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Financial Times 14,073 by Falcon

Posted by Jed on August 3rd, 2012


Fair fare from Falcon





1 EMPIRE change first letter from UMPIRE (judge)

4 DARINGLY (with boldness) RING (jewellery) in (LADY)*

9 ERNST Max (artist) N (name) in ERST (long ago)

10 STOP PRESS (late news) STOP (pack in) PRESS (crowd)

11 IMAGINE (fancy) G[oods] in I MAINE (one US state)

12 ESSENCE (vital element) ESSEN (German city) CE (church)

13 HARM (injure) H (husband) ARM (weapon)

14 ON AND OFF (from time to time) reference to home of Lancs CCC

17 MANIFEST dd (reveal and passenger list)

19 FETA (cheese) hidden in [kni]FE TA[ster]

22 ARBITER (umpire) BITE (snack) in ARR (arrives)

24 EYEBALL (confront) [service]E YE (the old) B (bishop) ALL (everything)

25 PUBLISHED (out) PUB (local) (SHIELD)*

26 ARENA (ground) N (northern) in AREA (field)

27 SNEAKERS (casual shoes) A K (a king) in SNEERS

28 SEMTEX (explosive) M (male) in SET (group) EX (former partner)


1 EYESIGHT (visual faculty) YES (certainly) in EIGHT (crew)


3 RETAIN (keep) TA (terriers) in REIN (check)


6 IMPASTO (thickly applied painting) IM PAST (finished) O (old)

7 GREEN (fresh) RE (about) in GEN (information)

8 YES-MEN (poodles) S (son) in YEMEN

10 SEEK-NO-FURTHER dd (apple and unequalled)

15 FREE AGENT (independent person) FREE (no charge) AGENT (go-between)

16 TABLEAUX (pictures) TABLE (altar) AU (gold) X (cross)

18 NIT-PICK (carp verb) IT P[rivacy] in NICK (prison)

20 CAMPUS (university site) P (page) in CAMUS (Albert)

21 LEGATE (Pope’s ambassador) LEG (on – cricket) AT E[piscopalians]

23 BIBLE (authoritative book) B (book) in BILE (anger)

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    dd = double definition



One Response to “Financial Times 14,073 by Falcon”

  1. flashling says:

    Pretty easy, a bit like yesterday’s, even if I’d never heard of the apple, thanks Jed/Falcon

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