trance (6)

NECTARAnagram of(induced) TRANCE.

28 Entice one round summit of volcano (8)

COTOPAXI :  [COAX(to entice,tempt, one way of coaxing somebody) + I(Roman numeral for one)] containing(round)  TOP(the summit,peak). 

Answer: A volcano in the Andes in Ecuador.

29 Closure is imminent when project leader goes (6)

ENDING :  “pending”(not happening yet but imminent) minus(goes) “p”{initial letter(leader) of “project”}.

30 Gemstone makes them stay (8)

AMETHYSTAnagram of(makes) THEM STAY.


1 Record and preserve an impasse (6)

LOGJAM :  LOG(a record of events) plus(and) JAM(a preserve, the type you spread on your bread).

2 Cause irritation right on the joint (6)

RANKLE :  R(abbrev. for ­rightplaced above(on, in a down clue) ANKLE(joint in your leg)

3 Tailor has fitting interrupted by attorney (5)

ADAPT :  APT(fitting,appropriate) containing(interrupted by) DA(abbrev. for district attorney,prosecutor in the USA).

4 Old book of narcotics (7)

NUMBERS :  Double defn: 1st: The book in the Old Testament; and 2nd: The class of substances that blunt,numb the senses.

6 Alec never misrepresented suitability (9)

RELEVANCEAnagram of(misrepresented) ALEC NEVER.

7 Painter overseen by arrangement (8)

VERONESEAnagram of(by arrangement) OVERSEEN

Answer: Paolo, 16C Venetian painter.

8 Peer under berth for letter (8)

LANDLORD :  LORD(a peer) placed under(under, in a down clue) LAND(as when a ship goes into berth). 

Answer: One who lets out his property,letter.

11 Good man has a cry when put away (4)

STOW :  {ST(abbrev. for “saint”(a good man)} plus(has) OW(a cry expressing pain).

15 Set down reservists in harbour (9)

ENTERTAIN :  [ENTER IN](to write or copy a record in writing,to set down) containing(…in) TA(abbrev. for Territorial Army, the volunteer reserve force). 

Answer: To have in mind,harbour, eg. thoughts of being President.

17 Go steady when assimilating an oriental dance (8)

COURANTE :  [COURT(go steady,date someone exclusively) containing(AN)] + E(abbrev. for eastern,oriental). 

Answer: A dance dating from the 17C.

18 Trot round area that’s made good (8)

REPLACED :  RED(a communist, who could be a Trotskyite, abbreviated to Trot, a follower of Leon Trotsky, Russian revolutionary) containing(round) PLACE(an area,locality). 

Answer: If something is defective, it could be made good by being replaced.

20 Usual time to say goodbye (4)

PART :  PAR(the usual,standard) + T(abbrev. for time).

21 Even a place of higher education has class (7)

UNIFORM :  UNI(short for “university”, a place of higher education) plus(has) FORM(a class in school).

22 Virginia Cooper’s caprice (6)

VAGARY :  VA(abbrev. for Virginia, US state) + GARY(Cooper, American actor, star of many Westerns). 

Answer: A capricious, whimsical or unusual idea, desire or action.

23 Forgo sleep when touring island (6)

RESIST :  REST(sleep) containing(when touring) IS(abbrev. for island). 

Answer: Not to accept,forgo.

26 Wanting queen in the picture (5)

SHORT :  R(abbrev. for Regina, Queen) contained in(in) SHOT(the photograph,picture).  

Answer: Lack of,wanting, usually money.




4 Responses to “Financial Times 14058 Armonie”

  1. Richard says:

    Thanks for the blog, scchua. I agree with you. We did the top half straight off, then puzzled somewhat over the bottom half.

  2. Bryan says:

    Many thanks, Scchua, I also agree with you and Richard.

    I recognised two of the people in your photos (Audrey and Peter) but the only connection I can find is that they were both entertainers.

  3. scchua says:

    Thanks for your comments Richard and Bryan (due to time zone difference I’m catching up only now).
    [[The first 3 actors in the photos have played the role of French policeman (9across) – Jack Lemmon in Irma la Douce, and Steve Martin and Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther series. The last 3 have starred opposite Gary Cooper (22down) – Audrey Hepburn in Love in the Afternoon, Dorothy McGuire in Friendly Persuasion, and Grace Kelly in High Noon.]]

  4. Bryan says:

    Many thanks Scchua.

    I couldn’t sleep last night, wondering.

    Now, to sleep!

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