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Guardian Prize Puzzle 25,700 by Crucible

Posted by PeeDee on 4th August 2012


I started off excited when I saw the puzzle had special instructions, then deflated when I guessed both the special down clues from the letter counts without even reading the clues, then gradually bouyed up again as the rest of the crossword turned out to be rather good after all.  Thanks Crucible.

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Independent 8046 by Phi (Saturday Prize Puzzle 28 July 2012)

Posted by mc_rapper67 on 4th August 2012


Layers within layers – what seemed at first to be a nice fluffy topical thematic puzzle (I know, we aren’t supposed to give away too much in these first sentences, but there can’t be many people on the planet, let alone among the Indy readership, who aren’t aware of this theme) turned out to have a chilling/sinister undercurrent of a sub-theme…

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Enigmatic Variations No.1028 – Small Change by Piccadilly

Posted by Mister Sting on 4th August 2012

Mister Sting.

A simple enough preamble introduces ‘Small Change’. All clues have an extra letter in their subsidiary indication, and these letters spell out an instruction. All well and good, but will the small change prove to be a big headache? Read the rest of this entry »

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