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Financial Times 14076 Armonie

Posted by scchua on August 7th, 2012


Considerably less difficult than the last Armonie I blogged.  Still, I got nowhere starting from the NW, which I normally do, and instead had to work from the SE.  Good fun – some nice surfaces but not that many anagrams to help me.  Thanks Armonie.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  [[The pictures at the bottom of the blog have unidentified links with the puzzle.]]


1 Old man slow to develop sense of taste (6)

PALATE :  PA(term for an or your old man) + LATE(slow to eg. develop, as in “a late bloomer”)

4 Ponder mixed drink (6)

PERNODAnagram of(mixed) PONDER

Answer:  Trademark name for an aniseed flavoured aperitif,drink from France.

8 Reasonable distance on a golf course (7)

FAIRWAY : FAIR(reasonable,not extremely excellent nor poor, as in “a fair/reasonable wage) + WAY(distance in general, as in “it’s some way from here to there”).

Answer:  That part of a golf course between tee and putting green where the grass is cut short.

9 Fireplace contains Ulster stone (7)

GRANITE :  GRATE(a fireplace) containing(contains) NI(abbrev. for Northern Ireland, loosely and not uncontroversially refered to as Ulster).

11 Corrupt grown-up English count (10)

ADULTERATE :  ADULT(grown-up) + E(abbrev. for English) + RATE(to count for,to matter,to be worthy of, as in “this hotel does not rate four stars”.

12 Illicit drugs found in storage area (4)

GEARHidden in(found in) storaGE ARea.

Answer:  Slang for illicit drugs.

13 Terrible end of term for taletellers (5)

GRIMM : GRIM(terrible,dire) + M(last letter, end ofterm“).

Answer:  The Brothers Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm, German tellers of folk tales/fairy tales.

14 Set off for school in time (8)

DETONATE :  ETON(College, one of the English public schools) contained in(in) DATE(a 24-hour period in time).  Nice surface

16 Measure appropriate for Cockneys (4-4)

HALF-INCH :  A measure of length, about 13mm.

Answer:  In Cockney rhyming slang, “half-inch” or “‘alf-inch” stands for “pinch”,to appropriate,steal.

18 Head of showroom has demanding piece of pottery (5)

SHARD :  S(first letter,head ofshowroom“) plus(has) HARD(demanding of,no piece of cake).

20 Mark enters relationship for a while (4)

TIME :  M(abbrev. for mark) contained in(enters) TIE(a connection,relationship).

Answer:  As in “they have been gone for quite a while/time”.

21 Barristers sing the French song (10)

BARCAROLLE :  BAR(the collective noun for the practising barristers in a given community) + CAROL(to sing, especially Christmas songs or hymns) + LE(the definite article, “the” in French).

Answer:  A boating song of the Venetian gondoliers, or a piece of music in that sytle.  Alternatively spelled as “barcarole”.

23 Careworn writer (7)

HAGGARD :  Double defn: 1st:  A physical appearance resulting from being careworn,fatigued by trouble and worry; and 2nd:  Rider, English writer of adventure stories, including “King Solomon’s Mines”.

24 Doctor admits English ceremonial is appropriate (7)

MERITED :  MD(abbrev. for Doctor of Medicine) containing(admits) E(English) + RITE(ceremonial as a noun, as in “the ceremonial of a church wedding”).

25 Biblical queen? There’s trouble! (6)

ESTHERAnagram of(trouble) THERE’S.

Answer:  In the Bible. a Jewish queen to the king of Persia.

26 Tension is beginning to smash lock (6)

STRESS :  S(first letter of,beginning tosmash“) + TRESS(a lock of hair).


1 Penny submitted material (5)

PLAID :  P(abbrev. for the penny) + LAID(presented,submitted for consideration, as in “I laid/submitted my case before the committee”).


2 Teaching flower arrangement to rock singer? (7)

LORELEI :  LORE(the knowledge,teaching that is traditionally handed down the generations) + LEI(an arrangement of flowers as a garland worn round the neck, from the Hawaiian language).

Defn. and Answer:  Alternatively spelled as Loreley.  Legendary German feminite water spirit similar to the Sirens,singers of Greek mythology, associated with the Loreley, a rock on the eastern bank of the Rhine.  I liked the defn.

3 Star named dreadful artisan (9)

TRADESMAN : Anagram of(dreadful) STAR NAMED.

Answer:  A man who has a trade or craft,an artisan.

5 Mysterious English lake (5)

EERIE :  E(English – the third appearance) + ERIE(one of the Great Lakes in the North American continent).

6 In the middle of the day horse is in shape (7)

NONAGON :  NOON(the time that is the middle of the day) containing(in…is) NAG(a horse, especially an inferior or worthless one).

Answer:  A geometrical closed shape having nine sides and angles.

7 Diminished worth of pamphlet during performance (9)

DETRACTED :  TRACT(a pamphlet,brief treatise for general distribution, usually with a reliigious or political content) contained in(during) DEED(something that’s done,performed).

Answer:  Past tense of to take away part of,diminish something/someone’s value,worth.

10 Caution astute cheat (4,5)

CARD SHARP :  CARD(the yellow card shown to a footballer after he/she has committed a foul, as a caution that the next foul will result in he/she being sent to the showers) + SHARP(astute,smart).  A nice surface.

13 Six in regatta tragically sink (9)

GRAVITATE :  VI(Roman numeral for six) contained in(in) anagram of(tragically) REGATTA.

Answer:  To sink to earth, under the force of gravity.  It could also mean to move to  a figurative source of attraction, but then it would not necessarily be to sink.

15 Will set-up subdue conservationists? (9)

TESTAMENTReversal of(up, in a down clue) SET + TAME(to subdue,tone down,domesticate a wild or unruly being, eg. Shakespeare’s Kate) + NT(abbrev. for the National Trust, an organisation dedicated to preserving,conserving the cultural or environmental treasures of a region.  First organisation was for England/Wales/N.Ireland, but now similar ones are to be found in other regions and countries.

17 Charge for carrying soldier into battle (7)

FREIGHT :  RE(abbrev. for a member,soldier of the Royal Engineers) contained in(into) FIGHT(battle).

19 At once I disposed of poison (7)

ACONITEAnagram of(disposed of) AT ONCE I.

Answer:  A poison derived from plants of the genus Aconitum.  Highly toxic, but also used after processing or in very small doses in Indian and Chinese medicine.  And some are grown as ornamental garden plants!  A nice surface.

21 Carried pole through tunnel (5)

BORNE :  N(abbrev. for the north pole) contained in(through) BORE(a tunnel,hole made by boring through).

22 Shelter detective in Yorkshire (5)

LEEDS :  LEE(the part or side that is sheltered from the wind) + DS(abbrev. for detective sergeant).

Answer:  The city in Yorkshire.




5 Responses to “Financial Times 14076 Armonie”

  1. Ferret says:

    I’ve always thought that a card sharp was a skilful player rather than a cheat?

  2. scchua says:

    Hi Ferret, this link gives quite a bit of background:
    Apparently a short step from being skilful to using that skill to cheat, for some that is.

  3. Ferret says:

    Thanks scchua…..

  4. grandpuzzler says:

    [[Ursula Andress was in She. Elizabeth Taylor was in Cleopatra. Stewart Granger was in King Solomon’s Mines. Charles Aznavour sang She. All tie in to R. Rider Haggard.]]

    Thanks Armonie and scchua.


  5. scchua says:

    [[grandpuzzler, you’re absolutely right. I thought I had stumped all (those who gave a thought to it, anyway). Well done! There was another link for Elizabeth Taylor/Cleopatra. Legend has it that the latter was poisoned by a snakebite, but some historians think it was a self-administered drink containing ACONITE(19d).]]

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