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Financial Times no.14,066 by HAMILTON

Posted by Ringo on July 26th, 2012


I took a while to work my way through this one, getting into terrible trouble in the south-west corner. But, looking at the completed grid now, I’m wondering what all the fuss was about. A nice puzzle, though there may be one or two quibbles for the purist.


1. PERSPICACITY  Per [person] + s [special] + pic [picture] + city [metropolis]

10. INITIAL  An odd little double definition; perhaps a nod to the 15² doyenne

11. TWEENIE  Initial letters of To Want Extra Effort Now In Everything

12. BLESS  L(eicester) within Bess [good queen]

13. ANCESTRY  An [indefinite article] + (dio)ces(ian) + try [experiment]

15. NOT GO AMISS  Anagram of got on + a miss [a girl]

16. VEAL  Hidden within haVE A La carte

18. TUBA  Initial letters of Takes Up Blowing Amateurishly

20. STRENGTHEN  Str(ess) + eng [engineer] + then [as a result]

22. ETOUFFEE  E [English] + u [university] within toffee [sticky sweet] – a new word for me

24. ROUGH  Hidden within thoROUGHly

26. ROSSINI  RO [run out] + SS [ship] + in I [in one]

27. HOG-WILD  Anagram of old whig

28. MENAGE A TROIS  Anagram of organise team


2. EMINENT  Emin [Tracy, artist] + anagram of net

3. SLIPSHOD  Slips [falls] + hod [carrier]

4. ILLS  (P)ills [tablets]

5. ASTONISHED  Anagram of a hedonist’s

6. IRENE  IR [Inland Revenue, former tax authority] + ENE [East North East, directions]

7. YANGTZE  Y [algrebraic unknown] + z [last (letter)] within anagram of agent

8. BIG BANG THEORY  Big bang [loud noise] + anagram of other + y(ear) to give a somehow unsatisfying &lit

9. JEKYLL AND HYDE  Visual pun on the phrase ‘split personality’

14. SMATTERING  Matter [affair] within sing [confess]

17. AGAR-AGAR  Repetition of a gar [a fish]

19. BLOSSOM  Blo(w) [wind] + reversal of moss [plant]

21. HOUDINI  Hou [sounds like who] + dini(ng) [feeding] to give the famous escapologist

23. FEIGN  Reign [rule] with the initial letter changed

25. WHOA  Not sure about this one – a not-very-cryptic definition? Lester Piggott, the jockey, might have stopped his horse by shouting Whoa!

One Response to “Financial Times no.14,066 by HAMILTON”

  1. DougHug says:

    25 looks like a (not quite as satisfactory) version of the Bunthorne classic “Amundsen’s forwarding address? (4)”. At least for me – it was my familiarity with the Bunthorne clue that made this my first one in today.

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