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Azed 2095

Posted by John on August 5th, 2012


A fairly typical Azed plain; nothing much to say, simply sound clueing of course and one or two rather thin surfaces but many good ones.

On the website at any rate (I don’t know about the dead tree version) two of the enumerations in the down clues are wrong; which caused no problem because they were obviously wrong — one only had to look at the grid.

2 SCRATCHBACK — scratch = cash, back = bet
11 {h}ELVES
14 TRUANT — t (a turn)*
16 SAM(N)ITE — N = knight in chess
17 RADICULAR — (lucid)rev. in (arar)*
18 POYNT — (pony trap – rap)*
19 UNREAD(y)
25 {Ma}DE COY
30 NOB(B)LES — or, if you prefer, no{b}bles
31 CRANIA — Ra in (Inca)*
32 swampS UNDRAined
33 ECLAT — {recita}l in (tace)rev.
34 EYELET — ye in (tele)rev. — what part of speech is ‘retrospect’ here? My initial thought was that it was a word meaning ‘retrospective’ and so an adjective, but Chambers doesn’t support this; if it’s a transitive verb then is it really OK for the verb to come after what it’s applying to? [Grommet the old welcomed in TV retrospect]. If we follow the Brian Greer view (and I do) that a nounal anagram indicator is quite all right then there’s no problem, but Azed is against them so wouldn’t have used one here.
35 WELL-ENTERED — (enter after ll) in weed
1 ABSORPTANCE — p in (carbonates)*
4 RATTING — (tint)* in rag
6 C(1)T AL(as) — as = when — this is the first of the clues that have the wrong enumeration: (6) when it should be (5)
8 A VAIL {pist}E — I found this hard because I’d never heard of the ski resort Vail, which is apparently in Colorado
9 CENT RA{j} — a red cent
12 STEADY STATE — (D{in}e tasty eats)* — the second with the wrong enumeration: it should be (11, 2 words)
15 ACTUALITÉ — (a cult)* in ait e{xplore}
20 manufactuRES INERtia — an excellent hidden which I took ages to see: the def is ‘What I gather goes into plastic’
23 NOB ALL — nob = head = block — the whole thing seems flawed to me because a no-ball won’t get you out even if you don’t block it [Block everything — it won’t usually get you out if you do] because it’s a no-ball; you may be run out, but if you are then your own incompetence, not the ball, will have got you out
24 GUSSET — (u{nskilled} s{urgery}) in (gets)*
26 C(ODDL{y})E
28 DEARN{ess} — this took me a long time because I read ‘high cost’ as adjectival so equivalent to ‘dear'; then I couldn’t see what ‘cloaking’ meant’ and thought it rather feebly here meant sitting on top of; then I couldn’t see how he got the n — but it’s dearness and the leading character in safe is s which is ess
29 YDRED — dr in (dey)rev.

9 Responses to “Azed 2095”

  1. Stephen Saunders says:

    Why is this being posted at 12:02am on Saturday when entries postmarked Saturday are accepted for competition purposes?

  2. flashling says:

    Err it’s just gone Midnight on Sunday in the UK (BST) and the entry says it was posted on Sunday…

  3. sidey says:

    It did appear yesterday, I nearly commented too. See the time on Stephen’s post.

  4. flashling says:

    ahh indeed, well spotted sidey and sorry stephen, seems to have happened in the latest EV too, perhaps we do need Gaufrid to return to full fitness to stop these silly scheduling errors, come back soon G.

  5. Ernie says:

    Thanks for the blog, John

    There were a few tricky ones here such as 28D.

  6. John says:

    I can’t understand what’s happened; the post was intended to appear at 12.02 on Sunday. Flashling says that the entry says it was posted on Sunday, but apparently it appeared a day early. I’m pretty sure I set it to appear on Sunday, and if it appeared a day early (which I have some doubts about since I was on the site on Saturday and didn’t notice it) then something seems to have gone wrong.

  7. RCWhiting says:

    I saw it here on Saturday.

  8. flashling says:

    I suspect someone at the hosting company for the site accidently set the time/date wrong for a few minutes Wil/John and there’s not a lot you can do about that, had it happen at a small work place once and the lawsuits about transactions being on the wrong day, very ugly.

  9. RCWhiting says:

    Anyone can make a mistake.
    Check the number on this week’s.

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