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Independent on Sunday 1169 Hypnos

Posted by scchua on July 22nd, 2012


I seem to recall that it took me some time to get into this, but did finally complete the answers and parsing.  (Is it my imagination or are the IoS puzzles gradually getting harder? – but no complaints.)  Thanks Hypnos.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  [[The picture at the bottom has an unidentified link to the puzzle.]]


7 Read about a Northern city beginning to waive church rules (5,3)

CANON LAW :  CON(to read,to study attentively) containing(about) [+ N(abbrev. for northern)] + LA(abbrev. for the city of Los Angels, USA) + W{initial letter of(beginning to) “waive”}.

9 Chance certainly to tuck into some meat (4-2)

LOOK-IN :  OK(certainly,sure, as when agreeing with what someone says) contained in(to tuck into) LOIN(a cut,piece of,some meat). 

Answer: A chance to be chosen,participate in,etc.

10 Playing area abandoned by college? That’s nub of matter (4)

PITH :  “pitch”(playing area,field in some sporting games) minus(abandoned by) “c”(abbrev. for college). 

Answer: The core,nub of matter, substance (literally) or, an issue (figuratively).

11 Signal shown in flat, perhaps, by mayor (10)

NOTEWORTHY :  NOTE(in music, an example of which,perhaps, is the “flat”, in contrast to a natural or sharp) plus(by) WORTHY(a person of eminent worth, merit or position, of which a mayor is presumably one). 

Answer: As an adjective of someone,something notable, outstanding.  Almost same in meaning to the adjective, worthy, in fact.

12 Hooligan loitering initially behind museum (6)

VANDAL :  L{initial letter of(initially) “loitering”} placed after(behind) [V AND A] (the abbrev. for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London).

13 Female bully delivering a tirade (not half) about incomplete journey (8)

HARRIDAN :  HARAN{“haranguing”(delivering a tirade) minus the latter half of its letters(not half)} containing(about) RID{“ride”(journey) minus its last letter(incomplete)}.

15 Fine vision I match when dolled up? Yes and no! (7,6)

FASHION VICTIM :  F(abbrev. for fine) + anagram of(when dolled up) VISION I MATCH

Answer: No! as a negative of “fine vision…when dolled up”.  A WIWD(wordplay intertwined with definition) clue.

17 My new canine is by part of cage in agricultural store (8)

CORNCRIB :  COR!(an exclamation of surprise,amazement or admiration, roughly equivalent to My! or My! My!) + N(abbrev. for new) + C(abbrev. for canine, as would be used in dentistry) plus(is by) RIB(a part of your rib cage).   

Answer: A ventilated building for storage of unhusked corn.

19 Cold device used by couch potato? (6)

REMOTE :  Double defn: 1st: As in aloof,cold; and 2nd: Short for the TV remote control device.

21 Around home, get fun in altering late adjustments? (4-6)

FINE-TUNINGAnagram of(altering) GET FUN IN containing(around) IN(at home,not out).

23 Expression in banter misjudged (4)

TERMHidden in(in) banTER Misjudged.

24 Sun leaders in lurid excess always zealously expose such? (6)

SLEAZE :  S(abbrev. for sun) + initial letters of(leaders in) Lurid Excess Always Zealously Expose

Answer: The “such” refering to lurid excess displayed,exposed by tabloid papers, including the Sun.  A WIWD clue.

25 A lucky charm man ignored in paper? He accepts whatever (8)

FATALISTA + TALIS{“talisman”(lucky charm, something to ward off evil) minus(ignored) “man”} contained in(in) FT(the Financial Times paper).


1 Affectedly genteel inspector in foreign car (2-2-2)

LA-DI-DA :  DI(abbrev. for ­Detective Inspector) contained in(in) LADA(the Russian manufactured,foreign car – if you’re not Russian, that is).

2 Recipe with good nosh concocted around yard for manager (3,7)

ROY HODGSON :  R(recipe, as used in medical prescriptions, from the Latin, meaning take, as an imperative) plus(with) [anagram of(concocted) GOOD NOSH containing(around) Y(abbrev. for yard, unit of measurement)]. 

Answer: The current national English football team manager.

3 Latin woman in trouble reared in Welsh place (8)

LLANELLIReversal of(reared) {[L(abbrev. for Latin) + LENA(a woman’s name)] contained in(in) ILL(as a noun for trouble,distress,misfortune)}. 

Answer: An industrial town in S.Wales – easier to spell than to pronounce properly (for me, at least).

4 Fierce look in old cricketer securing 50 (6)

GLOWER :  GOWER(David, English cricketer of the late 70’s through the early 90s) containing(securing) L(Roman numeral for 50).

5 By the sound of it, painful area’s to rise dramatically (4)

SOARHomophone of(by the sound of it) “sore”(painful area,spot on the body).

6 Sports body holding quiet jolly in place of breeding? (4,4)

FISH FARM :  [FIFA(abbrev. for Fédération Internationale de Football Association, the governing international body for football) containing(holding) SH(imperative to keep quiet)] + RM(abbrev. for Royal Marines, a slang word for the singular is a “jolly”).

8 Hands are found on this fine brig at sea getting observational responsibility (8,5)

WATCHING BRIEF :  WATCH(something on which hands are found) + anagram of(at sea) FINE BRIG

Answer: Instructions to someone to take the responsibility of observing a situation carefully, but not to become involved in it, eg. in a court of law.

14 Favoured still a US college from the south occupied by lecturer in a familiar way (10)

INTIMATELY :  IN(favoured,popular,in fashion) + [reversal of(from the south, in a down clue) YET(still, as in yet/still to come) + A + MIT(abbrev. for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the famed US college) containing(occupied by) L(abbrev. for lecturer)].

15 Current requiring means for steering, we hear, in a set of boats (8)

FLOTILLAHomophone of(we hear) “flow”(a current) plus(requiring) “tiller”(a means for steering a boat).  A WIWD clue.

16 Irish label in Ireland largely promoted water (8)

IRRIGATE :  IR(abbrev. for “Irish”) + reversal of(promoted, in a down clue) [TAG(a label) contained in(in) EIR{“Eire”(the Irish name for Ireland) minus its last letter(largely)}]. 

Answer: As a verb, to water.

18 List of duties for all to see obscuring small computing device (6)

ROUTER :  U(the certification for films which do not have restricted viewing,ie for all to see) replacing(obscuring) the letter “s”(abbrev. for small) in “roster”(a list of duties for personnel).

20 Health organisation accepting hard force in argument (6)

THRUST :  TRUST(in the UK, an organisation charged with providing health services under the NHS) containing(accepting) H(abbrev. for hard).

22 Characters held up in terminal alerted airline (2,2)

EL ALReversal of(held up, in a down clue) and hidden in(characters…in) terminaL ALErted

Answer: The Israeli state airline



2 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1169 Hypnos”

  1. flashling says:

    Scchua, since Q moved back to the Indy daily it’s certainly in my experience that it’s getting much harder, whether it’s the different setters causing it, Eimi selecting harder puzzles or the fact Quixote always set consistent easy-ish Sunday puzzles as was his brief I’m not sure.

    I’m having the most difficulty with Poins of the current IOS setters for some reason.

  2. Dormouse says:

    Well, I did complete this – don’t remember the details after a week – which is more than I can say for some Sunday puzzles of late.

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