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Financial Times 14064 Peto

Posted by scchua on July 24th, 2012


It may look like I’m “stalking” Peto, but it’s because he/she (still incogito) comes on only on Tuesdays.  This puzzle follows the same mould as the previous oes – some nice surfaces, a couple of uncommon meanings of common words.  Thanks Peto.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  [[Each of the pictures at the bottom has an unidentified link to the puzzle.]]


1 Astonishment over American priest discovered in tower (8)

SURPRISE : Reversal of(over) US(American) PR(abbrev. for priest) contained in(discovered in) RISE(to tower, extend upward).

5 Chapter on compassion cut by Conservative supporter (6)

CRUTCH : C(abbrev. for chapter, as in a book) plus(on) RUTH(compassion,kindness, usually used in its negative form “ruthless”) containing(cut by) C(abbrev. for a member of the Conservative Party).

9 Determined to dispel doubts at the outset (8)

RESOLVED : RESOLVE(to clear away,dispel doubts,fears,uncertainties, as in “the issue was resolved to everyone’s satisfaction”) + D(initial letter of,at the outset ofdoubts” – I guess the latter is doubling up)

10 Shoot Republican on board jet (6)

SPROUT : R(abbrev. for a member of the Republican Party) contained in(on board) SPOUT(a jet, spout from which liquid flows, eg. in a fountain).

12 Correspond with Mark (5)

TALLY : Double defn: 1st: To match,correspond as in “their figures tally with each other” ; and 2nd: A mark,notch made on a tally-stick to indicate the amount of debt or payment.

13 Bid for a great amount (9)

ABUNDANCE : Double defn: 1st:  A call,bid in the card game, solo whist, undertaking to make nine tricks.

14 It provides evidence of core changes after rector died (6)

RECORD : [Anagram of(changes) CORE placed after(after) R(abbrev. for rector)] + D(abbrev. for died).

16 Offensively obtrusive and pointless complaint by social worker (7)

BLATANT : BLAT{“bleat”,a complaint minus “e”(abbrev. for East,compass point) (pointless) } plus(by) ANT(a social insect, one of whose castes is the worker).

Answer: Offensively obtrusive, as with loud noises, loud clothes, etc

19 Edges of racket clamped by exceptional Asian craftsman (7)

ARTISAN : [R + T](the outer letters,edges ofracket”) contained in(clamped by) anagram of(exceptional) ASIAN.

21 Drawing of group outside Knutsford’s earliest church (6)

SKETCH : SET(group of things,people) containing(outside) K{Knutsford’s initial letter(earliest)} + CH(abbrev. for church)

23 Duke isn’t accepting insolence from a government opponent (9)

DISSIDENT : D(abbrev. for duke) + [ISN’T containing(accepting) SIDE(British slang for insolence,arrogance).

25 Success after actor’s debut in French film (5)

FARGO : GO(a success, as in “to make a go of a new venture”)  placed after(after) [A{actor’s initial letter(debut)} contained in(in) FR(abbrev. for French)].

Answer:  Award winning 1996 quirky film produced, directed and written by the Coen brothers, Joel and Ethan.

26 Country show finally taken in by girl at the end of May (6)

NORWAY : [W{last latter of(finally) “show”} contained in(taken in by) NORA(a girl’s name)] plus(at) Y{last letter of(end of) “May”}.

27 Lack of time after Rex appears in photo (8)

SHORTAGE : AGE(a time period) placed after(after) [{R(abbrev. for Rex,Latin for king, as in G(VI) R} contained in(appears in) SHOT(a photo)]

28 Remain behind border to protect German queen (6)

LINGER : [LINE(a border, as in “the thin line between right and wrong” or “the county line”) containing(to protect) G(abbrev. for Germany)] + R{abbrev. for Regina,Latin for queen, as in E(II)R}

29 Female meeting city fellows at company dance (8)

FLAMENCO : F(abbrev. for female) plus(meeting) LA(abbrev. for the city of Los Angeles) + MEN(fellows) plus(at) CO(abbrev. for company).


1 Fairy finding prince in position (6)

SPRITE : PR(abbrev. for prince) contained in(in) SITE(a position,where something, eg. a building sits).

2 Soldiers, by not speaking about it at first, able to withstand disappointment (9)

RESILIENT : RE(Royal Engineers,soldiers in the British army) plus(by) [SILENT(mute,not speaking) containing(about) I{initial letter of(at first) “it”}].

Answer:  Able to bounce back after,withstand disappointment.

3 Revive Redwood’s principal supporter (5)

RALLY : R{Redwood’s initial letter(principal)} + ALLY(a supporter)

Answer:  To improve,revive after a near defeat,collapse.

4 Straw spread around the finish by key racecourse official (7)

STEWARD : [Anagram of(spread) STRAW containing(around) E{last letter(finish) of “the”}] plus(by) D(one of the musical keys from A to G).

6 Refuse to accept general opinion over help from the south (9)

REPUDIATE : REPUTE(what others think,general opinion of person or something) containing(over) reversal of(from the south, in a down clue) AID(help).

7 God facing new source of irritation (5)

THORN : THOR(the Scandinavian god of thunder, rain and farming) plus(facing) N(abbrev. for new).

Answer:  Literally or figuratively, as in “the thorn in your side”.

8 Woman against supporting strike until now (8)

HITHERTO : [HER(pronoun for woman) + TO(against, as in “a punch to the  jaw”)] placed below(supporting, in a down clue) HIT(strike).

11 Check in dog book (4)

CURB : CUR(a mongrel dog) + B(abbrev. for book).

15 Foolish Tibetan so headstrong (9)

OBSTINATE : Anagram of(foolish) TIBETAN SO.

17 Learn from sectarian trouble (9)

ASCERTAIN : Anagram of(trouble) SECTARIAN.

18 Important ball oddly ignored by top fashion designer (8)

CARDINAL : [A + L]{“ballminus first and third letters(oddly ignored)} placed under(by) CARDIN(Pierre, top fashion designer)

20 Born and died in want (4)

NEED : NEE(born, as an adjective, used as an introduction to a married woman’s maiden surname) plus(and) D(abbrev. for died).

21 It is removed from new athletics bag (7)

SATCHEL : Anagram of(new) ATHLECS{“athleticsminus(is removed from) “it”}.

22 Stop heavenly body getting old (4,2)

COME TO : COMET(heavenly body travelling in space) plus(getting) O(abbrev. for old).

Answer:  In nautical parlance, to bring a vessel to a stop.

24 Helping to make one rising up deceptively alluring (5)

SIREN : Hidden in(helping to make) and reversal of(up, in a down clue) oNE RISing.

Answer:  Mythical or real creatures that are deceptively alluring, seducing you into trouble.

25 Meeting unionist during ceremony (5)

FORUM : U(abbrev. for unionist) contained in(during) FORM(a ritual,ceremony often implying the absence of real meaning, as in going through the motions,outward forms)




3 Responses to “Financial Times 14064 Peto”

  1. Richard says:

    Thanks for the very thorough blog, scchua.
    I was defeated by compassion = RUTH, I’m afraid, and there were a couple of other slightly overstretched similes, I thought.

    Peto also indulges in one of my personal pet hates – overuse of single letter abbreviations – Duke = d, Old = o, Republican = r, Unionist = u, new = n, book = b, member of the Conservative Party = c, Germany = g, female = f.

    I did particularly like 18 & 21, though.

  2. jmac says:

    On a day when Grandmaster Paul produced lots of laughs in the Guardian, and Jambazi came up with a very accomplished puzzle in the Independent, Peto also produced a lovely crossword which, as is the way with FT puzzles, has been a little ovelooked. Bravo Peto, and thanks to Scchua for his/her customary entertaining blog.

  3. scchua says:

    Thanks Richard and jmac for your comments. Yes, for whatever reason(s) (it cannot be the quality of the setters), the FT comes in third after the other two dailies covered in 15sq. And no secret, I’ve got both X and Y chromosomes :-)

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