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Financial Times 14,061 by Bradman

Posted by Jed on July 20th, 2012


* precedes all nine themed answers






* Olympic host cities


1 MADE TO MEASURE (suits someone)

MAD (daft) E TOME (English book) A (article) SURE (certain)

9 REBUKER (critic) RE B (about British) UK (nation) ER (ruler)

10 HABITUE (frequent visitor) A BIT (a little) in HUE (colour)

11 INTRO (jazz piece) hidden in [pa]IN TRO[uble]

12 DANCE HALL (where to meet girlfriend!)

EH (what?) in DAN (desperate dan) CALL (ring)

*13 MONTREAL NT (holy books) in OR (gold) all in MEAL (dinner)

15 FLACON (perfume bottle) CO (company) in FLAN (tart)

18 SPEECH (talk) E in PE (head of English in gym) all in SCH (school)

* 19 HELSINKI HE (man) L (left) SINKI[ng]

* 22 BARCELONA CRAB< (grumpy person rejected) (ALONE)*


25 TALONED (able to grasp firmly) ALONE (isolated) in TD Teachta Dala

* 26 ANTWERP ANT (worker) WE (you and I) RP (received pronunciation)



1 MARXISM (leftwing philosophy) XI (team) in MARS (planet) M[en]

2 DEBUTANTE (society girl) (BE TAUNTED)*

* 3 TOKYO (KYOTO)* (climate protocol city)

4 MERIDIAN (peak of success) ID (identity) in (AIRMEN)*

* 5 ATHENS at hen party?

6 UMRELLAS (covers) LA (Los Angeles) in (SLUMBER)*

7 EXTRA double definition

* 8 BERLIN RL (two sides) in BEIN[g] (essence endless)

14 RECREANTS (cowards) (ARENT)* in RECS (play areas)

16 CONGRUENT (corresponding) CON (trick) RU (sport) in GENT (man)

17 SEPARATE (become detached) PARA (soldier) T (time) all in SEE (observe)

18 SUBITO (suddenly – music) B (black) in SUIT (hearts perhaps) O (love)

20 INSIPID (without taste)  IN (at home) SIP (little drink) in ID (I had)

* 21 LONDON LON[g] (be desperate almost) DON (Bradman = Don)

23 RILED (be angry) R[iot] I LED (one induced)

24 PATTE (narrow at inner and broad at other end of cross) PATTE[rn] (model)

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    < = reverse


5 Responses to “Financial Times 14,061 by Bradman”

  1. Conrad Cork says:

    Anyone tell em why ‘city’ was included in the clue for 3 down?

  2. Conrad Cork says:

    Sorry, dyslexic typing. Meant ‘me ‘ not ‘em’.

  3. Steve says:

    Thanks Bradman and Jed – I enjoyed this. BTW, there’s a typo in the 6d answer.

    Conrad Cork – because Kyoto is the city where the climate change protocol was adopted in 1997.

  4. mike04 says:

    Thanks for the blog, Jed. Thanks for the fun, Bradman.

    I read “cycled around” in 3dn as ‘moved in cycles’. The letters of TOKYO, when
    placed in a circle would then have to be read from a different starting position.

    On a straight line: TOKYO,TOKYO,TOKYO or TO,KYOTO,KYOTO,KYO

  5. Bradman says:

    Thank you all. I thought for a while that there was an Olympic boycott!

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