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Beelzebub 1170

Posted by Jed on August 10th, 2012


Slick and smooth like a well-oiled machine





1 Questioning who in French zone will have spirit QUIZZING (questioning)

QUI (French for who?) Z (zone) ZING (spirit)

8 Government lawyers backing seizure GRAB G (government) BAR<

11 Cross having to abandon county life ESSE (life) ESSE[x]

12 Crown offering a cry of approval about former practice AUREOLE (crown)

URE (practice obs) in A OLE (a cry of approval)

13 Shoemaker married former immigrant CHOOM (immigrant)

Jimmy CHOO (shoemaker) M (married)

15 Message: ‘Part of journey by taxi – drive hard’ CABLEGRAM (message)

CAB (taxi) LEG (part of journey) RAM (drive hard)

16 Borders: parts undergoing small change ORLES (borders) (ROLES)*

18 Fist? Still boxing one, on reflection NEIVE (fist) I in EVEN (still)<

19 Operations Prince arranged with Doges PROCEEDINGS (operations)


21 Converting to solvent in the fiery bubbles? Little good behind that

ETHERIFYING (converting to solvent) (IN THE FIERY)* G (good)

23 One touch exemplifying astronaut’s suit ANTI-G (anti gravity)

AN (one) TIG (touch)

25 Excellent pair spoke more than once RADII  (spokes)

RAD (excellent,slang) II (pair)

27 Society to term a truant ‘good-for-nothing’ SCALLAWAG

S (society) CALL (to term) A WAG (truant)

30 Detective ability involving one in frequent comment NOISE (comments)

I (one) in NOSE (detective ability)

31 Eatings, possibly INGESTA (nourishment) (EATINGS)*

32 Wild ox? United activity sees removal of tail URES (extinct oxen)

U (united) RES[t] (rapid continuous series of returns – tennis)

33 Tax hike initially not applied in game CESS (tax) C[h]ESS

34 Sophistication offering no hope for local disorder SICKNESS (disorder)

L[ocal] from SLICKNESS (sophistication)


2 Drug dealer given no opening by court official USHER [p]USHER

3 Defining dialect distribution, circle in it’s got all warped ISOGLOTTAL

(of map feature) (O ITS GOT ALL)*

4 Fermentation agent girl overturned in zest, mostly drunk ZYMASE (enzyme)

AMY< (girl overturned) in (ZES[t])*

5 Poetic measure in William Blake IAMB (foot – poetry)

hidden in Will(IAM B)lake

6 Describing certain atoms – nitrogen, uranium – and covering one found in small quantity NUCLIDIC (of certain atoms – not in Chambers) N (nitrogen)) U (uranium) LID (coverin) in CC (small quantity)

7 Information that’s included about location of pin GREEN (pin is rod of golf flag)

RE (about) in GEN (information)

8 Mixing one egg – unknown way of forming crust GEOGENY (science of formation of earth’s crust) (ONE EGG) Y (unknown)

9 Water-plant’s range including Lake ALGA (plant) L (lake) in AGA (range)

10 Seamen being redeployed for machines BEAM-ENGINES


11 Complicates swirling of emanation ECTOPLASMIC (COMPLICATES)*

14 Kitchen item’s unbending aspect, cased in iron FRIGIDAIRE

RIGID (unbending) AIR (aspect) all in FE (iron)

17 English engineer organised during hectic refit FERRANTI (Sebastian Ziani De, b1864 Liverpool) RAN (organized) in (REFIT)*

20 Romany woman’s unreliable flavourings CHILIES (flavourings)

CHI (Romany woman) LIES ([i]s unreliable

22 Composer not mincing words about contralto FRANCK (Cesar b1822)

C (contralto) in FRANK (not mincing words)

24 Mirror left in gossip about Sun GLASS (mirror) L (left) in GAS (gossip) S (sun)

26 Battle outcomes seeing English ousted ISSUS (battle 333BC) ISSU[e]S

28 Form of punishment, prison, given to Earl CANE (punishment)

CAN (prison) E (earl)

29 Cry going up about a former servicewoman WAAC A in CAW<

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    < = reverse

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  1. Dormouse says:

    29dn, having W-AC, I entered WRAC without thinking it through. Then again, 13ac I did get the right answer but I couldn’t see why. And I had heard of Jimmy Choo.

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