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Everyman N° 3,433 (22 July 2012)

Posted by PeterO on July 29th, 2012


Thank you, Everyman.

1. Caught parrot fish in New England resort area (4,3)
CAPE COD A charade of C (‘caught’) + APE (‘parrot’, verb) + COD (‘fish’).
5. Transmitter in vessel (7)
CARRIER Double definition. Transmitter = carrier might be questionable in radio terms, but I think “Typhoid Mary was a transmitter/carrier of the disease” passes muster.
9. Duck taken from Grasmere cooked around noon (9)
MERGANSER An anagram (‘cooked’) of ‘Grasmere’ + N (‘noon’).
10. Loose-limbed, Italian ambassador after end of drill (5)
LITHE A charade of L (‘end of drilL‘) + IT (‘Italian’) + HE (His Excellency, ‘ambassador’).
11. Intense anger about new stove (5)
RANGE A envelope (‘about’) of N (‘new’) in RAGE (‘intense anger’).
12. Typically, a Girl Guide’s first to wear one (2,7)
ON AVERAGE An envelope (‘to wear’) of ‘a’ + VERA (‘girl’) + G (‘Guides first’) in ‘one’.
13. Here members salute (7,4)
PRESENT ARMS A charade of  PRESENT (‘here’) + ARMS (‘members’).
15. American soldier freed at once, remarkably (11)
CONFEDERATE An anagram (‘remarkably’) of ‘freed at once’
19. Starting to trap male bears in rural areas (3,6)
THE STICKS A charade of T (‘starting to Trap’) + HE (‘male’) + STICKS (‘bears'; not the readiest synonym to come to mind, but I suppose “I will bear/stick with what I have” will suffice)
21. Company backed aggressive dog to take place (5)
OCCUR A charade of OC, a reversal (‘backed’) of CO (‘company’) + CUR (‘aggressive dog’).
22. Clean frock (5)
DRESS Double definition.
23. Murder in the Spanish Main – it upset pirate, ultimately (9)
ELIMINATE A charade of EL (‘the Spanish’) + IMINAT, an anagram (‘upset’) of ‘main it’ + E (‘piratE, ultimately’). Nicely deceptive.
24. Where one may see an athlete making progress as expected (2,5)
ON TRACK Definition and literal interpretation.
25. Encourage leading boffin (7)
EGGHEAD A charade of EGG (‘encourage’) + HEAD (‘leading’).
1. Arrived with artist and picture producer (6)
CAMERA A charade of CAME (‘arrived’) + RA (‘artist’).
2. Briefly peel and cut a vegetable (7)
PARSNIP A charade of PAR[e] (‘briefly peel’) + SNIP (‘cut’). No comment (he commented),
3. Reptile blended on each elm (9)
CHAMELEON An anagram (‘blended’) of ‘on each elm’.
4. Found vet a threat on board (10,5)
DISCOVERED CHECK Definition and literal interpretation: DISCOVERED (‘found’) + CHECK (‘vet’). The board in question is a chess board.
5. County Meath carrier NHS treated (15)
CARMARTHENSHIRE An anagram (‘treated’) of ‘Meath carrier NHS’.
6. Poet‘s anger about ending in limerick (5)
RILKE An envelope (‘about’) of K (‘ending in limericK‘) in RILE (‘anger’)
7. Crying at home over split with son (2,5)
IN TEARS A charade of IN (‘at home’) + TEAR (‘split’) + S (‘son’).
8. Mention about note in jacket (6)
REEFER An envelope (‘about’) of E (‘note’ of the musical scale) in REFER (‘mention’).
14. Logic suggests a nose ring is silly (9)
REASONING An anagram (‘silly’) of ‘a nose ring’.
15. Kind, the French soldiers in court (7)
CLEMENT An envelope (‘in’) of LE (‘the French’) + MEN (‘soldiers’) in CT (‘court’).
16. Enclosed area, extremely cool in eastern part of church (7)
ENCLAVE An envelope (‘in’) of CL (‘extremely CooL‘) in E (‘eastern’) + NAVE (‘part of church’).
17. Film production company boss, one getting Oscar (6)
STUDIO A charade of STUD (‘boss’) + I (‘one’) + O (‘Oscar’, phonetic alphabet).
18. Father on island with close companion (6)
FRIEND A charade of FR (‘father’) + I (‘island’) + END (‘close’).
20. Opera cast nervous about opening in Otello (5)
TOSCA An envelope (‘about’) of O (‘opening of Otello’) in TSCA, an anagram (‘nervous’) of ‘cast’.

4 Responses to “Everyman N° 3,433 (22 July 2012)”

  1. Donna says:

    Thank you, Everyman, for another enjoyable puzzle, and PeterO, for your informative blog. I pretty much sailed through this one (unusual for me!) until 5 Down! I knew it was an anagram, but even with all the crossing letters in place I just had no idea what the county was. So I resorted to and filled in what I had and sure enough, up popped Carmarthenshire! That’s quite a mouthful! But then, of course, you’ve got all our states to deal with! Off topic, I’d just like to say how absolutely delightful the Olympic opening ceremony festivities were to watch! I especially enjoyed the tribute to the National Health Service (how I wish we had one!), and, of course, the dramatic arrival of the Queen! My husband was amazed that she could do that at her age, but I told him, “After all, she IS the Queen!” Plus I was so thrilled to see my favorite funnyman, Rowan Atkinson, in fine comic form! Hope you all have a wonderful week, and “see” you here next Sunday!

  2. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks for blogging, Peter.

    I remember enjoying this one and finding it pretty straightforward. Although I haven’t played chess seriously for a long time, I did like DISCOVERED CHECK.

    RILKE, like his five-letter artist friend KLIMT, I just know from crosswords. Must be that their letter patterns are helpful for setters.

    I think the synonym in 19ac is okay: ‘I can’t stick this job any longer/I can’t bear this job any longer.’

  3. Davy says:

    Thanks Peter,

    Not many comments today not even Bamberger. Another enjoyable puzzle with some great surfaces.
    I particularly liked ON AVERAGE, THE STICKS (my COD), FRIEND and TOSCA. Thanks again Everyman.

  4. Caz says:

    i assumed briefly meant par, but the term is parboiled, not par-boiled.

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