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Azed 2096/comp anag rules!

Posted by ilancaron on August 12th, 2012


More than our usual share of compound anagrams — not that I have any statistical justification for claiming that.  My BRB is getting the worse for the wear… so I rely more and more on my iPad.

1 FIDDLES,TRIN,G – literally a violin string (“one such”), TRIN=triplet and G’s our note.
10 IDAEAN – e in naiad*.  Ref. Mount Ida, Without confirming this, since this is a mountain near Troy, I’m assuming it was somehow involved in Paris’s judgement.
12 PRO,SO – so=”very good” qualifier and PROSO is a kind of maize.
13 LAICISE – make available to the layman (i.e. non-professionals): (race is ideal)*=(LAICISE, dear).  First comp. anag.
14 SUCRIER – sugar bowl so you might find lumps in it.  curries*
15 KI(E)R – a vat and KIR’s a cocktail of course.  Both KEIR and KIER are valid spellings and of course I opted for keir at first.
16 [me]TRIST – my last clue.  TRIST=dull=dreary.
17 PIK,EMAN – rev(name=label, kip=bed)
18 N(A)EVES – a in rev(seven).  Obs. spelling of naevi=birthmarks.
24 R(EMAD)E[x] – rev(dame) in RE[x]=king. X=kiss.
26 G(RIG)RIS – African charms.
28 GU(RR)Y – whale offal.  And RR=Rolls Royce=roller.  My fav clue due to the surface misdirection (rollers are waves right?)
29 HAJ,I – rev(jah=jehovah).  So you could argue this clue is inaccurate since there’s only one god in the islamic-judeo-christian trad (the same guy/gal right?)
30 GUMBOIL – O overlaps in gumbo=okra and oil.  An ulcer in the mouth.
32 TENT,I,GO – TENT is Spanish wine and TENTIGO is priapism which I suppose satyrs suffered from/enjoyed.
33 NEUME – pitch mark in music.  comp. anag. (long par, this=NEUME)*=(a lump on green)
34 UNR*,EEL – murray=moray=eel.  That kind.  Not the tennis kind.
35 RAISED PASTRY – r=recipe in (party asides)*

1 FI(RST-NI)GHTER – theatre critics go to a lot of opening nights. strin[dberg]* in FIGHTER.
2 DARCIES – sidecar*.  Used to measure oil flow (did Jane Austen know that?)
3 DEAR – wordplay escapes me though? “Old shilling, not nearly new, fetching high price”. Thanks to Richard below it’s: DEA[ne[w]]R where deaner is old slang for shilling derived from denarius which interestingly enough is exactly d=penny is derived from (which is what misdirected me for what it’s worth).
4 L(A,MITE)R – another hard clue with pleasing surface misdirection: obs. lame=game in Scots.
5 SP,ARID – the sea bream family.
6 TRICK – your word to set a clue for.
7 ROCK ELM – used for corks (relock, m)*
8 NO(SEA)N – cubic mineral indeed.
9 GUERNSEY LILY – [blu]e in (one’s surely lying)*
11 DOURA – another comp. anag. – millet. (best, doura)*=(breads out)
19 VA(GITU)S – (I tug)* in vas=vessel.  Baby’s wail.
20 TEG,M(I)NA – rev(get=catch), I in man*.  Seed coverings.
21 HA(ROSE)T – symbolizes sweetness of freedom at the seder (I think).
22 F,RAEN,A – ligaments.  rev(a,near,f=foot)
23 RIGGED – digger=slang for anzac soldier with first/last swapped.
25 DRICE – cried*.  Granular CO2.
27 R(HIM)E – rhyme.  RE=Religious Education (aka Divinity when I was in school)
31 BARS – my 2nd fav clue.  Very clever surface misdirection with definition being: “what you’ll see lags behind”

11 Responses to “Azed 2096/comp anag rules!”

  1. sidey says:

    Thank you ilan. I am kicking myself rather hard for not noticing that 12a was five letters rather than the four the bars indicated. Apart from that I enjoyed this a lot.

  2. Richard Heald says:

    Wordplay for 3Dn is DEANER (old shilling) minus NE[w].

  3. Jerry says:

    I got badly stuck parsing the three compound anags, until I finally twigged that they were all playing the same nasty trick on me – ‘doura’, ‘neume’ and 13 (which I can’t remember now, and I can’t find a way to see 2096, or any other previous Azed). This in turn made me notice that your analysis doesn’t mention 13 (also 23 and 32). I hope someone can help, because trying to remember 13 is going to drive me nuts.

    I agree about 31 – my favourite – second favourite 4.

  4. ilancaron says:

    Sorry Jerry — I skipped 13A in my write-up. There now. 23D and 32A were already in the blog…

    Surprised no one rising to my “there is only one god” bait :)

  5. Jerry says:

    @ilancaron – You got there just before me, with 13 – but bI must be going potty, because I can’t see any sign of 23 or 32 – Ac goes from 18 to 24 and 31 to 33, Dn goes from 22 to 24 and finishes at 31.

  6. ilancaron says:

    @jerry: Just realized I lied — I had two numbering typos. now corrected.

  7. Jerry says:

    Thanks for that, ilancaron, and for all the rest :) Now all I need is to discover a way to actually look at old Azeds!

    I didn’t realise there were as many as one god/s. :)

  8. David Mansell says:

    Jerry, you can find old Azeds on the Guardian website. Just scroll down until you see “Crosswords” on the right-hand side in the “On this site” list, click on it and you will come to a page with “Crossword Archive Search”. You can then find all the Azeds your heart desires.

  9. Jerry says:

    Thank you very much, David :)

  10. RCWhiting says:

    Thanks all
    I failed to parse trist and dear (also put off by d = pence).
    Did anyone else notice the numbering error at the head of the puzzle.
    2092 instead of 2096 although the latter was correct in the address for entries?
    First in was ‘raised pastry’ although I had no knowledge of this culinary term.

  11. RCWhiting says:

    Ref:blog title, ‘compound anagrams rule’.All I can add is ‘OK’.

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