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Guardian 25,688 / Paul

Posted by mhl on 21st July 2012


Apologies for the late post on this puzzle – as a result, I won’t waste time in saying much beyond that this was a lovely prize puzzle from Paul with lots of enjoyable clues.

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Independent 8,034 by Tyrus (Saturday Prize Puzzle, 14/07/12)

Posted by Simon Harris on 21st July 2012

Simon Harris.

I must admit that this looked like being a somewhat embarassing “I don’t have a clue what’s going on here” blog post pretty much right up until the last clue was solved. Thankfully, everything fell into place in the end.

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Enigmatic Variations 1026 Going Global by Chalicea

Posted by twencelas on 21st July 2012


A short preamble, this week – across clues have an extra letter in their wordplay to spell out an instruction related to an unclued light. Sounds entry level, but is it?

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