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Enigmatic Variations 1029: Turning to Eccentricity by Ifor

Posted by Dave Hennings on 12th August 2012

Dave Hennings.

Apologies for the late running of this blog, but having just gone through the trauma of preparing for a house move, and then experiencing it, many crossword-related tasks have been delayed. However, I have now found my computer and hooked it up, with phone line and broadband operational, so I’m back on track.

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Azed 2096/comp anag rules!

Posted by ilancaron on 12th August 2012


More than our usual share of compound anagrams — not that I have any statistical justification for claiming that.  My BRB is getting the worse for the wear… so I rely more and more on my iPad.

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Everyman 3435/5 August 2012

Posted by Pierre on 12th August 2012


Another Sunday, another fine Everyman puzzle.  ‘What’s new?’ I hear you say.  Well, for this solver, a meaning of a familiar word that I’d never come across before.  A day that goes by where you don’t learn something is a day wasted, as our mam used to say.

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