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Financial Times 14,077 by Dogberry

Posted by PeeDee on August 8th, 2012


Smooth surfaces, witty definitions and sound clues.  I thought this was straightforward and accessible without ever being dull. I suspect this is much harder to achieve than it sounds.  Thank you Dogberry.

I found the biggest challenge of the day was trying to spell COLORATURA.  I knew the word by sound, but could I find it in the dictionary?  Hopeless!

Hold the mouse pointer over any clue number to read the clue.

1 WAPITI IT has I (one, Roman numeral) PAW (foot) reversed (inverted) – a type of deer
4 WINDWARD WIND (twist) and DRAW (pull) reversed (about) – the definition is a bit messy
10 TALIBAN A LIB (Liberal) in TAN (brown)
11 DEW DROP POWDEReD* missing E=energy (anagram=experimental)
12 ECHO baroquE CHOreography
13 WITCHCRAFT definition and cryptic definition – very nice!
15 BERTHA (THE BAR)* anagram=trashed
16 STROPHE STROP (paddy) EH (what?) reversed – a verse in poetry
20 USURPER P (quiet) in USURER (loan shark)
21 CURATE RA (Royal Academian, artist) in CUTE (pretty)
24 COLORATURA (CUR ALTO OR A)* anagram=mongrel – a type of sporano
26 STOP POTS (crockery) reversed
28 ERASURE ERA (age) before (previous to) SURE (certain)
29 CONQUER sounds like (on air, broadcast) “conker” (nut) – used in the childrens game conkers, where the opposing player’s nut has to be destroyed
30 DIABETES ABET (help) in DIES (succumbs)
31 SPINAL PIN (secret number) in SAL (a girl)
1 WETHERBY WET HER (make woman moist) BY (near)
2 PILCHARDS CHARD (vegetable) in PILS (lager)
3 TUBA TUB (bath) before A
5 INDICATE CAT (jazz fan) in INDIE (fringe record label)
6 DAWN CHORUS anagram of COWARD with SHUN
7 ATRIA T (Thailand) in ARIA (song) – definition is ‘hallways’
8 DEPUTY DUTY (tax) containing (collecting) PE (exercise) reversed
9 ANVIL V (five) in ANIL (colour)
14 CHARTREUSE CHART (plan) RE-USE (to recycle)
17 HEARTBURN HEAR (apprehend) URN (container) containing TB (serious deisease)
18 AESTHETE SEA (water) reversed on THETablE (empty=no middle letters)
19 TEMPORAL (TRAP MOLE)* anagram=stumbles, into=becomes
22 SCREED S (second) CREED (declaration of faith)
23 TRACK double definition
25 LLAMA A MALL (shopping centre) reversed
27 SNIP PINS (legs) reversed


4 Responses to “Financial Times 14,077 by Dogberry”

  1. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Easyish, but nice and elegantly written crossword.
    One of two halves – not only literally (as the LHS and the RHS are connected by only two squares in the central column), but also because I found the part on the right substantially harder (though never too hard) than its counterpart.

    Difficult to choose one particular favourite as the quality is so consistent(ly high). Perhaps 13ac, or 18d? I don’t know.

    Thanks PeeDee for your comprehensive blog.
    And credits to Dogberry.

  2. MikeC says:

    Thanks PeeDee and Dogberry. Some neat clueing and a fine blog.

  3. rowland says:

    Solved this very good puzzle with a colleague over lunch, and we were sated entirely. Dogberry = Guardian’s Shed, I am told – true?


  4. PeeDee says:

    Yes, Dogberry is indeed Shed, I just looked him/them up in the ‘setters” menu tab. That explains the high quality clueing.

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