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Azed 2094

Posted by Andrew on 29th July 2012


An Azed from the easy end of the spectrum, with almost entirely straightforward clueing, that I finished off in one shortish session. I don’t usually record these kinds of statistics, but I found I’d solved 14 clues after my first pass through, and 21 after the second, all without recourse to the dictionary. After that it was a fairly quick job to finish off the rest, despite an intial duff guess of DUCKE (C in DUKE) for 28ac. Read the rest of this entry »

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Independent on Sunday 1170/Math

Posted by Pierre on 29th July 2012


There’s been a bit of discussion recently about the level of difficulty of the Indy Sunday puzzles now that we have a different setter each week.  My experience with this one was that there were enough gettable clues to give you a foothold in the puzzle; but the last four or five took me almost as long as the rest of the crossword put together.  My last in were the 25s, where the unhelpful crossing letters meant that there were lots of possible solutions.

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Everyman N° 3,433 (22 July 2012)

Posted by PeterO on 29th July 2012


Thank you, Everyman.

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