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Financial Times 14,059 by Styx

Posted by PeeDee on July 18th, 2012


I don’t think I have blogged Styx before.  I enjoyed this and although it was straightforward I did not find it easy.  The challenge with Styx seems to be interpreting the subtle definitions and misdirections rather than untangling convoluted wordplay.

I am a fan of &lit clues (one where the entire clue is both definition and wordplay).  Often the surface readings in &lits can be a bit strained, but here we get three good ones in one puzzle, thank you Styx!

Hold the mouse pointer over any clue number to read the clue.

1 BRANDISH DISH (food eaten) following BRAN (health food)
5 CHAPEL anagram of PLACE and churcH (last letter of) – definition is &lit
9 CADAVERS CAD (swine) A VERSe (piece of work, part of a poem for instance) nearly finished – definition is ‘remains’
10 PINION PIN by I (one, Roman numeral) ON (operating) – to bind by the arms
12 LICIT (prICe LIsT)* anagram=reissuing, missing REPS – defintion is ‘honest’
13 EQUIPMENT QUIP (joke) MEN (troops) in greETing (middle of)
14 COSSET COS (salad ingredient) SET (prepared) – a hand-reared lamb
16 APELIKE A then L (large) I (one) in PEKE (dog)
19 RESTORE ORE (valuable resource) following REST (short break)
21 THEMES THE MESh (network) not finished (curtailed)
23 ANTIPASTI TIP (pour out) ASTI (wine) following AN
25 MASON SO (well, conversational opener) in MAN (people in gereral)
26 STINGY double definition
27 PITTANCE PIT (mine) TAN (brown) CE (cerium, chemical symbol)
28 PLEASE P (parking) with (linked to) LEASE (rental agreement) – definition is ‘want’, for example: “if you want…” or “if you please…”
29 BLUDGEON BLUDGE (loaf about, Aus.) and ON – definition is ‘strike’
1 BUCKLE ELK (deer) and CUB (young) all reversed (in retreat)
2 ABDUCTORS (BROAD CUTS)* anagram=damaged
3 DIVOT VOID* (anagram=hacked) on T (tee, name of the letter) -definition is &lit
4 SURFEIT SURF (swell) TIE (match) reversed (held up)
6 HAIRPIECE (tHAI RECIPE)* anageam=odd, missing T=time – a switch is a tuft of hair
7 PRIME PRIM (formal) E (ecstacy, drugs) – definition is ‘charge’, as of a weapon
8 LENGTHEN ENG (England) THEN (immediately) after faiLure (middle letter of) – definition is ‘spin out’
11 PUMA UP reversed (backed up) MAn (shortened) – Los Pumas is the nickname of the Argentinian rugby team
15 STOPPAGES PAGE (web file) in (grabbed by) SPOTS (sites) reversed (about) – definition is ‘industrial action’
17 IN ESSENCE a part (factor) of dizzINESS ENCEphalitis – definition is ‘basically’
18 BREAKS UP (A BUSKER)* worked=anagram on P (piano) – definition is ‘parts’
20 EAST fEAST (banquet) not starting – a compass bearing, ships course for example (main=sea). A question mark is required in the clue here? This is an example, not a definition.
21 TRIVIAL I (one, Roman numeral) V (versus, opposing) in (interrupting) TRIAL (proceedings in court)
22 INTERN sounds like (listened to) “in turn” (one after another) – a junior doctor
24 TRIPE shorThorn (stomach=the middle part) RIPE (ready to be eaten) – definition is &lit
25 MATED found inside (lodging in) bedrooM ATE Dinner – definition is ‘had sex’


One Response to “Financial Times 14,059 by Styx”

  1. Richard says:

    Thanks for the blog, PeeDee.

    A colleague and I normally complete the FT in our 40-50 minute lunchbreak – today we only solved seven clues….

    I did like the construction of 12 & 17 – very good.

    Although I agree with you that this crossword was technically straightforward, I’m afraid that lamb = cosset, switch = hairpiece, adbuctors = muscles, and bludge = ‘don’t do anything’ were too obscure for us working unaided.

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