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Enigmatic Variations 1026 Going Global by Chalicea

Posted by twencelas on July 21st, 2012


A short preamble, this week – across clues have an extra letter in their wordplay to spell out an instruction related to an unclued light. Sounds entry level, but is it?

The answer is not really. Lots of obscure words in use in this puzzle – Chambers took quite a thumbing with many alternate spellings, but all perfectly fair, though the end game was quite straightforward, if a tad ambiguous, the way I initially interpreted it. Thanks for the correction Slaney.

The extra letters in the across clues spelt out COLOUR DISTANT DISH AND TARGET

Whilst 6 across was _RTH_R.

Which had to be ARTHUR.

dNow for the odd bit – Diagonally in the grid is TELSTAR – the first transatlantic communication satellite and also GOONHILLY DOWNS is visible(see below)

So which target is distant? From my perspective both are.

Chambers gives, as one defintion of target

“a reflecting object which returns radiated pulse energy to the receiver of a radar system”


Still none the wiser – me neither.

As to Arthur its a reference to Arthur C Clarke and the nickname of TELSTAR.


Key – * (Anagram) Rev. reverse DD Double definition Underline definition in clue


C           1 Within confines of SS camps organised convulsive actions (6)

SS around (camps)* = SPASMS

O          11 Speak fondly about palm monkey (6)

Coo (Speak fondly) + a (about) + ita (palm) = COAITA

L          12 Loudly encourage start of renewable type of energy not using sun (4)

r (start of renewable) + solar (type of energy) – s (sun) = ROAR

O          13 Most yellowish-beige — sadly so stained (8)

(so stained)* = SANDIEST

U          14 Sounds ludicrously overcredulous lacking organised order (7)

(overcredulous – order)* = VOCULES

R          16 Rudely bring in base inner nature (7)

(bring in)* around e(base) = INBEING

D          19 Adage about goddess (4)

(adage)* = GAEA

I           20 Casually stop refined upper-class chick with sex appeal (7, 2 words)

(u (upper class) + chick) + it (sex appeal)* = CHUCK IT

S          23 Partner to overcome without resistance (4)

master (overcome) – r (resistance) = MATE

H          24 Scots spare English and French elder (4)

hain (spare (Scottish)) + e (english) = AINE

A          25 Sangria prepared with a hint of ice coming into view (7)

(sangria + i (hnt of ice))* = ARISING

N          26 Dr Finlay’s at a loss with invalid (4)

w (with) + null (invalid) = WULL

D          27 Jewish legal text accepted Latin with a chapter on origin of Aliyah (7)

hadt (accepted) + l (latin) + ch (chapter) + a (origin of Aliyah) = HALACHA

T          32 Fault finder, one from north of the border, church dignitary (not English) (7)

scot (one from north of the border) + elder (church dignitary) – e (english) = SCOLDER

A          34 Blotto in Texas! Make cow noises and eye tipsily (8)

Moo (make cow noises) + (and eye)* = MOONEYED

R          35 Amateur rowing securing cash (4)

hidden amatEUR ROwing = EURO

G          36 Make an incision in running gear more penetrating (6)

cut (make an incision) in (gear)* = ACUTER

E          37 Nod head casually, primarily according support (6)

nut (head casually) + a (primarily according) + tee (support) = NUTATE

T          38 Loose sheets introduced between pages in complicated tests (6)

in + (tests)* = INSETS


1 Military lady views romance dubiously (12)

(views romance)* = SERVICEWOMAN

2 Alphabet including a nomogram (4)

abc (alphabet) around a = ABAC

3 Disease of poor asparagus, on the farm(5)


4 One disapproving once of siilly limericks with no hint of cleverness (8)

(limericks – c)* = MISLIKER

5 US anchor chain worked up out of position (4)


6 Thanks Israel for legal limitation of inheritance (4)

Ta (Thanks) + Il (israel) = TAIL

7 Priestly ethic air is unseemly (8)

(ethic air)* = HIERATIC

8 Fanciful snark, or a goat, rabbit-sized marsupials (12)

(snark or a goat)* = RAT-KANGAROOS

9 Stupid person to continue (4)

DD Go on = GOON

10 Briefly attracted by elevated first class Doric architrave ornament (6)

Ta’en (attracted) + Rev (ai)(first class) = TAENIA

15 Watercourse near Taunton environment-friendly after gallons removed (4)

Green (environment-friendly) – g (gallons) = REEN

17 Corporation not good in contest for growth (8)

Guild (Corporation) – g(good) in bout (contest) = BUILD OUT

18 Old Simon shot aged beast (8)

(old simon)* = SMILODON

21 High temperature after intermittent heat up (4)

HeAt Up + t (temperature) = HAUT

22 Detected foreign parliamentarian holding competition (6)

TD (Irish politician) around Race (competition) = TRACED

28 According to bard, raises an outcry as money pocketed (5)

as around lew (Bulgarian money – lev or lew) = ALEWS

29 Man gutlessly remains possession of woman (4)

he (man) + rs (remains gutlessly) = HERS

30 Square column of Anglo- Norman type originally head of arch (4)

a+ n + t ( Anglo- Norman type originally) + a (head of arch) = ANTA

31 Little old local mill lade (4)

DD LEET (little (archaic) and leat or leet a trench for bringing water to a mill wheel)

33 Celtic mound English low sandy hill (4)

Dun (celtic mound) + e (english) = DUNE

8 Responses to “Enigmatic Variations 1026 Going Global by Chalicea”

  1. slaney says:

    I made the extra letters COLOUR DISH AND TARGET..

  2. slaney says:

    24a Scots spare =(H)ain
    27a Accepted = ha(D)

  3. Dave Hennings says:

    The only thing to add is that Arthur was the name of Antenna 1 at Goonhilly and was built in 1962 to link with Telstar. This courtesy of Google, without which I would never have known that. I think the preamble should have read “Chambers (2011) is recommended together with an intimate knowledge of early telecommunications”!


  4. twencelas says:

    Thank you Slaney – I hang my head in shame. I’ve updated the blog – my excuse, poor that it may be, is that it was the same theme as the Inquisitor I’d done a day earlier and I guessed the theme before I’d started the puzzle.

  5. Chalicea says:

    Thanks to all. Twencelas, I had a horrified moment when I read this this morning and saw that my message was so dreadfully ambiguous. That explained the Answerbank confusion about it. Of course, opting for T a an extra letter in 24 was a plausible error and understandable after Ploy’s delightful IQ on the day before did actually have Telstar distant in the sky. (Yet again, I have managed to duplicate someone else’s theme but promise there was no collusion!)
    I’m really grateful to Slaney for putting things right, and to Dave (actually the editor accepted this one because he was amused by the Arthur link!). Most of all, thanks to Twencelas – this was the second of ours on the run (Rasputin three weeks ago) and we do appreciate the blogs.

  6. slaney says:

    I did the EV first twencelas so maybe had an advantage.

    As regards the point made by Dave Hennings – I’m relatively new to crossword solving, but do not the vast majority of crossword solvers and setters use Google?
    I’m always surprised to find that this is not presumed/acknowledged.

  7. twencelas says:

    My humblest apologies Chalicea, I should have been more thorough in my analysis. And as to the theme, being the 50th anniversary it deserved to be remembered in puzzle form.

    Slaney – I’d be surprised if there are many who tackle these puzzles without reference to the information on the internet. However, last time I read the Listener rules the theme is supposed to be available from standard reference books which limits the breadth of subject matter somewhat. The IQ and EV both appear to have embraced the use of the internet to determine themes – Telstar is defined in Chambers and well-known but for Goonhilly downs I too did use the web.

  8. Tony says:

    I got held up on this for a while because for 8d I had kangaroo-rats. A nice bit of nostalgia for the over 50s (like me) was evoked by this puzzle.

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