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Financial Times 14,067 by Sleuth

Posted by Jed on July 27th, 2012


Plain sailing – an enjoyable ride




1 FISH-OIL (marine substance) IS H in FOIL (thin sheet)

5 FITMENT (furniture) FIT MEN (gym goers) T (time)

9 IN ONE (combined) NO (number) in [m]INE

10 NECTARINE (fruit) EC (city) TAR[t] (lot of acid) all in 3×3 = 9

11 DINNER SET (for entertaining) N in DINER (restaurant) SET (group)

12 EXTRA dd

13 SYRUP (sweet liquid) S (sun) R (river) in YUP (certainly)

15 ACCESSORY (additional) CE (church) in (A CROSS)* Y (yard)

18 JELLY BEAN (sweet) (BELLY)* in JEAN (woman)

19 LOTUS (plant) hidden in [p]LOT US[ually]

21 COCOA (drink) CO x 2 (firms) A

23 PRIVILEGE (advantage) VILE (foul) in PRIG E (European)

25 STOCKPILE (accumulate) STOCK (family) PILE (fortune)

26 DROLL (amusing) L LORD<

27 PIT STOP GP Grand Prix (TOTS)* in PIP (disgust)



1 FAIR DOS (equal treatment) (IF ROADS)*

2 SCOUNDREL (rogue) C (canine) in SOUND (trustworthy) REL

3 OBESE (with belly) OBE (award) S (soprano) E[xhibits]

4 LANDSCAPE (art work) C (college) in LANDS (secures) APE (copy)

5 FACET (look) ACE (outstanding) in FT (paper)

6 TRAVERSAL (crossing) Ben TRAVERS (writer) A L (a line)

7 EVICT (throw out) hidden in [twe]E VICT[orian]

8 THERAPY (treatment) THE (article) RAP (criticism) Y (unknown)

14 PAY PACKET readies – money for work

16 CONFIDENT (bold) CON (inmate) DEN (evil haunt) in FIT (suitable)

17 ON THE BOIL (active) ON (cricket side) HE (man) B (bachelor) in TOIL

18 JACKS UP (raises) JACK (card) SUP (drink)

20 STELLAR (excellent) LL (lakes) in (RATES)*

22 CLOUT (influence) U (university) in CLOT (fool)

23 PRIMP (titivate) RIM (edge) in PP (pianos)

24 INDIA (country) IN (fashionable) AID< (support on the rise)

( )* = anagram    dd = double definition    [ ] = omit    < = reverse

3 Responses to “Financial Times 14,067 by Sleuth”

  1. Gibichung says:

    4 d doesn’t quite work for me. Putting C “college first” in the middle of the word can only be indicated by “secures”, but “secures” is already being used to give LANDS. If I’m being pedantic, “artistic work” = LANDSCAPE but “college first secures copy” = CLANDSAPE. Otherwise I found this a very enjoyable crossword.

  2. Flashling says:

    re 4 I read this as c for college, first indicating prior to that we have lands plus ape.

  3. Gibichung says:

    @Flashling thanks, that makes sense.

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