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Financial Times 14,069 – Dante

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on August 9th, 2012

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Jul 30

A Dante crossword that can be found here (in case one needs a reminder of the grid). On the whole Dante’s on a par with himself, even though there was a bit more variety in devices compared to his recent outings which contained too many double definitions. Our beloved setter was clearly in a French mood as there were three clues (29ac, 3d, 5d) in which we needed some basic French vocabulary. There’s one clue that I cannot fully explain (24d) – it almost looks that there’s something missing  (or, perhaps, it’s just me that’s missing something :) ).

Definitions are underlined wherever possible and/or appropriate.


1 RAPIER Gunners get support weapon
    RA (gunners, Royal Artillery) + PIER (support)
4 LEARNING Money being paid for information
    L (money, a pound) + EARNING (being paid)
9 IRITIS Eye disease – girl catches it
    IRIS (girl) around IT
10 INNUENDO Hint union is in trouble and about to be terminated
    (UNION)* around END (to be terminated)
12 ESCALATE Let a case get out of hand and snowball
    (LET A CASE)*
13 PEARLS Stones left in fruit
    L (left) inside PEARS (fruit)
15 TOPS First-class spinners
    Double definition
16 SPIRITLESS Doing without strong drinkit’s discouraged
    Double definition
19    RELUCTANCE     Lecture can produce averse reaction
20 HERO Brave man, he has heart of iron
    HE + [i]RO[n]
23 PASS UP Discount student’s success at university
    PASS (student’s success) + UP (at university)
25 DEPARTED Act when some came in late
    PART (some) coming into DEED (act)
27 AMENABLE     Willing scholar returns help
    AM (reversal of MA (scholar)) + ENABLE (help)
28 ÉCLAIR Cake made by Claire
    That’s a stunning anagram! :)
29 SENTENCE A few words addressed in French to the church
    SENT (addressed) + EN (in, in French) + CE (church)
30 DOWNED Daughter admitted being drunk
    D (daughter) + OWNED (admitted)
1 RAIMENT Train me to change gear
    (TRAIN ME)*
2    PRINCIPAL     Source of income for a top man
    Double definition
3 EDIBLE Stay over with the French in order to eat
    EDIB (reversal of BIDE (stay)) + LE (the, in French)
5 ETNA A feature of Sicily and French North Africa
    ET (and, in French) + NA (North Africa)
6 ROULETTE     Allowed to get in the way in the game
    LET (allowed) inside ROUTE (the way)
7 INNER Meal without a starter may not satisfy this man
    DINNER (meal) without its starting letter D which may or may not satisfy the ‘inner man’
8 GROUSES Complains about game point
    GROUSE (game) + S (point, South)
11 STOPGAP Makeshift draught-excluder?
    Double definition, the second cryptic
14 CRICKET Some find it slow, but naturally it’s lively
    Double definition, both somewhat indirect
17    EYE-STRAIN     Monitors public transport complaint
    EYES (monitors) + TRAIN (public transport)
18 ACCURATE     Correct for a clergyman to foot the bill
    CURATE (a clergyman) placed underneath AC (the bill)
19 REPLAYS Fixtures arranged after draws have taken place
    Cryptic definition
21 ORDERED Soldiers without officers run into action, as commanded
    OR (soldiers without officers, Other Ranks (as opposed to commissioned officers)) + {R (runs) inside DEED (action)}
22 GAUCHO A cough mixture for foreign cowhand
    (A COUGH)*
24    SKEIN     One result of wool-gathering
    Cryptic definition
    That wool-gathering may lead to the answer is clear, but why is the clue starting with ‘One’?
26 BLOC United Nations look into pre-Christian era
    LO (look) inside BC (pre-Christian era, Before Christ) – the definition is cryptic



One Response to “Financial Times 14,069 – Dante”

  1. Rufus says:

    Hi Sil

    Tried to email you personally but the only address i could find seemed to have a mixture of hyphens and dashes – you must refresh my memory!

    My mother was a furious knitter. Any spare time she had she spent knitting. When TV came in she found she could knit and watch so that we, and our extended families, were inundated with sweaters and scarves etc, until the local wool-shop agreed to pay for her efforts.

    As children we used to spend hours helping to change the skeins of wool into balls before she could start knitting.
    That is one definition of Wool-gathering.

    Another definition of Wool-gathering is “absent-minded dreaming” (Chambers); “idle or absent-minded indulgence in fantasy daydreaming” (Collins). I felt this second meaning, needed to start with “one” (i.e. one of the day-dreams).

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