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Financial Times no.14,060 by FALCON

Posted by Ringo on July 19th, 2012


Nothing too challenging from Merlin today. A few more ‘hidden’ solutions than I’d like, and perhaps one or two somewhat stretched definitions, but also some lovely surfaces. I enjoyed it.


1. WEIGH OUT  Weigh [consider] + out [old hat]

6. WEIRDO  Witch [weird] + o [old]

9. SALAMI  Reversal of alas [unfortunately] + mi [note, as in do-re-mi]

10. CINEASTE  Anagram of I cant see

11. NERO  Hidden in oNE ROman

12. EVANESCENT  Anagram of can vet seen

14. ARK ROYAL  R [rex, king] + K [king] within a + royal [majestic]

16.  ALTO  Altogether [all things considered] minus ‘get her’

18. ESAU  A within reversal of use [exploit]

19. HALLMARK  Hall [room] + mark [note]

21. PROSCRIBED  Scribe [journalist] within prod [dig]

22. CREW  C [chapter] + re [about] + w(edding)

24. FORT KNOX  Sounds like fought [struggled against] knocks [setbacks]

26. ENOUGH  Hidden in thE NOUGHties

27. TRENDY  End [goal] within try [shot]

28. SENILITY  Reversal of lines [columns] + Italy minus al [Capone, gangster]


2. ERASE  R(ubber) within ease [simplicity]

3. GLAMOUR PUSS  O [round] within anagram of sugar lumps

4. OLIVE OYL  Sounds, of course, like olive oil [dressing]

5. TICK ALL THE BOXES  Anagram of exile blocks that

6. WINNER  W(illiam) + inner [secret]

7. IRA  Iraq [Asian country] minus Q [question]

8. DETONATOR  Eton [public school] within reversal of rot [nonsense] + a + d [daughter]

13. CHARM SCHOOL  Punning on the double meaning of charm [spell]

15. RESERVOIR  Reserve(e) [ice – or is it (p)reserv(e)?] + o [old] + Ir [Irish]

17. BLUDGEON  B [Bachelor] + anagram of lounged

20. BRANDY  Brand [make] + y [algebraic unknown]

23. EIGHT  Reversal of GI [soldier] within the to give a rowing crew

25. TIN  (Retiremen)t + in [(at) home]




One Response to “Financial Times no.14,060 by FALCON”

  1. crypticsue says:

    An enjoyable mix of clues making for a perfect, easy to solve puzzle. Thanks to Falcon and Ringo

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