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Financial Times no.14,078 by LOROSO

Posted by Ringo on August 9th, 2012


A tough struggle for me, this one; no-one likes to be faced with Aztec charades and 19-letter anagrams first thing in a morning. But I got there in the end. Some very nice clueing, and a few challenging words. A notch harder than the usual Thursday grid, I thought, although I’m sure others will feel differently.


1. PARODISTS  ODIs [One-day Internationals] within parts [sides]

6. TUBER  Tube [underground (train)] + r(eserve) – the whole provides the definition

9. TULIP  Li(fe) within tup [sheep]

10. ROARINGLY  Anagram (‘relocates’ – see 2dn) of girl or any

 11. PICTORIALS  Not entirely sure about this: a cryptic description of photographs?

12, 14. AMYL NITRATE  Amy [girl] + nit [dope] + r(ecreational) within late [dead] – a rather macabre surface

15, 17. WHOOPEE CUSHION  Cryptic definition

19, 20. NEUTRON STAR  Anagram of sun not rare t(emperature), with ‘sun’ doing double duty

22. SHORTCRUST  Shor(n) [cut] + C [cocaine] within trust [cartel]

25, 26. AUTOGRAPH ALBUM  Anagram of hog puma a brutal

27. YAHOO  Yah [posh version of ‘yes’, ‘certainly’] + O O [zeroes, loves]

28. LARGENESS  R [right] + gene [part of (genetic) makeup] within lass [girl]


1. PUT UP  ‘Rejected to no effect’ indicates the palindrome

2. RELOCATES  Reversal of set [prepare] + a + cole [cabbage] + r [recipe]

3, 4. DIPLOMATIC SERVICE  Lovely anagram of a clever MPs idiotic

5, 6. SWALLOWTAIL  Wall [surround] + reversal of two [couple] within sail [canvas]

7. BY GUM  Spoonerised version of guy [fellow] + bum [behind]

8. ROYAL FERN  Reversal of flay [remove skin from] + O [zero, duck] within Nr [near] + E [English] + R [river]

13, 14. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY  Anagram of a penny cash resources

16. PURSUABLE  Anagram of a pub rules

18. NAHUATL  A [indefinite article] within hut [cabin] within NL [Netherlands]

19. NORTHER  Hidden in yukoN OR THE Rockies

21. AITCH  A + itch [long]

23. TIMES  T [junction] + reversal of semi [semi-articulated lorry]

24. AGIO  A + g [good] + I [one] + O [zero, love – again…]

7 Responses to “Financial Times no.14,078 by LOROSO”

  1. flashling says:

    A second dose of Anax / Loroso today then. Got there but it was hard work to break into especially the long anagrams with deceptive definitions.

    Thanks DM & Ringo

  2. Sil van den Hoek says:

    This was my first puzzle of the day and a relatively tough one
    The bottom half came up very quickly. The impossible NAHUATL was one of my first entries, purely from construction.

    As always, Loroso excels in original anagrams that make sense within their surfaces: 25/26ac, 3/4d, 13/14d.

    It took me some time to parse 8d (ROYAL FERN) and 1ac (PARODISTS), the latter mainly because I do not know anything about cricket (therefore not knowing what ODI meant).

    Many thanks Ringo for your blog.
    To me PICTORIALS (11ac) is a homophone (‘heard’) of PICKED (which can mean ‘opened’ (of a lock, for example)) + ORIELS (windows).

    Clever stuff.

  3. Hamilton says:

    Au contraire, I haven’t tackled a Loroso for some time, but liked the look of this one, even more so when ‘Whoopee cushion’ and ‘Autograph album’ went in straight away – ‘No purchase necessary’ followed from the word lengths alone, and from there on it was relatively plain sailing. ‘Times’ was my last one. As an occasional Thursday setter I’d say it was on the more difficult side, but very enjoyable, thanks Loroso, and Ringo for the blog.

  4. crypticsue says:

    I always thought Loroso was friendly Anax but not today. They were both equally difficult, or is it that my cryptic grey matter is on its holidays?

  5. MikeC says:

    Thanks Ringo and Loroso. I just about got there but found this considerably tougher than the Anax in another place – needed more word finder help with this one. Both really good challenges.

  6. Richard says:

    Very well done with the blog Ringo. I took this to the pub with me this evening as I had no time to look at it earlier in the day.

    If you think 19 letter anagrams & Aztec charades are a challenge in the morning, I can assure you that they are too challenging to be an entertaining way to relax at the end of the day!

  7. Ernie says:

    Not for the first time I have been thrown by a single two-letter word for the definition as in ‘by’ for 23D.
    Thanks for the blog, Ringo. Your efforts are appreciated.
    In 18D there are two A’s in the answer. You have inadvertently omitted one in your narrative – a h(a)ut inside NL.

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