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Financial Times no.14,066 by HAMILTON

Posted by Ringo on 26th July 2012


I took a while to work my way through this one, getting into terrible trouble in the south-west corner. But, looking at the completed grid now, I’m wondering what all the fuss was about. A nice puzzle, though there may be one or two quibbles for the purist.

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Guardian Cryptic 25698 Araucaria

Posted by scchua on 26th July 2012


It’s an encore from the Master after the FT yesterday.  As with all Araucarias, the key is perseverance.  One has to keep chipping away until the whole lot takes form.  Still, it was time well-spent, I thought.  Like yesterday, today’s has a mini-theme also.  The enumeration of the gateway clue helped with the answer, though it took a bit of remembering, to get the reference (one of them).  Where the definition is “16” in other clues, it refers to the answer to 16across. There was one clue, 23D, which left me wondering.  Thanks Araucaria.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  [[Each of the pictures at the bottom has an unidentified link with the puzzle.  As usual, please double-bracket any comments on these.]]

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Independent 8044 / Klingsor

Posted by Bertandjoyce on 26th July 2012


A reasonably easy solve from Klingsor today although there were a couple that took us a while to parse and some good surface readings as one would expect. A couple of good misdirections as well!

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Financial Times 14,057 – Dante

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on 26th July 2012

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Jul 16

Another Dante Crossword written in his familiar style, although – just like in his previous puzzle – too many double definitions.  In the Down clues there were even three in a row! And we had a subtraction anagram (29ac) that might perhaps provoke some thoughts (again).

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Financial Times 14,056 by Gozo

Posted by Pete Maclean on 26th July 2012

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of July 14, 2012

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