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Enigmatic Variations No.1028 – Small Change by Piccadilly

Posted by Mister Sting on August 4th, 2012

Mister Sting.

A simple enough preamble introduces ‘Small Change’. All clues have an extra letter in their subsidiary indication, and these letters spell out an instruction. All well and good, but will the small change prove to be a big headache?

As it turns out, no. The grid was a very easy fill. In fact, the same cluing techniques were used again and again, which speeded progress even more. I don’t think I’ve done a puzzle with so many anagrams! Fine by me – I’m quite a fan of them (and anagram solvers don’t hurt any).

At any rate, the message was soon revealed. It read: HIGHLIGHT TWELVE OLD PENCE MAKING A SHILLING

In line with this instruction, twelve Ds (old pence) were to be highlighted forming an ‘S’ pattern (a shilling) in the centre of the grid.

That’s it. Simple(s).

The editor has apparently done some sock uppulling since my last post. Only 23dn had the wrong length (5, rather than 6 letters). My sole grumble apart from that is that 22dn appears to be missing an anagram indicator.

(xxx) = definition
{xxx} = (anagram/homophone/container/etc.) indicator
XXX* = anagram
< = reversal
xxx = unused letter(s)
SHOTTEN=extra letter

Please post a comment if the explanations are not clear.

H 1 TOTNES Lunatic shot ten here in Devon (6) semi-&lit: SHOTTEN* [lunatic]
I 5 INSTIL Nihilist upset missing hospital, meaning to drop in (6) drop in: NIhILIST* [upset; missing Hospital]
G 9 RAIMENT Time gran recycled old clothing (7) old clothing: TIMEGRAN* [recycled]
H 12 ELPEE Recording of Beatles’ film starts to embarrass Epstein (5 recording: HELP (Beatles’ film) + EE (starts to Embarrass Epstein)
L 13 CAMPO Lack of wind power over Brazilian grassland (5) Brazilian grassland: CALM (lack of wind) + P (power) + O (over)
I 14 CHILD Young person adult picked from a thousand (5) young person: CHILIaD (a thousand; Adult picked from)
G 16 GUDGEON Pin unfortunately gouged middle of finger (7) pin: GOUGED* [unfortunately] + NG (middle of fiNGer)
H 17 DECREASE Has entering judicial decision resulted in loss? (8) loss: ins. [entering] of HAS in DECREE (judicial decision)
T 18 ARNOLD Paintings etc given finally to ancient man (6) man: ART (paintings etc) + N (giveN finally) + OLD (ancient)
T 24 DAMSON Fruit mothers supplied to people of fashion (6) fruit: DAMS (mothers) + TON (people of fashion)
W 27 LICENSED Tolerated riotous wild scene (8) tolerated: WILDSCENE* (riotous)
E 30 SCANDAL Closely examine Mr Winton? A disgraceful thing! (7) a disgraceful thing: SCAN (closely examine) + DALE (Mr Winton)
L 31 DROSS Refuse that is dropped by unruly soldiers (5) refuse: SOLDieRS* [unruly; that is dropped]
V 32 TAKEN Thanks to Kevin, I escaped being captured (5) captured: TA (thanks) + KEViN [I escaped]
E 33 ETNAS Vessels for heating liquids regularly seen in testing areas (5) vessels for heating liquids: tEsTiNgArEaS [regularly seen]
O 34 COINAGE Iago once exchanged currency (7) currency: IAGOONCE* [exchanged]
L 35 RE-BARS Recycled barrels — they’re put into reinforced concrete (6, hyphenated) they’re put into reinforced concrete: BARRELS* [recycled]
D 36 NURSES Hospital staff undress provocatively (6) hospital staff: UNDRESS* [provocatively]
P 1 THECLA Butterflies get gonorrhea (6) butterflies: THE CLAP (gonorrhea)
E 2 TAPIS Antique covering is held up by tape (5) antique covering: TAPE + IS
N 3 NIELLO Over in Llangollen, invented method of engraving metal (6) method of engraving metal: <[over]llangOLLENINvented [in]
C 4 SEDGE Self-contained border for grasslike plant (5) grasslike plant: SC (self-contained) + EDGE (border)
E 5 INDUCED Encouraged to do something in two diamonds (7) encouraged to do something: IN + DEUCE (two) + D (diamonds)
M 6 SWAGES Intricately saw jewels to make old-fashioned grooved borders (6) old-fashioned grooved borders: SAW* [intricately] + GEMS (jewels)
A 7 IMPOSTORS People assuming false characters stop Maoris working (9) people assuming false characters: STOPMAORIS* [working]
K 8 LEONES Albanian currency plus one shilling gets bread in African country (6) bread in African country: LEK (Albanian currency) + ONE + S (shilling)
I 10 MEDDLE Mix, once, putting last of treacle in centre (6) mix, once: ins. [putting in] of E (last of treaclE) in MIDDLE (centre)
N 11 SMEARS Sadomasochism deserves defamatory remarks (6) defamatory remarks: SM (sadomasochism) + EARNS (deserves)
G 15 HURRICANE Hearing cur barking, a commotion (9) a commotion: HEARINGCUR* [barking]
A 19 NOCAKE With no money at all, Mom can make wonderful meal from parched maize (6) meal from parched maize: mOmCANMAKE* [wonderful; no Money at all]
S 20 DOS-A-DOS Go to bed with difficulty, on small specially constructed sofa (7, hyphenated) specially constructed sofa: DOSS (go to bed) + ADO (difficulty) + S (small)
H 21 MADDEN Possessed daughter, surrounded by males, is to go insane (6) go insane: ins. [surrounded by] of HAD (possessed) + D (daughter) in MEN (males)
I 22 ULSTER University lecturer tries on overcoat (6) overcoat: U (university) + L (lecturer) + TRIES*
L 23 GENERA Common taxonomic groups (6) taxonomic groups: GENERAL (common)
L 25 MORTAR Bomb fatal to republican (6) bomb: MORTAL (fatal) + R (republican)
I 26 NESSES Friendly goblins encircling Eastern headlands (6) headlands: ins. [encircling] of E (Eastern) in NISSES (friendly goblins)
N 28 ELDIN Scottish fuel cooking dinner: start to look for recipe (5)  scottish fuel: DINNER* [cooking], with L (start to Look) replacing R (recipe)
G 29 TONGS Chinese guilds getting medals after end of contest (5) Chinese guilds: T (end of contesT) + GONGS (medals)

5 Responses to “Enigmatic Variations No.1028 – Small Change by Piccadilly”

  1. Pegasus says:

    I don’t usually complete a EV but I sailed through this one, and I enjoyed it especially 1d thanks to Piccadilly and to Mister Sting.

  2. chesley says:

    I enjoyed this – rather easier than some EVs of late (but nothing wrong with that). I did think the use of anagrams was rather overdone though.

    Thanks to Piccadilly & Mister Sting.

  3. maestro says:

    This is the blog for the wrong puzzle – Small Change is EV1028 witha closing date of 3rd August

  4. Tony says:

    A rather nice touch I thought is that the only Ds that appear in the grid are the ones that make up the big S.

  5. Wil Ransome says:

    Hadn’t this blog better be temporarily removed pdq?

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